Mother's Day was established by Anna Marie Jarvis and was declared officially by the state of West Virginia in 1910. It falls on the second Sunday in May. There are many ways of celebration, including singing Mother's Day songs, writing Mother's Day greeting cards, buying flowers for mom. We've prepared 10 special songs here for you.

1. Mother - Pink Floyd
Mother lyrics narrate the overprotectiveness of a mother to her son, evidenced by the lyrics "of course mother's gonna help build the wall". The song is notable for its varied use of time signatures. Maybe all mothers are overprotective to their children. This song is so made for Mother's Day.
2. The Perfect Fan - BackStreet Boys
The Perfect Fan is Brian Littrell's ode to his mom. Many fans say they'll get chills and tears in eyes every time they hear this song. It's a perfect Mother's Day song.
3. Mama - Spice Girls
'Mama's all about how you're such a cow to your mum when you're going through that rebellious teenage stage. Then when you get a bit older, you realise that whatever she was doing, she was only doing it for your own good. Mama lyrics deals with the difficulties in the relationships between mothers and teenagers that appears during the adolescence. The Mama lyrics is so gentle and touching that it can be read to your mom on Mother's Day.
4. Blueprint (Mama Loves Me) - Jay-Z
"Blueprint (Mama Loves Me)" is a pop song for Mother's Day, which honors mothers and motherhood. The lyrics is relaxed and humorous and the song expresses love for mom in a very gentle way.
5. To My Mama - Bow Wow
This song is dedicated to that one special woman in our life - mother. She is always around to care for us. The song expresses love to mom in a very direct way, as can be evidenced in lyrics 'Mom, I love you', 'My mama, my road dog', etc. It's a good song to sing to our mom on Mother's Day.
6. Dear Mama- 2Pac
This is a special hip hop song for the upcoming Mother's Day. The American hip hop artist 2Pac personally wrote this rap song "Dear Mama" as an ode to his own mother. After its release, "Dear Mama" became the most successful single from that album. The song is considered by critics, fans, and purists as one of the greatest hip hop Mother's Day songs of all-time because of its theme of mother-son love.
7. Hey Mama- Kanye West
Hey Mama is a special Mother's Day song from a loving son, American rap artist Kanye West. It appears on his 2005 second album, Late Registration. The song is a ballad dedicated to West's mother, Donda West, describing his affection and appreciation for her having raised him amidst personal hardships and instilling her values in him. During his first public performance since his mother's death a week before, West broke down into tears while attempting to perform the song.
8. Mother Mother- The Veronicas
This song's lyrics describe a desperate monologue by a loving child to his or her own mother who cannot hear anything. Life is hard; he wants to share it with mother. However, on the upcoming Mother's Day, let's share some joy and happiness with our beloved mother.
9. Mother Stands For Comfort- Kate Bush
Whenever you are lonely, wherever you stay, mother always stand for comfort. Mother is the one who comfort you and gives you selfless love. On this Mother's Day, Why don't you prepare a special gift or a loving son for your beloved mother?
10. Mother- Cyndi Lauper
From the name of this song, we can easily relate it to the Mother's Day theme. This song mainly describes what a mother is and what mothers do to their children. On this special day, listen to this "Mother" song with your dear mother is more than perfect.