Math,Math, City bitch!
Math,Math,Math City bitch!
Math is da beast
Math city bitch,math,math city bitch
10,10,10 20 equals 50 bitch
100 deep numbers in an X
Pi you don't know you fucking with?
Got my other X calculating My other X
Fucking all night calculators we ain't nerds
Make it sound so hard! i ain't answering it
Number guesser than a muthafucking paper shit!
Golden ratio last kings killing shit
Young money,Young money yeah we getting it
I got ya Y on my dick
Nerds you know what it is
Math city,math,math,city bitch (x3)
10,10,10 20s equals 50 bitch1
I'mma a motherfucking star (star)
Look at the + on my book (book)
Too much math make the ride too hard
Tell that bitch get out,walk the boulevard
I need my numbers pronto
Answer it in the morning like Alonzo
Rondo,Green got cheese like a nacho
If you ain't got no mind bitch! wear a poncho
Head hancho got my Pi back
Nerds staring at me don't get swagged
Got my shirt of my laptop it got hacked
It's too hard going up like a rat
God damn pulled out my backs
Mike Mike Jackson nigga yeah i'm smart
Nerd T-T-T tagged on my face
All the teachers love me you know what it is
Math city bitch,Math,Math city,Bitch
10,10,10 20 on equals 50 bitch
Throwing hundreds,hundreds
Throwing Hundreds,Hundreds
Math city bitch,Math,Math city bitch