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Review by deathding posted 9 months ago
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(Also posted in the Random club.)

(This is a new series I made. I basically review ANYTHING while staying on topic, talking like I'm the f**king son of Sir Issac Newton, and making terrible jokes I came up with in 5 seconds. Hope you enjoy!)

You know what, I have to say it. SCREW HUMANITY AND THEIR DEFORMED OPINIONS. Yeah, I acknowledge that society as we know it is bound to disagree with anyone here and there, but when you break the boundaries and go as far to say that a song like this sucks, then your soul has failed miserably on a vast scale.

Yes reader, I am reviewing a classic song that nobody on this pathetically constructed planet actually has even a bit of a fetish for, Cotton Eye Joe. Specifically the Rednex remix.

But this article will be more of a brief summary of my opinion on it, and not exactly a review, so preserve that thought in your human brain when inspecting this article.

Also I fathom that the crowd in the comments below is going to think I use Google to shamelessly asset smart words for this review, but I digress. Also, again, the haters and trolls can go screw themselves, along...
Article by deathding posted 9 months ago
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(In this series, I review terrible songs. Here's the links to the first two, the ones I've made so far.)



Viewer discretion advised, there's some profanity in them. ;D

Hope you enjoy the reviews, and I couldn't copy/paste them because there's images in them, so yeah. >.<

These will be posted here from now on, just for convenience. I might change my mind though, who knows.
News by HollyWoodBigFan posted 9 months ago
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Danny Dosha
Music is always evolving. What’s ‘fresh’ today will feel ‘tired’ tomorrow. That’s why it’s important for musicians to keep uncovering new ways to express themselves.

Baltimore-based Danny Dosha is doing exactly that. After finding early success on the local hip-hop scene, Danny has grown as an artist. His latest single “Nautica,” delivers a sound that is best described as a genre crossover with plenty of hip-hop, rock and pop elements all added to the mix.

It was his mentor B. Stille, from the Grammy Nominated group Nappy Roots, who originally encouraged Danny to push himself from a songwriter into a full performer. The two collaborated on the song “Get uh Grip” and have played live at some of the same events, including Howard Theatre in Washington D.C.

I recently caught up with Danny Dosha to find out more about his sound, inspiration and future.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest release “Nautica.”