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Article by zanhar1 posted 8 months ago
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If anyone cares I compiled a list of bands I personally love that I think could use some more recognition. I'm gonna have links to some songs by them (if you care to take a listen) and a bit about why I like each as well as a picture of the band, if you wish to base on appearance alone and the genre(s) they fall under.

Within Temptation

Genre: Symphonic Metal (some also consider it to be Gothic Metal)

Okay so these guys are pretty well-known on this site, but I put it on them on anyways because I love them so much and think everyone should know about them. Within
Temptation is a Dutch band formed in 1996. They have taken up various styles (their last album was more popish but they usually have a more Gothic and Celtic/folk influence to their songs) Sharon Den Adel (the lead vocalist) is super talented and very friendly with her fanbase. She is really good with high notes (heck, she has one of the best vocal ranges I’ve heard she can go super high and low), and her live performances are top notch; her stage presence is amazing she always seems like she enjoys herself and...
List by zanhar1 posted 10 months ago
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Within Temptation's Heart Of Everything
If anyone even cares, I compiled for you, a list of albums I own.

-Within Temptation: Mother Earth
-Within Temptation: Heart Of Everything
-Within Temptation: The Silent Force
-Within Temptation: The Unforgiving
-Within Temptation: Enter
-Within Temptation: The Dance
-Within Temptation: Q Music Sessions
-Within Temptation: Black Symphony
-Within Temptation: Acoustic Night At The Thetre
-Carrie Underwood: Some Hearts
-Britney Spears: Baby One More Time
-Avril Lavigne: Under My Skin
-Evanescence: Fallen
-Sheryl Crow: The Best Of
-My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade
-Sheryl Crow: Wildflower
-Fall Out Boy: From Under The Cork Tree
-Evanescence: The Open Door
-Pan!c At The Disco: A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
-Shakira: Laundry Service
-Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bad
-Rihanna: Music Of The Sun
-Rihanna: A Girl Like Me
Article by sparkles3 posted over a year ago
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I love this song.

[b]There ain't a whole lot left to say now,
You knocked all your win out,
You just try too hard and you froze,
I know, I know,
What do you say?
What do you say?
You're one of us,
The spotlight is on,
Oh, the spotlight is on, oh

You know the one thing you're fighting to hold,
Will be the one thing you've got to let go,
When you hear the wall cannot be one, [?]
You're gonna die to try what can't be done,
Gonna say (say) out that you don't care,
Now is there nothing like the other side of you anywhere?

Oh, just take a fall,
You're one of us,
The spotlight is on,
Oh the spotlight is on, yeah so

Cause everyone would rather watch you fall,
And we all are, yeah, and we all are, yeah
Just take a fall,
You're one of us,
The spotligt is on,
Oh the spotlight is on,
(We all just take a fall)