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Article by goatfacewwe posted 10 months ago
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the so call song about fire and brimstone
Jason Aldean: Hey Guys get ready for a creepy,crazy and wild story about how someone thought my song Burnin it down was about Fire and Brimstone.
Kane backstage with Florida Georgia line at a raw: Wait, you guys are telling me that there's a song out there that you guys wrote that's called Burnijn it down.
FGL: yup that's right but we don't sing it,
Kane: Then who does?
FGL: Jason Aldean
Kane: I must Fine him.
Days later after a concert Jason's walking around backstage when suddenly.
(Pryo Explodes)
Jason: what In the heck was that?
Kane: Are U Jason Aldean?
Jason: Uh Yes?
Kane: good Your coming with me. Drags him away.
Hours later Jason wakes up in a boiler room
Kane: Tell If it's true.
Jason: If what's true?
Kane: That u have a song called Burnin it down.
Jason: Yeah, but what's it to u?
Kane: I'm stealing it from u. Pryo Explodes again
Jason: what?
The Next week on Raw Kane comes out to Burnin it down.
Opinion by KataraLover posted 10 months ago
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This is BY FAR the hardest list I've ever had to make in my entire life. The whole time I was trying to figure this list out it always gave me such a headache. But I've finally figured it out and I'm making the longest article I've ever made. I will be describing why I love their voice so much and I will include a link with the singer, in case you've never heard their voice before. Please keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion, so don't be rude. Let me know what you think and enjoy.

50.Huey Lewis- Honestly, he sounds A LOT better when he's not singing with his group. His voice just really shines when he sings alone. His voice is rough and powerful. I loved his voice when he sung Once Upon A Time In New York City in the Disney movie Oliver and Company. He sings with so much emotion and power in his voice. I never get tired of listening to his voice. His voice is incredible and I always enjoy listening to it. He's not higher because I just prefer the others.
Article by goatfacewwe posted 10 months ago
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Dan from Imagine Dragons
ID's Dan: Hey It's me Dan Reynolds from That group Imagine Dragons and here's how I took our song Radioactive Literally.
Random fan: Hey Dan, u know that u can become Radioactive.
DR: your Kidding
Fan: It's true
DR: I don't Believe U
Fan: It's simple really all u have to do is fall into a pit of lard and then lay in the heat
DR: Lard? Really? Isn't that bad for u?
Fan: No I heard it goes great with the sun.
DR; So I went crazy thinking about so much so that I got drunk before a concert and our manger fried me. and since I was out of a job I figured what the hell so I went and did it and to my craziest idea It actually worked and the best part is I got a new job as the real life Radioactive Man I kid u not.