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Article by Thekingofbreads posted 10 months ago
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Charli XCX
Charli: Hey Guys Charli XCX here and here's how my song Boom clap became a boom drop of some sort.
Kofi(Backstage at smackdown hears Boomclap on Sound system) Whoa what's that.
Sound guy: Charli XCX's Boom clap
Kofi: U don't say I'm the Boom dropper I wonder if she wants to give me that song.
So he goes to meets Charli at the AMA's
Kofi: Hey U Charli
Charli: Yea who r u?
Kofi: My name's Kofi Kingston i work for the WWE
Charli right sure u do
Kofi: It's true anyway I'm here because I heard someone say u have a song called Boom Clap.
Charli: Yes I do why?
Kofi: U don't know this but I'm the boom Dropper and since u say Boom clap and I drop the boom I was wondering if u could let WWE play that song before I hit that move.
Charli: Really? That sounds like a lot of work.
Kofi: C'mon trust me It'll be worth it, What'll u say?
Charli: OK, Here's the single.
Kofi: Awesome thanks so much.
News by HollyWoodBigFan posted 12 months ago
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Todd Sherry and Heather Olt in TODD & HEATHER'S CHRISTMAS CHEER!
In this corner we have Santa Claus. And in the other corner we have Jesus. Now, cue the music and welcome back:

Todd Sherry and Heather Olt are back with their annual holiday cabaret show on December 4 & 6 at Upstairs At Vitello’s in Studio City, CA.

Picture Todd and Heather as Christmas cheerleaders for opposing teams. Now, throw in some holiday tunes, quick quips and tons of peace, love and joy – and what you get? A really fun time that will have you laughing all the way!

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch the show in years past, then you already know that this dynamic duo is reminiscent of some of the classic comedy pairs (Martin and Lewis, Nichols and May, Donny and Marie, etc.) And, if you haven’t seen them – then hop on your sled and snag a ticket.

But, if you do miss their “Christmas Cheer” show – good news – they have a regular monthly gig at the same venue called: UP, WITH A TWIST. And from what I hear, this martini-filled world offers a ‘twist’ on some of our fav tunes – with a splash of special guests to top it off.
List by kiritazu8 posted over a year ago
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the songs i like are seven doors, hitohira no hanabira, velvet, mimic, fantasia, traumerei, darker than black 2 theme song, cobalt sky, hate, overdriver, confidence driver, namida no mukou, reason why xxx, flags, taiyou no mannaka he, awanaitsumorino genkidene, the world, stand by me, tsukiakari no michishirube, no more time machine, traumerei, ruby eyes, inside identity, burst of gravity, fantasy, ignited, hands and smile, rainbows, cross game, poker face, avalon blue, aurora, sanbika, glitter, noragami theme song, death note theme 1 and 2, insanity, fairy tail themes 1,2,3, and 8, soul eater themes 1 and 2, my little monster theme song, memoria, sao theme 1,2, and 3, oath sign, hunter x hunter themes 1 and 2, the devil's a part timer theme song, blue exorcist themes 1 and 2, nisekoi theme song, lucky star theme song, attack on titan theme song, soul eater not theme song, soul eate 3 ending, one two three, electric shock, hot summer, i don't, help me, wakuteka take a chance, selfish easy going jokes of, want, and some other songs. those are most of the Japanese songs i listen to. do listen to k-pop and sometimes American music, but usually i listen to this.