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Article by misscrazel posted 10 months ago
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#1 (Tune of Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright)

I thought I could rule the world,
I thought I would impress the gods,
But I fell so quickly at your feet,
I sing this song for you,
Helpless I will sing for you,
And live with impressing the king,

No one will compare to you,
You have no competition,

But you just won’t notice me,
Notice me,
I can change for you,

Please notice me,
I am begging you,
I’m in love with you,
Notice me,
Please notice me,
I will give my heart to you,
I will give my life for you,
I swear to always love you,
If you would notice me,

I played a game when I was young,
I married had children,
I ruled the world,
I was the queen,
Couldn’t see the king’s face,
Or was it you?
Do you love me?
Children’s game foreshadowing,
Opinion by zanhar1 posted 10 months ago
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I know it's been a while since parts 1 and 2 but I found some more bands I thought were cool that don't really have a fanbase at all.


Genre: Folk Metal

Eluveitie is a band formed in 2002 that comes from Switzerland. As you can imagine from a folk metal band they play the bagpipes and the fiddle and even a thing called the Irish bouzouki. To go with all of these folk instruments you got your guitars and drums and your roaring. The band is huge, at one point they had a good 10 members. Chrigel Glanzmann and Meri Tadić are the two that have been in the band from the very beginning. Merin left in 2013, I'll miss her. And then there's Anna Murphy, she's probably my favorite. She and Meri provide the softer female vocals that contrast Chrigel's rougher voice.They sing in a what is labeled an "extinct language Gaulish". Their music videos and photoshoots are pretty cool as well. All around cool band.

Opinion by zanhar1 posted 10 months ago
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You all are probably tired of hearing about my top 5 as no one really seems to know them, but I wanted to explain why I liked them all.

Fair warning the explanation for Within Temptation is pretty much an article on it's own, which I did post on the band's spot.

Anyhow, let's just get into the actual article.

Honorable Mention: Anna Murphy

Genre: Rock

For those of you who don't know Anna Murphy was a former member of folk metal band Eluveitie. She just recently went solo and released an album called Cellar Darling. Naturally I got into her when I discovered Eluveitie. I loved her voice so I was so excited to see what she'd do with a solo career.

To start, I really love her voice. She has such a unique accent and it really adds to her songs. From her time in Eluveitie to her new solo stuff she's has a stunning voice.

I also really love her songs in general. 'Harley Quinn' is my favorite. I know its (obviously) about Batman's Harley Quinn but the lyrics also remind me of Bellatrix, so naturally I was drawn to the song. I love how she actually used one of...