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List by h3rmioneg posted over a year ago
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01. Frank Ocean – “Thinkin Bout You”
02. Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built”
03. Passion Pit – “I’ll Be Alright”
04. Grimes – “Genesis”
05. Usher – “Climax”
06. Fiona Apple – “Every Single Night”
07. Kendrick Lamar – “Swimming Pools (Drank)”
08. Death Grips – “I’ve Seen Footage”
09. TNGHT – “Goooo”
10. Cloud Nothings – “Wasted Days”
11. Jessie Ware – “Wildest Moments”
12. Miguel – “Adorn”
13. Swans – “Apostate”
14. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Call Me Maybe”
15. Bat for Lashes – “All Your Gold”
16. Twin Shadow – “Five Seconds”
17. Skrillex feat. Sirah – “Bangarang”
18. Killer Mike feat. Bun B, T.I., and Trouble – “Big Beast”
19. Chromatics – “Kill for Love”
20. Torche – “Kicking”
21. Todd Terje – “Inspector Norse”
22. Spiritualized – “Hey Jane”
23. Action Bronson – “9-24-11″
24. Lambchop – “Gone Tomorrow”
Opinion by EliInYourWorld posted over a year ago
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I think it's crazy how the Black Holes and Revelations album (MUSE) can make me go through a rollercoaster of emotions. This is the most important album to me. Seriously. I connect with this album. I don't know how or why, but I do. Maybe because it was the first Muse album I ever bought and it began my obsession. Maybe you guys think it's stupid for me to be this obsessed with Muse, but seriously, I love them. I can't even imagine my life without them. They make me laugh, cry, think and dig deeper into lyrics. They've in a way saved me. They are just there when I need to think. I just plug in my headphones and listen to them. It calms me down and makes me think. You still might think that's stupid. But seriously, it isn't. Some people need their escape, and Muse is mine. I will always love them and hold them dearly to me. Even after they break up. I will love them. Now, to all of you who think that I should be saying this about "The Beatles" or "Led Zeppelin" or "Buddy Holly" because it's "Real Music", you can just stop right there. Who are you to say what real music is? Hm? "Real Music" to me is something that can touch someone's heart. It doesn't matter if it's rap,...
Article by zylice posted over a year ago
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WT Song Lyrics!

1. Where Is The Edge:#

Whoooo...........In the shadow awaits a desire, but you know that you can't realise , and the pressure will just keep on risen, the heat is on.

It's to late there's no way around it, you'll see that yourself many times.
In the end you'll give up the fighting..unescapeable ..Cause your losin your mind and you sleep in the heart of the lies!

Chorus: Where is the edge of your darkest emotions, why does it all survive? Where is the light of your deepest devotion?! I Pray that it's still alive!

It's the rule that you live by and die for
lts the one thing you can't deny. Even though you don't know what the price is, it is justified.

So much more that you've got left to fight for, but it still doesn't change who you are. There is no fear you'll ever get in to, your untouchable!

Cause you're losin your mind and you sleep in the heart of the night!!