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News by HollyWoodBigFan posted 7 months ago
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If you’re like me, then St. Patrick’s Day only whet your appetite for all-things Irish. Well, you’re in luck because I just discovered an Irish band you’ll want to check out: The Shams.

Based in San Francisco, The Shams are now venturing out of their comfort zone and launching their rebel sound to the rest of us. This week The Shams have two live shows in Los Angeles at two landmark Irish pubs: Finn McCool’s in Santa Monica on April 3rd and Molly Malone's on April 5th.

Not in L.A.? Don’t worry. You can hear the group online unveil their two new singles “One and All” and “Sick to Death” during an upcoming appearance on the LA Talk Radio program “Relevant Music & Muse,” hosted by Guy Towe on April 5th at 7pm PT. Click here to listen

Not your average band, The Shams will grab your attention from the first note offering up a hard rocking, punked-up beat combined with fiddle playing and pure vocals. Front man and lead vocalist Sean Daly explains, "The Shams are not your stereotypical Irish band singing about the drink. While we do have a song or two...
Article by LorMel posted 11 months ago
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Despite the lies that your makin' your love is mine for the takin',
my love is,
just waitin', to turn your tears to roses.
*********Íntermental********** Despite the lies that your makin'
your love is mine fore the takin'
my lov is, just waitin'
to turn your tears to roses
I'll be the one thats gonna hold you,
I'll be the one that you run to
My love is, a burning,
consuming fire
You'll never be alone
When the darkness comes,
I'll light the night with stars,
Hear my whispers in the dark
Article by a11-swift posted 11 months ago
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Types of music Music is an art form that uses sound as medium in time and space. The basic elements of music, rhythm, dynamics and sound properties are color and intensity. Music through history had tried to define a number of theorists, philosophers, composers and musicians themselves. The very word music derives from the Greek word mousike, which is derived from the word mouse, and people around the world know that as a Latin form of the word music. Music and sound can make human voice or instrument which can cause emotional experience. Music reaches far into the past and during this time they develop different styles and genres of music, which is still listening. All styles and genres of music, one thing is common, and that is to make people happy. Today, music has increasingly spreading and people can’t live without music. On this website you can find out what music actually is, its history and its styles and genres. The best-known types of music are: Blues Music Types Of Blues Music Classical Music Types Of Classical Music Country Music Types Of Country Music Electronic Music Types Of Electronic Music Jazz Music Types Of Jazz Music Latin Music Types Of Latin Music Metal...