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Article by goatfacewwe posted 7 months ago
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Dan from Imagine Dragons
ID's Dan: Hey It's me Dan Reynolds from That group Imagine Dragons and here's how I took our song Radioactive Literally.
Random fan: Hey Dan, u know that u can become Radioactive.
DR: your Kidding
Fan: It's true
DR: I don't Believe U
Fan: It's simple really all u have to do is fall into a pit of lard and then lay in the heat
DR: Lard? Really? Isn't that bad for u?
Fan: No I heard it goes great with the sun.
DR; So I went crazy thinking about so much so that I got drunk before a concert and our manger fried me. and since I was out of a job I figured what the hell so I went and did it and to my craziest idea It actually worked and the best part is I got a new job as the real life Radioactive Man I kid u not.

Opinion by goatfacewwe posted 8 months ago
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I know what your all are thinking I must be crazy right? Well No I;m Not and here's a good reason why He has good songs but he just needs more radio airplay if and only if this happens then I truly feel that Jay can surpass Eminem as Rap's Biggest star. I mean Think about it he came on the scene right around the same time as Em yet people have ALWAYS called Em the biggest out of them two. I get that Em has had better success but still Jay has been just as successful yeah sure Em get all the airplay but come'on Jay's married to one of if not THE most successful female artist of the last decade. So shouldn't that warrant AT LEAST some airplay I think so.
Opinion by PeterMWou posted 9 months ago
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I was hoping if I could get serious and formal with all people for a minute. I’m going to stick my neck out here and confess that I love Spice Girls. While I prefer other artists that are far superior to Spice Girls like Taylor Swift, Spice Girls is awesome. But I have sincere concerns about the state of Spice Girls during the 90s thanks to late 90s and early 2000s music for ruining Spice Girls by putting in something that ruined the 90s girl group like Geri Halliwell left Spice Girls in 1998. Despite Spice Girls selling more than 55 million albums in a single decade making Spice Girls one of the most popular acts of the 20th century thanks to their number 1 smash hit 1996 single Wannabe, I just want to gain some insight from everyone here on Spice Girls's struggles during the 90s.

I loved Spice Girls's two albums from the 90s which includes 1996's Spice and 1997's Spice World because I always thought that Spice Girls would have a bright future.

But now, I get the same feeling that, in 1998, Spice Girls has severely gone downhill when Geri Halliwell left the group on May 31 of that year causing Spice Girls to struggle causing the late 90s moved on to...