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fanfly posted on Jul 17, 2012 at 01:40AM
Bibi69 thought I should have a suggestion forum for this icontest too so If you have any ideas for themes or categories post them here!

No guarantee that they'll get used but I'll keep them in mind.
Bibi69 thought I should have a suggestion forum for this icontest too so If you have any ideas for th
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over a year ago Bibi69 said…
YEAH!!! This forum was made just for me XD!!! :D LOL
over a year ago Bibi69 said…
I thought of 'First Love' like the first band/artist that you fell in love with
also, I wouldn't know how to say it as a Theme, but like the band/artist you've love for the longest, like you loved a band since you were like 12 and still love it today. Now it's for you to figure out how to put that into words XD (if you want to use it)

that's it for now.... all that for two suggestions XD LOL
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over a year ago fanfly said…
big smile
^Those are some good ideas!
over a year ago DarkSarcasm said…
Some of these are probably a bit of a 'duh, I'd thought of that one already, you big dummy' but I was fiending for a new round the other day while listening to stuff and... well, here's a few things that came to mind.

alcohol, drugs, politics, religion, parent, child, redesigned album cover (inspired by link), lyrics with a girl's name/guy's name/city/state/country/year, last album you "acquired", trademark (not really sure how to describe this, but it was inspired by the Billy Idol Sneer), song that's used as a tv theme song, break-up song...

Cat ideas - favorite album covers, favorite songs, funny song titles, long song titles, icons from the same album cover, band evolution (pics of a certain band throughout the years), music video, 5 favorite music videos, favorite voices, shuffle (first 5 songs that come on your music player)

...ok, I think I'm done now. =P
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over a year ago fanfly said…
^How did I miss your post, dasm? These are some great ideas!
over a year ago Bibi69 said…
Guilty Pleasure & Bad Nostalgia (you know like ''I can't believe I used to love that....'' LOL)
over a year ago DarkSarcasm said…
I found a pretty interesting list of stuff that could pass for themes... link. Y'know, for when you get in that 'I have no ideas left' rut. I am quite familiar with it. =P
fanfly commented…
Thanks for the link, dasm! over a year ago