''hey benny'' nichole called me, nichole was erika's sister. nichole was blonde, she had green eyes that sparkled when she talked and a cute magestic voice. ''hey niki'' i called after her. the only problem was that rory and i both liked her. at that moment rory came up to us and smiled at niki, ''hey niki...can i talk to you... alone?'' he asked looking at me. i shot him a look as he walked away. it was obvious what he was planning...he was going to ask MY niki out! ethan walked up to me and smiled, ''hey benny anything wrong?'' he asked me. i shook my head and forced a smile, ''nope everything is fine e'' i mumbled walking away. i somehow relaxed when niki came out. ''hey what happened?'' i heard mysel ask her. ''oh rory asked me out'' she replied. i felt my blood boil. ''oh'' i responded trying hard not to show my anger. niki smiled ''but i said no'' she said. i looked at her and smiled. ''you did?''i asked her trying to hide my happyness. ''yeah...i said no because i like someone else.'' at that moment my heart shattered. ''who?'' i asked sadly. niki smiled ''you benny'' i looked at her confused. had i heard wrong? ''wha-'' i was interrupted by her lips crashing into mine.at that moment i knew that niki was mine and nobody could take her away from me...especially not rory.