That night, Sharp Edge had a nightmare. In his nightmare, he was seperated from his mother, he walked around the foggy empty streets of Pony-Ville. "Mom? Mom? Hello? Anypony here....?" He shouted. He felt lonlier then he ever had before. "Ok... this isnt funny mom...." he said again, loosing confidence. He found himself speeding his pace up. He ran through the fog covered streets, and stopped infront of Twilights front door. He knocked on the door, but nothing happened. He tried again, and again, nothing happened. "Ok... im sorry if I did something bad... can you please stop playing such a mean joke on me?!" His voice turned into a shout. Then, a Pony completely wrapped in bandages limped out of the fog. Its bandages were blood soaked, and only its blood shot eyes showed. It moaned as if in pain. Sharp Edge looked at it, and backed up."Who are you?!" He said. The pony limped forward towards him, and Sharp Edge turned around, and began to pound on Twilights door. Nothing happened once again. He stopped pounding on the door, and he looked towards the creature, this time however, the creature was replaced with his mother. He sighed in relief, and walked up to her. "That wasnt funny mommy..." he said in a low voice. Fluttershy only looked down at him with a smile. He hugged her, and she froze in his touch, and shattered. Sharp backed up in horror and confusion. The world began to freeze around him. Twilights home became ice, and shattered. So did the rest of the world. He stood on a single patch of grass, which didnt feeze. He looked around, holding back tears. A tear drop fell down into the seemingly endless darkness. Sharp Edge looked down into the darkness. A moment later, he felt himself stepping off the edge, and falling into the darkness. He awoke with a startle, upset and confused, he looked around. He was in his room. He rubbed his eyes, and wiped tears away. He felt his head, he didnt feel warm, so he knew he wasnt sick. "Am I loosing my mind...?" he said to himself. As he got out of his bed, images of the world shattering lingered in his mind, and echoes of the memory pierced his ears. Feeling as if his ear-drums were bleeding. He coughed, and began to taste blood in his mouth. "Why do I taste blood...?" he said to himself in a worried tone. His head began to feel strange, and he became dazed. He stumbled around, struggling to get to the door, but it was too late. He fell to the ground, he tried to scream, but he couldnt. He fell into a deep, deep sleep. Returning to his nightmarish world. The next thing he knew, he was standing outside of Twilights house, as the world around him became slightly more abundant in fog. His head felt strange. 'The buck is going on...?" he said. He saw a Raven land near him, it began to pick at something in the fog. Edge got closer to it, and felt suprised and terrified of what he found: A decaying body. The Raven pecked at its eyes, and then the body grabbed the Raven, and crushed it. It got up, half the bodies jaw was missing, and its tounge hung down, wiggling as it moaned. Sharp Edge backed up, and ran towards the town. He passed more corpses, and they rose up. His mind felt confused. He turned around a corner, and a Corpse grabbed him. He yelled in fear,and he felt as if his life had partially drained from him. He kicked the corpse, and ran into a nearby house. He locked the doors, and looked around. Their were posters covered in blood, and the walls had strange symbols written in Red Ink. He slowly walked towards the biggest symbol on the wall, and he heard a thousand dark whispers in his head all at once. He covered his ears, and felt his sanity very slowly slipping away. He backed up, and cowered into the corner of the room, shaking and resting. All the while mumbling to himself. -Part 3 End