"Check!" the purple unicorn said aloud to herself, crossing yet another item off her checklist. "Almost done! Now I just need to get some apples, and my grocery shopping will be complete!" Twilight Sparkle trotted over to Sweet Apple Acres and scanned around for her friend, the Element of Honesty. She quickly saw her, slowly walking by the barn looking as if she didn't get sleep the past night. Twilight rushed over to her truthful friend, to make sure she was alright. "Applejack! What happened?! You look AWFUL!!!" the magical unicorn shouted. "Nice to see you too, Twilight." The earth-pony replied, in an almost raspy voice. "Why do you look like that?" Twilight said, trying to fix Applejack's mane with her magic."Is it apple-bucking season again?" "Nope," said the still-tired pony."Zap-apple harvest?" "Nuh-uh." "Then what is it?" Applejack looked at Twilight, then at the ground, and then back at Twilight. She hesitated, but finally said "......Applebloom..." Twilight looked at her friend for a moment, but then suddenly burst out laughing. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Applebloom? You can't be serious!" Applejack had to explain to her friend, "She won't leave me alone! I can't go two seconds without her wanting to play a game or asking me silly questions!" "In that case, how about I look after her?" This time, Applejack was the one laughing. "HAHAHA!!! Nice try, Twilight. You wouldn't be able to last one minute!" Twilight felt slightly offended. "Hey, if Fluttershy can do it, so can I!" "If you say so," said Applejack,"I'll go get the little rascal for ya'..." But poor, tired Applejack couldn't take three steps without slipping on to the grassy ground, and falling asleep. "Um...I guess I'LL get her.." Twilight said, walking away, leaving her orange friend to rest.~