I stealthily creeped over to the window, Celestia right behind me. Our daring escape was finally in action.

I tried to open it using magic, but it wouldn't budge. Celestia tried, and then we attempted to do it together. Nothing happened. Finally, Celestia, beating her wings in agitation, hit the window sharply. She yelled--luckily not too loudly--in pain, but it was enough for us to stiffen.

When no one came, however, I glanced back at the window. To my shock, it was wide open. Celestia's wing had knocked it off some hinges, and it now hung open limply.

Celestia crept out, her long mane flowing with the gentle breeze rushing outside. I stumbled out after her.

The fresh air felt splendid on my skin that was so adapted to the musty and warm air in our rooms. Celestia grinned at me.

We're out! The realization hit me, and I spread my wings joyfully and soared around. Celestia did the same, and we spun and danced in the air of outside.

It was nighttime, so we had to hurry to hide. Then, we could continue to look for clues on how to defeat Discord.

"How about in the forest?" I suggested. We had played there as fillies, and I had always loved being near to nature.

Celestia looked thoughtful. "Hm... good idea. Even Discord fears the Everfree Forest, though it isn't as bad as it is cut out to be. But we must be careful," she warned. "They might think to check there."

So I ruffled my wings and glided gracefully through the sky, Celestia right behind me. I spiraled down to the edge of the forest and trotted into the murky woods.

The sun quickly and suddenly rose. Celestia and I started galloping into the middle of the forest.

We had escaped.