Azure's first transformation
When born, Azure was a normal changeling. She was born on May 24, to Zap (her father) and Crescent (her mother). They named her Azure because she loved the color blue.

When she was about 6 years old, she noticed that her father was disappearing regularly. When she asked her mother, she explained that he was going to pony towns to do missions for the Queen and collect more power. Azure was very interested. Her father noticed, and showed Azure how to transform. Azure tried very hard to change her appearance, but no matter what she tried, she couldn't change a thing. Her family assumed that she was simply too young to have enough magic.

At the age of ten, Queen Chrysalis decided that she should only have the strongest and most powerful changelings under her command. She made a law that all changelings over the age of 7 would be tested on their strengths. Her parents and her friends passed with ease, so Azure wasn't at all worried until it was her turn, and she realized that she had never transformed before in her whole life.

Her test was to go into the town of Ponyville, and change into the very first pony that she saw. If she did it correctly, she would look exactly the same, and not be noticed as a changeling. Azure set off at once, but Ponyville was a long ways away from the changeling hive, and it took her almost a whole day to arrive. When she got there, there were two ponies on the border, a blue pegasus and a yellow earth pony. Chrysalis said to change into the first pony here, she thought, but there's two ponies. Which one do I change into? She decided to go with the blue mare, because of her pretty color scheme. The yellow pony's colors were a bit... blah. She quickly dashed into a bush, hoping that they hadn't seen her. She concentrated strongly on her appearance: Blue coat, light blue eyes, dark blue mane. Azure focused her powers on the image, and a strange sensation came over her. When she opened her eyes, she was not a changeling, but not quite the blue pony either. She took a glance at her coat. It was white! While paying attention to her coat, the mare and her friend glanced around and saw her. "Hello, who are you?" she asked. Before Azure could say anything, there was a flash of green light, and she found herself back in the changeling queen's castle. Chrysalis didn't look very happy. "YOU GOT THE COAT COLOR WRONG?!?! ONLY A BABY COULD GET THE COAT COLOR WRONG!" She sighed. "I'm sorry Azure, but I simply can't find a place for a failure in my kingdom. Goodbye." "Wait!" Azure yelled, but it was two late. She was back at the border of Ponyville, but this time the two ponies weren't there. Probably gone to tell all of Equestria about this new pony... she thought. She needed a disguise, and soon found one. "I hope the second time is better then the first..." she mumbled to herself. She focused her power on a pink and orange filly riding a scooter nearby. The strange feeling crept through her again, but this time she could already tell something was wrong. She felt her hair. It was straight and short. She glanced at her side. Her coat was lime green. It was a bad transformation. But it would have to do. She realized with a sudden jolt that she would never see her family and friends again. She started crying. A few minutes later, she picked herself up, and headed towards the town. She needed to stay somewhere.

Soon she met a purple unicorn with her nose buried into a book. She bumped into Azure, and while apologizing, noticed that she had never seen her around town, and that Pinkie would have known if she had come from another town. She kept asking questions and questions, until Azure broke down and admitted that she was a changeling. Twilight teleported her to the library, and bombarded her with even more questions, until she realized that Azure was harmless. Azure decided that since Twilight was probably the only pony who thought she was safe, she might be able to get some help from her. Twilight told her that she could stay at the library for as long as she needed. But little did she know that Pinkie Pie was snooping through the window, and heard everything.

The next day, the news was all across Ponyville, and there was a huge crowd outside the library. Twilight came out and explained that she meant no harm, and soon, ponies came to her to see what they would look like when Azure changed into them. Her transformations always were strange, some worse than others. Throughout her stay in Ponyville, she befriended Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy (after changing into a bunny), Cloudchaser, Ditzy Doo, Cerulean (the blue mare), and Summer (the yellow colt). Azure also has a sweet tooth, and really loves lollipops.