Silver Spoon suddenly woke up. She was on her back and couldn’t move. She couldn’t see. Where was she? Freaking out, she was just about to scream when the pony from the bakery appeared in front of her.
“Hi!” she giggled.
“Where am I, what’s going on?” The frightened little filly asked.
    “Oh, well, you see, your number came up and I gotta make cupcakes.” Pinkie explained
    “W…wha…what does that mean? What are you talking about?”
“Oh, nothing. I wouldn’t worry if I were you. It’ll be over soon.” She approached the girl, scalpel and ready when a small voice called out from behind.
“Miss Pinkie, what are you doing?”
She paused and turned to look at Apple Bloom. The yellow baby pony walked up to her with an angry look on her face. Silver Spoon started to feel relieved.
“Ah can’t believe you’re doing this.” She pouted. “You said this one was gonna be mine.”
    Pinkie apologized “Oops, sorry about that, guess I forgot. Here you go.” She handed the blade over.
Apple Bloom climbed on the table and stood over prey. Silver Spoon tried to struggle. She stared in fear at Apple Bloom and her dress. There’s something strange about Apple Bloom’s dress
“Apple Bloom, where did you get that dress?” asked Silver Spoon.
“Auh shucks, did I forget to tell you? Diamond Tiara was here yesterday and we had so much fun makin’ cupcakes. When we were done, she was so nice and she made me this dress! Look, it even has her cutie mark on it!”
Now Silver Spoon’s face showed complete fear, tears running down her check, struggling to be free, screaming in terror. She had no idea what’s gonna happen next.
Apple Bloom grabbed the blade and leaned over towards Silver Spoon’s cutie mark. She started rubbing her head against it. She licked the cutie mark and cheered, “PERFECT! JUST WHAT I NEED!”
The poor filly, extremely nervous, “W…What are you doing?”
“Well, like Pinkie Pie told me, to make these cupcakes, you need the special ingredient.” Apple Bloom explained.
“What’s that?”
“Your cutie mark!”
“I just need your help in makin’ cupcakes.”
Without any hesitation, Apple Bloom grabbed the scalpel and began to cut around the cutie mark. She had trouble cutting through the skin. She decided to add pressure on the blade to cut through the skin but accidentally applied too much and the blade went in deep in Silver Spoon’s flank and through the muscle. Silver Spoon was now screaming as intense pain went through her flank and up her body. She squirmed her leg in an attempt to kick Apple Bloom.
Apple Bloom was now mad. “Hold still Silver Spoon! I can’t cut it right if you keep moving!”
Once the cutie mark was sliced off, Apple Bloom moved on to the other side. Silver Spoon’s cheeks were dripping with tears. Her flanks were burning in pain. Blood was dripping down her leg. Apple Bloom was jumping happily with Silver Spoon’s cutie mark on her flanks.
“Oh boy! I finally got my cutie mark! Check it out Silver Spoon! Hahaha!”
The sight of her cutie mark on Apple Bloom made the poor filly burst into tears. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!? I'M SORRY!!! I'M SORRY FOR PICKING ON YOU IN CLASS!!! I PROMISE I’LL NEVER MAKE FUN OF YOU OR YOUR FRIENDS AGAIN!!! JUST PLEASE, LET ME GO!!! The sight of her cutie mark on Apple Bloom’s flank made her vomit and some of it landed on Apple Bloom’s dress.
“Aw!” Apple Bloom said. “It’s gonna take me forever to clean this dress. I know, I’ll make a new one!”

“NO! PLEASE!! I BEG YOU, PLEASE DON’T DO IT!! NOOOOOOOO!!!” Silver Spoon, screaming for her life, struggles as hard as could to escape. But the struggling was useless. She couldn’t move at all. Apple Bloom lures in with the scalpel next to Silver Spoon’s neck and in an instant, she was bitten by Silver Spoon.

She begs and begs as much as she can but all this does is cause annoyance to Apple Bloom. “Will y’all just shut up already!? After what y’all did to me, no way I can forgive you! You and Diamond Tiara humiliated me whenever you had the chance! Now, its mah chance to get revenge on you two! Wondering where Diamond Tiara is right now? All ah can say is, she was delicious!”

Silver Spoon got the shock of her life when she heard that.“…You….mean, you…….YOU ATE DIAMOND TIARA!?!?!?”

“Yup! Turned her into a cupcake and ate her with Pinkie Pie! Now I’m gonna do the same with you!”

Silver Spoon started screaming as loud as she can hoping help will come. “HEEEEELLP!!! SOMEPONY HELP ME!!! HELP ME!!! I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!” But it was no use. Nobody could hear the filly scream. Apple Bloom couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed a mallet by the desk where the tools are and smacked Silver Spoon on the head with it, knocking her out.

When Silver Spoon woke up, she was lying in a pool of her own blood. Her coat from her neck-down has been removed, revealing the tissues and muscles underneath. Apple Bloom, sitting right in front of the hopeless filly, is now wearing a new dress made of Silver Spoon’s coat.

“Hey Silver Spoon, had a nice nap?”

“WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?” She looks down. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! MY COAT!!! WHY!?!?!? WHY DID YOU DO THIS!?!?!?”

“Ah told I needed a new dress so made a new one. Now that that’s out of the way, time to make cupcakes. Auh shucks, I forgot what I needed to make cupcakes. Be right back, Imma goes ask Pinkie Pie what to do.” She left room locking the door behind her. Silver Spoon was now in the worst pain of her life. With every movement, even if it was a millimeter, a painful sting occurred. When she notices an open window, she attempts to escape. The weak filly crawls her way to the window, trying to ignore the intense stinging. Bursting with tears, she makes it halfway leaving behind a trail of her own blood but starts to feel dizzy from all the blood loss. She eventually became too weak to even crawl and ended up giving up escaping. About 5 minutes later, Apple Bloom comes back in.

“Ok, I’m ready to make cupcakes! Hey Silver, sorry it has to end like this. I hope y’all will understand.”

“No Apple Bloom, I’m the one who’s sorry. I’m sorry for all those times Diamond Tiara and I made fun of you and your friends.”

“Uh huh. Yeah, I heard that one before.”

“I mean it this time! I regret making fun you being a blank flank. I deserve all of this. For humiliating you, this is my punishment. So before you kill me, I just want to say, I- I’m -- I’m sorry.” And with her final words, Silver Spoon, for all of the blood loss, dies.

Apple Bloom then proceeded to pull out Silver’s organs one by one. She slices open the dead filly’s body and rips out the intestines, the stomach, the kidneys, and finally, the cupcake which is the heart. She brings them upstairs to show to Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie just smiles and begins to make the cupcakes.

“Not bad Apple Bloom, for a first-timer, you did a very good job. Everything is in tact, even the intestines! You got the cutie mark right?”

“Yup!” She hands her Silver Spoon’s cutie mark.

“You did well, my student. Let’s see who’s next up for cupcakes. Because you did a good job Apple Bloom, I’ll let you pick out the number.”
Without hesitation, she proceeds to pull out the number. When she reads the number, she was surprised. The number she pulled out, number 73, belonged to Applejack.

                To Be Continued…..