I'm sure everyone is excited for the third season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic so I decided to create a poll not long ago where we could give our predictions for the series. I stated that I will be making an article giving the most popular picks and here it is.

First of all, let me explain how this will work. In the poll I let people list out at least ten things he/she wants to happen. I gave about 2 months for people to give me their list. Then I counted up all the results and took the mean. You can see my work below
10 + 10 + 15 + 18 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 12 + 10 + 18 + 12 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 9 + 10 = 194
194 /17 = 11.412 about 11.

So this is why my article I will be listing the 11 most popular results from the poll. Please keep in mind that I will be doing another article after season three is done to see what we got right.

1. Background Ponies and the Like
One of the things that I find most surprising about this show is the love that background characters receive. I'm not saying its a bad thing its just something different. Here are some images that prove my point:

Also, under this section I decided to put the non-pony background characters such as Zecora which people wanted to see more of.

Here are some pictures of other ponies that people want to see more of.

2. Mane Six's Past and Future
A big part of this category is the mane six's parents. So far in the series we have met Rarity's parents (Sisterhooves Social) and Twilight and Pinkie's parents (Cutiemark Chronicles) and that's about it. Meeting Rainbow Dashes, Flutteshy's, and Applejack's parents is on high demand. Included in this as well is just seeing the mane sixes family in general.

More Fillies! I guess there's something about seeing the characters when they are younger that really makes fans ecstatic. Cutiemark Chronicles was the first episode to have such a concept and it is considered to be one of the best episodes in the series.

Last part of this section is the future of the mane six. As we all know they are the wielders of The Elements of Harmony and we know from the Cutie Mark Chronicles that the mane six have been connected since they were little, but what else? What other things could be in store? Now there have been a couple of fan speculations so I'll just give some pictures giving some examples.

3. Celestia and Luna
For the Princesses, fans are interested about many things. How they got their cutiemarks? Who are their parents? Having an episode or so talking about the princess explaining about their background and the present would be pretty awesome.

4. Equestria History and Other Information
The creators put a lot of thought into creating the world of MLPFIM. Despite this there are many things that we still don't about their world. The explanation of alicorns (winged unicorns), previous rulers, etc. Another big thing fans are interested in is seeing more of the cities and realms of Equestria.

5. Villains (New and Old)
Originally major villains only showed up during the opening episodes of MLPFIM and they are defeated with The Elements of Harmony. Later in the series there are occasional small villains that come up such as Gilda,Trixie, Flim and Flam, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, and a couple of others that I may be leaving out.
Now season two did something a bit out of the ordinary where the producers decided that they will make the last two episodes of the season have a major villain and one who was not defeated by the elements. Now the question is what kind of villain are we to receive next?
Many fans actually want the return of Discord and Queen Chrysalis which would be pretty cool and fairly plausible. Discord can return any time harmony is not preserved in Equestria. For Chrysalis there is an argument that she and her changelings were destroyed in the blast, but I don't that's true and their are others who agree that she and her changelings are very much alive. Fans would also like the minor villains especially Trixie to make a return to the show.

As far as new villains well its tough to say what will happen in the series. Will the gates of Tartarus open and release some new evil? Do the mane six have someone watching them from the shadows? Or does Celestia have other enemies that the mane six must face for her?

6. Music
Music in MLPFIM is another aspect of the show that get's fans hyped. We were already shown two songs from the third season and both are great. While I personally prefer The Failure Song to The Ballad of the Crystal Ponies, but that's just me. I know that the Spike and Twilight duet has been something fans have wanted for a while and I'm glad they choose this season to do it.
Some major requests are songs for Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Having Princess Celestia and Luna sing a song was also requested. Probably the most gutsy request was to make a full on musical episode. Now I guess you guys are wondering why I think this is gutsy well let me explain.
Many of the writers and the like for MLPFIM are also the writers for The Powerpuff Girls. Well the musical episode for The Powerpuff Girls caused a lot of problems. Many networks deemed it inappropriate for children and the episode was thus banned. While I realize that the writers have probably learned from this episode what not to do, but then again this show has already caused some drama with the character Derpy. So I guess it just depends how the musical will be done and what the concept of the musical will be. Anyways again I would enjoy a musical episode for MLPFIM, but I am concerned about how the story will be handled.

7. Shining Armor and Cadance
Now these two have only been in two episodes, but these two episodes are two of the best episodes in the whole series and received the most number of viewers for the series so far. This newlywed couple draws a lot of attention because fans want to know more about them and want to get the latest news. A popular request is for them to have a foal.

8. Scootaloo
Apparently a Scootaloo episode has been something fans have been eagerly awaiting for. Which is understandable because we don't know about her and her fellow peers Sweetie and Apple Bloom have already had episodes focused on them. Sweetie Belle's being "Sisterhooves Social" and Apple Bloom actually having two centered around her "The Cutie Pox" and "Family Appreciation". Now as to for what will happen in this episode one fan suggested that there should an episode of Rainbow Dash teaching Scootaloo to fly which I think would pretty cute and could possibly include a song or two.

9. CMC get their cutiemarks
Okay I for one am totally for this! It just makes sense. I like the CMC, but it really is getting old that they just can't realize their own talents. So I hope that in this season or maybe in the next that they finally get their cutie marks. And of course other fans agree so I really hope this will happen. Some think that it should happen when the show is at its last season, but I just don't agree. The CMC can learn a more valuable lesson from getting their cutie marks.

10. Relationships
Since the closer of season 2 of MLP was a wedding fans are now expected more romance and the like on the show. Will one of the mane six get a boyfriend? Or how about the CMC? And of course people want evidence of their own shippings. More LyraBon, FlutterDash, etc. Will kissing happen more often?
Other than romantic relationships, friendship and family relationships are striking interest. A big part of the show is showing how the characters grow based on their interactions with others.

11. A movie
Another bold request! The making of a movie. Now fans didn't really get specific about they wanted, but I know one thing for sure that I don't want. I don't want it in CGI. Its been a trend as seen with Monster High and I for one am totally against it. A big part of MLPFIM's charm is the art style and I think CGI will destroy that aspect of the show. I also don't want a live-action film. First do one with ponies and then we can talk.
As far as story line I leave it pretty open. I actually do have to say that the MLP movies in the past were actually pretty good. My personal favorite is the first movie/episode which is Firefly's Adventure. If you haven't watched this then what are you doing? You are missing a big part of MLP history. Firefly's adventure is in many ways similar to the pilot of MLPFIM however I have to say that Firefly's Adventure is a bit scarier just because of the villain who literally kidnaps ponies and turns them into evil being of the night. Now if they did a redo of this movie with the characters of MLPFIM this would actually make me every happy! But as to what the film will be about I guess we'll leave that open for discussion. I'll include some screencaps of the movies listed below.
Firefly's Adventure
Escape from Catrina (Katrina?)
My Little Pony: The Movie

If you haven't watched MLPFIM: Firefly's Adventure/Rescue at Midnight Castle then here's a link: link. Full episode!
Another good episode I'd recommend from the old series is Escape from Catrina (which was kind of considered a movie too): link Full episode!
First actual full length movie:
link Full movie!
I actually don't like the full movie as much, but since Lauren Faust based MLPFIM from many aspects of G1 I thought it best to list these three.

Anyways hope you guys enjoy! Leave comments! And check out the videos I included its a great way to spend time while waiting for season three!