It was a beautiful day in Ponyville, where everypony was doing their business, whether it be talking, working, shopping, or anything else, including a walk in the park. Twilight Sparkle was also taking a walk with the other 5 towards the Everfree Forest only to go to Zecora's hut. "Okay, girls," Twilight began. "We're going to Zecora's to ask if she would be available for a luncheon with the Queen." What is she going on about, you may ask? Well, Queen Luna had invited some guests over for a luncheon and to have a good time together. The ponies invited were the Mane 6, Pipsqueak, the rulers of Saddle Arabia, and few high class associates of Canterlot. The Mane 6 wanted to see if Zecora was available, but, much to the girls' dismay, she wasn't.

"I can't leave at this time, for I won't waste time's dime," Zecora said upon being asked to come visit the Queen. "I understand your notion, but I must finish this potion. This potion may not render, for this will change your gender." Twilight wanted to look inside the cauldron and see the liquid, but her bad luck came upon her and she fell into the cauldron, making a big splash that got the other 5. All of a sudden, green smoke encased the 6. After a few seconds, the smoke was lifted. "I don't feel anything different," said Twilight, but in a more masculine manner. "He" couldn't believe what happened when "he" saw "himself" in the mirror. The other 5 also saw their new forms, and, in surprise, screamed, except Pinkie Pie, who liked the new appearance already. "I think this is absolutely-lutely pony-riffic!" he exclaimed. "But I don't think we should call ourselves by our regular names."

With that, the Mane 6 were to be given a secondary name. Pinkie Pie would be Bubble Berry, Twilight Sparkle being Dusk Shine, Fluttershy being Butterscotch, Rarity being Elusive, and Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Blitz. Applejack was kept for Applejack. "Now whatever shall be done?" Elusive asked. "We simply can't go to the Queen like this! What would she and Princess Celestia think?" Zecora, unaffected by the potion as it tilted to the 6, explained, "Your feminine traits have went, for now you are genderbent. Don't think of this as a bad way, for the potion's effect lasts until the end of this day." "But Zecora," Dusk Shine began. "We can't go like this. We'll be seen as complete strangers."

The Mane 6 had no choice whatsoever. They had to go to Canterlot Castle. An invitation to a royal luncheon couldn't be wasted. So they went, and as they went inside the castle, everyone, even Celestia, but not Luna, were stunned to see the girls as guys. "An honor to see you here, girls," Luna began, also being laughed at by the others. They thought Luna was mistaken, but nobody must underestimate magic's power. Luna, to prove she wasn't mistaken, showed what happened to the 6 earlier, making those who laughed at Luna feel pretty bad about themselves. "Don't worry about it, everypony," the sapient queen said. "They be back to normal by the end of today."

After a long stay at the castle, through lunch, through activities, conversations, inquiries towards the genderbent Mane 6, and through love of a ruler (Luna) and child (Pipsqueak), it was time for everyone to go home. As night came, Dusk Shine and the others began to feel changes. They lost their masculine shapes and returned to their feminine figures. The potion wore off! "FINALLY!" Rainbow Blitz, now back to Rainbow Dash, exclaimed. "I'm tired of being a dude! It was very awkward going around like that." "But, darling," Rarity said. "You have to admit that this was some new experience we may never have again." Upon hearing that, Pinkie Pie had an idea, but she thought it wasn't going to work.

It was a completely random day for the Mane 6 to become guys. Even though it was an accident, they seemed to like what came upon them, thinking of it as a gift. At least it didn't last for 3 days because there would be major confusion going on.