The next morning, Bartholomew, and Jade were walking around the camp with a few other ponies.

Bartholomew: So, what I'm thinking is that the woods should be only two hundred, and thirty five feet from any of the huts that we're digging from.
Jade: We got to get somepony to get the real measurement from here to the woods.
Bartholomew: That would be impossible. Has Shredder gotten us any maps of Germaneigh yet?
Jade: No, not yet. He's still working on getting a pick for Pablo.

Near the washdown.

Sigmund: *Turning handle*
Rainbow Dash: *Helping Sigmund*
Sigmund: *Pulls off handle*

Water soon shot out, and hit a griffon

Griffon 97: HEY! What are you doing here?! How did that get off?
Shredder: *Going towards truck*
Griffon 97: Get away from that hose! I'll fix it myself.
Sacred Symphony: *Arrives*
Griffon 97: Hey! What are you doing here? I can't have all of you watching me!
Shredder: *grabs steel from under truck*
Airborne, and Shining Armor: *Dusting off Shredder*
Shredder: *Holds steel towards window*
Gordon: *Takes steel*
Griffon 97: There! *Fixes hose* I fixed it.

Five minutes passed, and everything seemed quiet. Inside Hut 105 however, Volk, Pablo, Jade, Shredder, Sacred Symphony, and Celestia were in the room where they would start digging one of the tunnels.

Pablo: Move the stove.
Jade & Sacred Symphony: *Moves stove*
Pablo: This is one of those stoves that you put wood in to make a fire. You keep the fire burning, get this can to put between the top of the stove, into this pipe going towards the roof, and the smoke will keep going through. The goons wouldn't even think of coming near here. *Pulls out part of floor, which reveals a concrete slab* Shredder, these tiles are chipped. We need new ones.
Shredder: There's some in hut 113's washroom that should match perfectly.
Volk: *Gives Pablo a pick* They should've called this tunnel Seventeen instead of Tom.
Pablo: *Waiting for hammering sound*

Outside of the hut

Rainbow Dash: *Hammering in spike*
Shining Armor: *Hammering in spike*
Pablo: *Hitting floor with pick when others hammer in spike*
Shredder: Why seventeen?
Volk: This is the seventeenth tunnel Pablo started.

After Tom got started, they were going to start working on Harry.

Pablo: This one shouldn't be too hard. *Goes towards hole* There's a big square tile I have to remove from there with these two hinges. *Removes tile*
Sigmund: There's a ladder, and everything. Perfect.
Griffon: *Walking towards entrance to hut*
Gordon: *Stomps on floor three times*
Pablo: *Puts tile back*
Volk: *Pours water into hole*
Sigmund: *Turns on shower*
Pablo: *Runs into shower*
Griffon: *Arrives* Alright, everyone get ready for bed! *Walks towards Volk* You're not in your hut. What are you doing here?
Volk: Mopping up.
Griffon: *Looks at Pablo* And you?
Pablo: Shower. I need to wash.
Griffon: *turns around*
Sigmund: I'm watching him *Pointing at Pablo* I'm a lifeguard.
Griffon: That's enough! You finish with your shower, and get back to your hut quickly! Otherwise, you'll most likely freeze to death.

2 B continued