The armament train Didont drove had arrived at the yards. He stopped the train next to a shed with the word Vaires in white on the roof.

Didont: *Looks at a tower on the right side of his train. Labiche, and another pony are in there with a German officer*
German Pony 90: *Walking towards Didont* Uncouple the engine, get it out of here!
Didont: *Signals his fire pony to go out to uncouple the engine from the train*
Fire Pony: *Gets out to uncouple the engine*

During the mid 40's in France, you had to stand between the engine, and freight cars to uncouple the engine.

Fire Pony: *Standing between the engine, and freight cars*
Didont: *Moves the engine backwards two inches*
Fire Pony: *Uncouples the engine*
Didont: *Moves the engine forward*
German Pony 90: Is the armored engine ready?
German Pony 46: Yes sir, and the anti aircraft groups are all aboard, and ready to go.
German Pony 90: Move your engine! Get it out of here!
Didont: *Waves his hoof letting the Germans know he understands what to do, and moves the engine forward away from the train*

Inside the sheds, an armored freight car with a flak 88 mounted on it was being pushed by the armored engine. They exited the sheds, and moved forward towards some switches. Pesquet was behind the controls of the armored engine.

Labiche: *Observing the yards with binoculars*
Pesquet: *Watching German ponies walking alongside his track, and blows steam from his engine*
German Ponies: *Fall onto the ground*
Didont: *Watching the comotion, and starts climbing out of his engine*
German Pony 35: *Hitting the engine* Hey you!
Pesquet: *Looks at the German pony* Yes?
German Pony 35: You did that!
Pesquet: The steam is released or the engine blows up. Which one do you want?
German Pony 35: You did that on purpose!
German Pony 46: What is this?
Labiche: *Watching with his binoculars*
German Officer: *Grabs his binoculars, but drops his pipe on the chair between him, and Labiche*
German Pony 46: Forget what happened! Get back in your cab!
Pesquet: Okay.
Didont: *Arrives* Everything alright?
Pesquet: Yeah.
German Pony 46: Move your engine! Get back where you belong! I want this train out of here!
Didont: Okay. *Runs back to his engine*
German Officer: What's going on down there Labiche?
Labiche: Sabotage.
German Officer: *Puts away his binoculars*
Labiche: *Looks at the officer's pipe*
Didont: *Climbs back into his engine, and drives it backwards to be switched onto another track*
Labiche: Throw 5.
Railroad Pony: *Moves the lever for switch 5*
Didont: *Passes the switch*
Labiche: *Looks at Didont's engine, then at the armored engine Pesquet is driving*
Pesquet: *Blows his whistle twice*
Labiche: Throw 8.
Railroad Pony: *Moves the lever to switch the track*
Pesquet: *Moves his engine pass the switch, and onto another track. He stops so he can move the engine back towards the armament train. He blows the whistle, then starts driving the engine backwards*
Labiche: Throw 10.
Railroad Pony: *Grabs the lever and pulls, but it won't move*

The switch was set to the wrong track.

Labiche: Throw 10!
Railroad Pony: It's stuck!
Labiche: *Goes towards the railroad pony*
German Officer: *Watches the armored engine*
Labiche: Don't force it. *Moves the switch halfway twice*
Pesquet: *Goes over the switch*
German Ponies: *Notice Pesquet going the wrong way* Stop!!!! Hey, stop!!! STOP!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hit the brakes!!!!
German Officer: Don't play games with me Labiche, I know sabotage when I see it!
Labiche: *Kneels, and looks under the levers*
German Officer: What is it?!
Labiche: *Grabs the officer's pipe from under the lever*
German Officer: But I...
German Pony 90: *On the telephone* Give me the switch tower!
German Officer: *Hears the phone ringing*
German Pony 90: *Talking to the officer* Dingish! What the hell is going on up there?! Dingish you idiot, you get those switches working!! *His watch says it's ten O' clock* I'm tired of your inefficiency dammit!

Air raid sirens started going off.

German Officer: *Leaving the tower with the railroad pony, and Labiche*
Labiche: *Hears a whistle, and stays in the tower to see where it's coming from*

It was Papa Boule driving the art train. He was waving his hoof, signalling everyone to stay out of his way.

Labiche: *Grabs a red flag, and runs onto a bridge going over the tracks*
German Ponies: *Running all over the yards*
Didont: *Runs out of his engine*
Pesquet: *Runs out of his engine*

The two ponies ran to safety while the Germans ran all over the yards.

Labiche: *Standing on the bridge over the track Papa Boule is driving on, waving the red flag*
Papa Boule: *Not slowing down, blowing his whistle*
Railroad Pony 3: You came right through an air raid?!
Papa Boule: Watch me!! Fire up the engine!!
Railroad Pony 3: *Shovels coal into the firebox*
Labiche: *Throws the flag away, and slides down a ladder. He runs next to Papa Boule's train, and holds onto the ladder going into the cab* You deaf you old goat?! Get out of there, and into cover!
Papa Boule: Get off my train!
Labiche: You damn fool, there's gonna be bombs any second!
Papa Boule: GET OFF MY TRAIN! *Kicks Labiche off the train*
Labiche: You can't get through! The switch is closed!
Papa Boule: Open it!!
Labiche: *Goes towards a lever, and switches the track for Papa Boule to pass*

Then, bombs starting landing in the yards. They landed around Papa Boule's train. Once the back of the train passed through the yards, the tracks behind it got destroyed by more bombs. Then, some freight cars got destroyed. The armament train from before got completely destroyed by a chain reaction of explosions. The switch tower Labiche was in earlier blew up, and so did the armored engine, along with the car in front of it with the flak 88.

2 B Continued