The forest. Trixie has built the manger and is hammering the last few nails in place. Her hair white uncombed. It actually kinda pretty. In a unkempt kinda way. Saten stays in the back, smoking a jointas he's not needed. And feel "needs one"

Narrator: And out in the woods the boy steamed right ahead, making a place for the critter babe to lay its sweet head.

Trixie: (to Saten) Any more of those?

Saten: You smoke?

Trixie: not til just now.

Saten: Good point (passes the joint to her and she uses it) May wanna take it slow. Your first time using it sense that hippy concert you went too.

Trixie: (coughs) Yeah.. Not my proudest memory.. (smokes more)

Rabbity: Gee whiz, if it isn't the nicest manger I ever saw.

Mousey: I deduce it shall serve as a perfectly suitable resting place, for the Son of our Lord.

Raccoony (tired): Does this mean we can go to sleep now?

Porcupiney: My son will have the nicest bed in all the forest.

Woodpeckery: Fit for a king!

Squirrely: This is going to be the best critter Christmas ever!

Woodland Critters: It's almost time when the time is here, The time that's only once a year. We can hardly wait, 'cause it's so near -

Saten [as they sing, pulling out new joint, Trixie keeping the other one, walks over to the critters]: All right, we're going now. [He ambles off. A roar is heard nearby. All stop and look. The critters scream.]

Critters: The mountain lion! Hide! [They scatter, leaving the ponies to face the lion alone. The lion peers out from behind a tree, Saten, by instinct, sheilds Trixie).

Saten: Uhhh, Go away! Shoo! [The lion moves off and the critters return.]

Squirrely: Is it gone?

Saten: I think so.

Skunky [behind a low tree]: I'm not c-c-comin' out.

Foxy: Well, this is the end. The mountain lion obviously knows Porcupiney is pregnant, and he's gonna kill it again.

Trixie (throws away joint): Again?

Squirrely: Every Christmas the mountain lion comes down and eats the virgin critter impregnated with the Son of our Lord.

Porcupiney: Oh dear, I'm so very afraid.

Beavery: [climbs onto a stump and sits up] Let's face it. The mountain lion will never let our Savior be born.

Critters: Awwww! [some of them sob]

Squirrely: Hey, we shouldn't be upset this Christmas. We've got Saten!

Raccoony: Of course! Saten can do anything! If he can build a manger, he can stop that mean ol' mountain lion!

Narrator: Of coarse I will! Saten cried with joy.

Saten (dryly) No.. (starts leaving throwing away joint)

Trixie: Saten wait.. What if Fluttershy finds out we let them die.

Saten: ... Fine.

Porcupiney: Christmas is saved! [the critters cheer] The camera looks up from the woods to a mountain in the distance. Dramatic music plays.

Trixie: (kisses his cheek) Come back to me alive.

Saten: In case I don't.. (kisses her on the lips for a whole minute, which is longer than you think)

Saten: (pulls away and reluntantely flies up to the mountain)

Trixie: ... (picks up his joint) I'm gonna need this.

Rabbity: He'll be fine.

Trixie: If he doesn't.. Your be safer with the lion than from me.