Narrator: High up in the forest on a dark, craggy peak, the horrid mountain lion and preyed on the weak. For the critters to be saved, someone had to stop that nasty old cat...

Saten (annoyed as he flies up to mountain): Goddammit, this is fucking ridiculous!

Narrator: Said the little red pony.

Saten (annoyed): Shut up.

Narrator: Killing a mountain lion was no easy task, But he thought of a plan, and he thought of it fast.

Saten (timidly infront of cave): G -Grrr! Grrr! Come on out! [The lion is heard roaring from inside the cave, and it roars. It approaches the entrance.] Come on, critter killer! Your days of slaughtering innocent little animals are over! Rawrrrrr! [Anticipating the lion's leap, he prepares his wings. The lion lunges at him, but Saten flies up in the air and out of the way, and the lion falls over the peak and onto its death below, at the cave entrance.]

Narrator: In a flash, it was over! A victorious blow! The mountain lion lay slain on the cold ground below.

Saten Twist flies down to check if it's really dead.

Saten: Huh, that wasn’t so bad.

[three lion cubs approach the entrance]

Lion Cub 1: Mommy?

Saten: … Uh oh.

Lon cub 1: Mommy! [they rush up to her body] W... wake up, Mommy, wake up!

Lion Cub 2: Don't leave us, Mommy.

Saten: (stands there awkwardly as the cubs spot him) red pony, why?! Why did you kill our mommy? Why?

Saten: [at a loss for words] I.. They said.. I… Critter Christmas.

(the cubs cry around the corpse).

Narrator: The tiny cubs all gathered together and cried, All alone in the world because their mother had died.

Saten: [turns away and squeezes his eyes shut): Aw, god-DAMMIT!

Poor Saten.. He can’t seem to get a win today..