My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Kiss, Hug, Slap Game

Tawnyjay posted on Mar 19, 2012 at 10:03PM
Another game. :3

So, you start off with someone saying three characters:

111111 said:
Fluttershy, Twilight, Pinkie.

Then, you must tell which one you would kiss, which one you would hug, and which one you would slap.

2222222 said:
Kiss: Pinkie
Hug: Fluttershy
Slap: Twilight

Then they would list three and it goes on. :3

I'll start:

Princess Luna, Fluttershy, and Vinyl Scratch.

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over a year ago Metallica1147 said…
Luna: Hug.
Fluttershy: Kiss.
Vunyl: Slap since I can't do anything else XD
mlpfim1222 commented…
you spelled Vinyl wrong over a year ago
over a year ago StarWarsFan7 said…
Trixie: Hug
Braeburn: Kiss
Princess Celestia: Slap

Lyra, Bon Bon, Derpy Hooves
over a year ago Tawnyjay said…
Kiss: Bon-Bon
Hug: Derpy Hooves
Slap: Lyra (Sorry. DX)

Sweetie Belle, Applejack, Snails.
over a year ago Metallica1147 said…
Sweetie Belle: Hug.
AppleJack: Kiss (YES)
Snails: Slap.

Twilight, Spike, Rarity
over a year ago lagtr77 said…
Kiss: Twilight
Hug: Rarity
Slap: Spike "Sorry bro." *SLAP*

Big Macintosh, Rainbow Dash, Diamond Tiara
over a year ago Tawnyjay said…
Kiss: Big Macintosh (Eeyup)
Hug: Rainbow Dash
Slap: Diamond Tiara

Silver Spoon, Applebloom, Gilda
over a year ago Metallica1147 said…
Gilda: Kiss
Applebloom: Hug
Silver Spoon: Slap

Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Octavia
over a year ago lagtr77 said…
Kiss: Pinkie Pie
Hug: Scootaloo
Slap: Octavia "I'm so sorry Tavi" *light slap*

Snips, Nightmare moon, Daisy.
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over a year ago whiteclaw said…
Nightmare moon:Kiss
Daisy: Hug
Snips: Slap

Applebloom, Zecora, Prince Blueblood
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over a year ago triq267 said…
Kiss: Applebloom (You know, like affectionately on the nose or something, not in the creepy way..)
Hug: Zecora
Slap: Prince Blueblood

Vinyl Scratch, Braeburn, Trixie
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over a year ago darkling_menace said…
kiss: Vinyl Scratch (on the forehead or something)
hug: Braeburn (no homo)
slap: Trixie (cause she deserves it)

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle
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over a year ago whiteclaw said…
Hug: Sweetie Belle
Kiss: Applebloom (not in a pedo way)
Slap: Scootaloo (not too hard)
over a year ago StarWarsFan7 said…
Doctor Whooves: Kiss (No big deal for me. He's actually pretty cute! :3 )
Dinky Doo: Hug (She's so adorable! ^^)
Angel bunny: Slap (Sorry, I just really don't like him)

Doctor Whooves, Sparkler, Minuette (Colgate)
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
kiss: Colgate (hm, minty)
hug: Doctor Whooves ( thank you for saving the universe)
slap: Sparkler (how dare you insult Rainbow Dash by opening a jar of peanut butter that she couldnt open!?)

Discord, Gilda, Flim & Flam (2 for the price of 1)
over a year ago btflash said…
Gilda: kiss (she's the only one of them that's female, but I REALLY wanted to slap her.)
Discord: hug (He was a pretty entertaining villain, and I thought he was cool)
Flim & flam: Slap (it would make a very satisfying double-slap)

Derpy hooves, Colgate, carrot top
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
kiss: Colgate (i kissed same pony twice... does this mean something?)
hug: Derpy Hooves (theyll never take you away from me!)
slap: Carrot Top (sorry, but thats how it is)

Zecora, Cranky Doodle Donkey, Iron Will
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over a year ago StarWarsFan7 said…
Iron Will: Kiss
Zecora: Hug
Cranky Doodle Donkey: Slap

Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
kiss: Fluttershy (yay)
hug: Rainbow Dash (i just read My Little Dashie)
slap: Pinkie Pie (she's too upbeat for me)

Cheerilee, Applejack, Derpy Hooves
over a year ago Metallica1147 said…
AppkeJack: Kiss
Derpy Hooves: Hug
Cheerilee: Slap (Always wanted to do that to a teacher XD)

Twilight, Sweetie Belle, Rarity
over a year ago btflash said…
Kiss: Twilight (such a better decision than kissing gilda XD )
Hug: Sweetie Belle (kissing would be too creepy, and I can't slap a filly.)
Slap: Rarity (she really hasn't been too high on my favorites list as of recently)

Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash, Silver Spoon
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
kiss: Rainbow Dash (kissing one of the other two would just be weird)
hug: Scootaloo (my little chicken)
slap: Silver Spoon (what kind of talent is a spoon?)

Sapphire Shores, Hoity Toity, Photo Finish
over a year ago whiteclaw said…
Hug: Scootaloo
Slap: Silver Spoon

Hoity Toity, Lyra/Heartstrings, Ms. Cheerilee
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over a year ago Renarimae said…
Kiss: Lyra/Heartstrings
Hug: Cheerilee
Slap: Hoity Toity

Braeburn, Twist, Bon Bon
over a year ago btflash said…
I'm gonna answer darkling's and renarimae's, 'cause darkling kind of got left out :3

Kiss: Saphire Shores (that kiss would be SEEEENSATIONAL!)
Hug: Photo Finish (eh..)
Slap: Hoity Toity (I just don't like how Hoity Toity talks)

ugh, Renarimae, could you make this decision any tougher?

Kiss: Twist (not in a creepy pedo-ish kind of way)
Hug: Braeburn (he's a cool guy)
Slap: Bon Bon (CHOOSE A VOICE! make up your mind!)

Fancy Pants, Fleur De Lis, Octavia
over a year ago StarWarsFan7 said…
Kiss: Fleur De Lis (I'm not a lesbian)
Hug: Octavia (I love her so much! ^^)
Slap: Fancy Pants (Sorry dude.)

Sparkler, Dinky Hooves, Derpy Hooves
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
kiss: Derpy Hooves (i wonder where Mr. Hooves is?)
hug: Dinky Hooves (say hello to your new daddy! :D)
slap: Sparkler (same reason as before)

Granny Smith, Cranky Doodle Donkey, Mr. Waddle
over a year ago Emmylove786 said…
Kiss: Lyra
Hug: Sparkler
Slap: Bon Bon

Derpy Hooves, Shoeshine, Merry May
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over a year ago triq267 said…
Kiss: Derpy Hooves
Hug: Shoeshine
Slap: Merry May (Only because I've never heard of her before...)

Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh
over a year ago whiteclaw said…
Kiss: Apple Bloom (No pedo)
Hug: Big Mac (he`s cool)
Slap: Applejack (I`m sorry)

Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluer De Lis
over a year ago shadirby said…
I'm a girl, but if I had to choose:
Kiss: Fleur De Lis
Hug: Pinkie
Slap: Twilight. (Sorry Miss Sparkle! Had to.)

Octavia, Spike, Doctor Hooves
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over a year ago darkling_menace said…
kiss: Octavia (cause shes the only chick to choose)
hug: Spike (the Dragon Quest episode really made me feel for him)
slap: Doctor Whooves (how could you allow Twilight to alter the fabric of time!?)

Raritys' mother, Twilights' mother, Pinkies' mother
over a year ago triq267 said…
Kiss: Twilight's mother (Sorry Mr. Sparkle)
Hug: Rarity's mother (Just cause)
Slap: Pinkie's mother (Only one left)

Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence (I don't care that she hasn't been in an episode, DEAL WITH IT!)
over a year ago btflash said…
Kiss: Princess Cadence (Sorry whatever twi's brother's name is)
Hug: Princess Luna (*is a big fan of luna*)
Slap: Princess Celestia (it's not that I dont like her, it's just that she's the only one left)

braeburn, DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch, Octavia
over a year ago shadirby said…
Oh! I like all these ponies!
Kiss: Braeburn (Since I AM a girl)
Hug: Octavia
Slap: DJ Pon-3 (Sorry!)
over a year ago SunshineFlower said…
Kiss: Mr Waddle
Hug: Cranky Doodle Donkey ( he needs one :( )
slap: Granny Smith ( sorry ol´ m´am!)

rarity, Fluttershy, Berry punch ;)
over a year ago shadirby said…
Kiss: Rarity I guess
Hug: Fluttershy
Slap: Berry Punch (because I dunno who that is...)

Bon Bon, Lyra, Big Macintosh
over a year ago Renarimae said…
Kiss: Big Macintosh
Hug: Lyra
Slap: Bon Bon
over a year ago clancker1223 said…
Kiss: Fluttershy
Hug: Apple Bloom
Slap: Gilda
over a year ago -MissRarity- said…
Kiss: Dinky
Hug: Sparkler
Slap: Derpy 8D

Princess Cadence, Daring Do, Applejack

over a year ago shadirby said…
Kiss: Applejack...? Maybe...I dunno.
Hug: Cadence
Slap: Daring Do

Shining Armor, Queen Chrysalis, and Donut Joe.
over a year ago triq267 said…
Kiss: Queen Chrysalis (No homo)
Hug: Shining Armor
Slap: Donut Joe (Sorry!)

Rarity, Octavia, Pinkie Pie.
over a year ago -MissRarity- said…
Kiss: Rarity (not a lesbo just a Rarity lover 8D)
Hug: Pinkie Pie
Slap: Octavia (still luv you thougghh)

Scootaloo, Cheerilee, Hoity Toity
over a year ago whiteclaw said…
Kiss: Scootaloo
Hug: Ms.Cheerilee
Slap: Hoity Toity

Braeburn, Dinky doo, Gilda
over a year ago ExtraneousLable said…
Slap: Gilda (Ho made Fluttershy cry.)
Hug: Dinky doo (Assuming Dinky as in Derpy's daughter. Give dat filly a hug. Fillies love hugs.)

.......wait, what was that last option again?
...oh. right. . _ .
....and I have to do all three? Really? <-<

Kiss: Braeburn (shut up, I'm out of options. <-<'' )

Gilda, Discord, Diamond Tiara

*takes out his frustrations on the next poster by making it a difficult choice*

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over a year ago noahnstar1616 said…
Kiss: NONE
Hug: Diamond Tiara
Slap: Gilda and Discord

Princess Celestia, Shining Armour, Princess Cadence
over a year ago triq267 said…
Kiss: Princess Cadence (Sorry Shining)
Hug: Shining Armor (If he's not mad at me for kissing his wife)
Slap: Princess Celestia

Derpy Hooves, Princess Luna, Lyra
over a year ago TDIlover4ever said…
Kiss: Derpy <3
Hug: Luna
Slap: Lyra (I slap you with all the love I have. ;3;)

Sweetie Belle, Vinyl Scratch, Pinkie Pie~
over a year ago shadirby said…
Kiss: Vinyl Scratch (no lesbo)
Hug: Sweetie Belle
Slap: Pinkie (Just 'cause of cupcakes)

Madame le Flour (XD), Spike, and Cheerilee
over a year ago darkling_menace said…
Kiss: Cheerilee (just to take her away from Bic Mac for someone else)
Hug: Spike (dont worry, Rarity will be yours one day)
Slap: Madame Le Flour (FLOUR EVERWHERE!)

Angel, Gummy, Opal
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over a year ago noahnstar1616 said…
Kiss: Angel
Hug: Gummy
Slap: Opal

Fluttershy, Big Mac, Granny Smith