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Jedi Rainbow Dash
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Rainbow Dash as a Jedi. The rainbow is strong with this one!
Not owned by me. Yet, this is fantastic.
Date: September 25, 1959
Location: Ogden Utah
Time: 10:04 AM
Railroad: Southern Pacific

Michael was waiting in the train yard when he saw Roger arrive in a short freight.

Roger: *Stops his train*
Michael: Roger, I got a job for you.
Roger: What is it sir?
Michael: Go to Cheyenne, and deliver engine parts to The Union Pacific.
Roger: *Angry* I just got back from there!!
Michael: Do as I say, or else. Anthony is waiting for you.
Anthony: *Smiles, and waves at Roger*
Roger: Stop smiling you fucking ass. *Walks to the train*
Michael: *Walks away*
Anthony: I was just trying to be friendly.
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When they arrived at Laramie, Hawkeye, and Pete got the freight train to the yards on time, and Pete went to a building nearby where he had to take his test. Before taking the test, he was talking to Hawkeye on the telephone.

Pete: Where are you now?
Hawkeye: Doing some yard work. When you're finished with the test, we have to take another freight train back to Cheyenne.
Pete: Okay. Wish me luck.
Hawkeye: Luck? For a test, you need intelligence. Luck is for gambling.
Pete: Then wish me luck when we start gambling back at Cheyenne. I wanna win money from you, and everypony else.
Hawkeye: Then,...
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Hawkeye's engine
Hawkeye's engine
Running from Chicacolt to San Franciscolt is a railroad called the Union Pacific. It's the largest railroad in the United States, and is run by thousands of ponies. This is the story of some of those ponies that run the rails, aka railroading.

Episode 1: New worker

Cheyenne, July 26, 1950

Coffee Creme: *walking on platform*
Orion: Hey, are you the new fire mare?
Coffee Creme: Yes.
Orion: Alright, you're working with another pony on that passenger train. You're going to Las Pegasus. Good luck on your first day.
Coffee Creme: Thanks *walks to engine*
Hawkeye: Hi, you must be my new fire mare.
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prime Twilight and prime Rainbow Dash were shown chatting amongst each other in Twilight's liberary.

Suddenly there was a knock on the front door.

Prime Twilight opened it up, only to find a familiar, cute little pink mare.

Only, something wasn't right about her. For one of the few times in their friendship, Twilight saw cute little Pinkie, as very tense looking.

"Pinkie, what's wrong hun?" Twilight asked in concern.

"I think I'm finally losing my mind" prime Pinkie whimpered.

"What are you talking about?" prime Twilight asked in confusion.

"That!" prime Pinkie cried, pointing...
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