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[Pony Time] Lyra VS Colgate

Credit: retropony28 ; Which pony do you think has had more screentime 1-3 seasons of MLP FiM? This video shows all their screentime. Wait till the end to see which pony wins (or just skip to the end after watching some like I did).

The Herostrain Q&A

if i remember right,i asked this guy a question about how he got into the brony fandom...but the video with his announcement of the Q & A where i was one of the first to ask questions was deleted now

Immeasurable Evil (Episode 1)

to be continued already? xD

The Moon Rises [PMV]

Credit: AmILost ; Song by: ponyphonic. Still, I liked EileMonty's cover better.

Legends of Fluffle

fan of it?
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Horizon [PMV]

Credit: VisualizationBrony ; This was done with a collab with Kooper. Song: Horizon by Singularity (ft. Nilu)

My Roommate is a Vampire Intro

I DO NOT own this video.

Dr. Whooves Adventures: Fashionably Late

I DO NOT own this video.

Just Be Me

I DO NOT own this video.

Maud's Rockin' Poetry

I DO NOT own this video.