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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Videos

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Pony Shenanigans (Volume 3)

Credit: luffyiscool ; Pony Shenanigans is thought of to basically be a low budget Ponies the Anthology series.

GunCakes [PMV]

Credit: MLBr0 ; An all Pinkie Pie PMV. Song-Guncakes by the living tombstone

If I Had One! [Animation]

Credit: Mr KupKake; Good ol' Fairy Oddparents.
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Toxic [PMV]

Credit: Liftlok ; Song-Toxic by Mystery Skulls
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Pinkie Pie Makes Fluttershy Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Credit: Transmogrificator ; Go to for info about ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

My Little Dashie - The Mini Movie: Main theme Menu (test)

Credit: BAST Brushie ; It looks cool, but this is only a test.

How Ponies Made Season 4

Credit: AgrolChannel ; No it's vodka

B.E.A.T. | PMV

Credit: Liftlok ; Quite rhythmous.

This Day Aria!

Not Just a Toy

Credit: LittleshyFiM ; You may never see pony toys the same way again.