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Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 days ago
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Vito was talking to Penny on the phone.

Penny: So you really like it down there, huh?
Vito: It would be much better with you, but the weather is nicer.
Penny: I can imagine. *Looks at her clock* I'll call you tomorrow. I need to get some extra sleep for a business meeting tomorrow.
Vito: Okay. I love you.
Penny: I love you too. *Hangs up*
Vito: *Puts his phone away, and sighs*
Boss: *Walks into Vito's room* Vito, I'm assigning you and Jerry to work together on an important assignment.
Vito: Why Jerry?
Boss: Relax, this will be easy. You two will simply escort some capos out of town. They'll meet us here tomorrow morning at 8. Make sure they cross the Golden Neigh Bridge safely out of San Franciscolt. From there, they will go to Portland on their own, out of harm's way.
Vito: Even Jerry would be stupid enough to fuck this up.
Boss: Have some faith in him. He hasn't disappointed me yet.
Vito: Take my word for it. Jerry will do something dumb.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 27 days ago
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Vito arrived in San Franciscolt. Despite the extra money, he was still not looking forward to working with Jerry.

Vito: *Takes a left turn, and looks at the address* Not far now.
Boss: *Watching Vito pull in* Your brother has just arrived. *Hangs up*
Jerry: Thank you. *Hangs up* I'll see you tomorrow Kayla.
Kayla: You don't want me to wait here for you?
Jerry: It's not going to be pleasant.
Kayla: Very well.

Vito stepped out of his car, and walked towards the villa, when he received a warm welcome.

Boss: Thank you for coming all the way from Chicagoat to help us.
Vito: You're welcome.
Boss: Follow me, and I'll introduce you to the others.
Jerry: *Arrives in his Subaru*

Jerry saw them go upstairs, so he decided to wait for them to come downstairs before talking to Vito.

Vito: Thanks for everything.
Boss: Nothing is too good for a fellow Costanza member.
Vito: *Walking back to his car when he sees Jerry* What are you doing here?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 month ago
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Mr. Costanza was sitting behind his desk, reading a magazine about boats, when his phone began to ring.

Mr. Costanza: *Picks up the phone* Who is this?
Boss: San Franciscolt. Mexicans attacked our villa, and I'm short on ponies.
Mr. Costanza: How many do you need?
Boss: Four, at least.
Mr. Costanza: I'll send over a few, including my best stallion. How soon do you need them?
Boss: Start sending them over. *Hangs up*

Vito was saying goodbye to Penny as she began to leave.

Vito: When do you want to see me again?
Penny: Call me tomorrow, and I'll tell you. *Winks* Bye. *Leaves*
Vito: *Hears his phone ringing* Now that's clearly not Penny. *Picks up the phone* Yes?
Mr. Costanza: How soon can you come over?
Vito: Immediately. What's this about?
Mr. Costanza: I'll tell you when you get over here.
Vito: Fine. See you in two minutes. *Hangs up*

At Mr. Costanza's.

Vito: No.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 month ago
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The next day, Jerry returned to his house after buying groceries. The second he walked into his kitchen, the phone rang.

Jerry: *Picks up his phone* Yeah?
Costanza Pony 93: We got trouble down here! Come help us out! *Gets shot, and hangs up*
Jerry: What an interesting phone call. *Runs to his car, grabbing a Mac-10 on the way out*

He drove to the villa where his boss lives, along with dozens of other Costanza members.

Jerry: *Stops near a tree*
Mexicans: *Firing MP5's at the Costanza's*
Costanza Pony 55: *On an M60, next to two ponies using M4 Carbines*
Jerry: *Gets out of his car, and shoots three of the Mexicans*
Mexicans: Another Italian! Kill him!
Jerry: *Shoots two more Mexicans, and reloads. He uses the tree for cover*
Costanza Pony 55: *Shooting the rest of the Mexicans as they run towards Jerry*
Jerry: *Looks at the pony* Thank you!
Boss: *Running out of the villa* Jerry, come inside!
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Vito and Penny were watching TV together in Vito's place.

Penny: Time to make that dinner I promised.
Vito: *Watching Penny go to the kitchen* What are you preparing this time?
Penny: One hell of a meatloaf.
Vito: *Chuckles, then hears the phone. He picks it up* Hello?
Jerry: *On the phone with Vito* Mr. Costanza?
Vito: Yeah, who is this?
Jerry: Jerry.
Vito: Jerry?
Jerry: I called the wrong number, didn't I?
Vito: It's Vito.
Jerry: Oh, hey. I'll talk to you again later, but I gotta make this call first. *Hangs up*
Vito: *Puts the phone down*
Penny: What was that about?
Vito: That was my brother, but he called me by accident. *Stands up, and walks towards Penny* It felt weird hearing his voice. I haven't seen him in eight months.
Penny: Why so long?
Vito: We were on a business trip in Fillydelphia, when he did something wrong.
Penny: Such as?
Vito: It's best if I don't tell you.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Jerry got into a brand new Subaru, and started driving towards Daly City. He had a sticky bomb that he would use to eliminate his three targets.

Jerry: Three dark green ponies travelling to San Franciscolt in a Plymouth. It won't be easy, but I'm sure I'll find something. *Looks to the left, and sees the three ponies* I gotta make a U-turn. *Turns left*
Pontiac Pony: *Honks his horn while getting cut off by Jerry*
Jerry: *Grabs his sticky bomb, and throws it onto the Plymouth*
Green Unicorn: Hey, that guy just threw something onto our car.
Green Pony: Let's pull over, and see what it is. *Goes onto the side of the road*
Jerry: Perfect. *Flips the switch, and blows up the Plymouth, also killing the Pontiac pony in the process* About time.

Meanwhile on the news

Reporter: Police are stunned by a dead pony found in the bathroom at Chicagoat's Union Station.
Police Pony 35: We did find two slugs from a Colt 1911. They're very common guns, so it'll make our search harder.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Song: link

Song: link

Vito: *Runs into a room, and goes down a fire escape*
Pony: *Firing at Vito with a Tommygun*

December 7, 1980. 5:38 PM. Chicagoat.

Vito: *Sees more ponies following him. He grabs a Colt 45, and fires one bullet at each pony as he runs down the stairs towards the street*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Costanza Ponies: *Arrive in a Buick*
Vito: *Runs into the car* Step on it!
Costanza Ponies: *Burning rubber as they leave*

A Canada24 Fan Fiction

Vito: Good job boys. The assassination was a success. *Looks back, and sees two Cadillacs* Hand me the M16.

Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Fast motion scene

Ralphie: *Running with Flick, and Schwartz to school*
Scut, and Grover: *ChasingRalphie, and his friends*
Randy: *Chasing Scut, and Grover* Come on you guys, wait up.

At school.

Students: *Handing in themes to Miss. Shields*
Ralphie: *Places his theme on Ms. Shields desk*
Narrator: I knew I was handing Ms. Shields a masterpeice. Maybe Ms. Shields would be so thrilled with my assignment, that she would excuse me from theme writing for the rest of my life.

Fantasy time!

Ms. Shields: *Wearing red coat, with black hat that has two long black feathers on it* Look at these themes! Lousy! *Reading themes* What I want for christmas is a baseball bat. You call that a paragraph?! *Writes a big F on the theme, and reads the next one* Great amount of detail, but the margins! Margins! F!! *Writes a big F on the theme, and reads the next one* A new watch, and red pair of sneakers. *Writes a big F on the theme* If I have to give out one more- *Looking at Ralphie's theme* Well well. Ralphie Parker. Let's see what we got here. *Reading theme, and falls in love with it* Oh! The theme...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 months ago
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Song: link

Special thanks to AquaMarine6663 for letting me use her three OC's, Aqua Marine, Double Scoop, and Blue Fedora.

Our main character for this story is a colt named Ralphie. He will be narrating this story, taking place in Indiana, 1948.

Ponies: *Walking on sidewalk, looking at the snow*
Colts: *Running down street passing a yellow house*
Narrator: Ah, there it is. My old house. And there I am, with that ugly hat, and that dumb smile. No matter, Christmas was on it's way. Good old, lovely Christmas.

The song fades away as we get to the next scene in the center of town, later at night.

Band Ponies: *Playing Deck The Halls with trombones*
Narrator: Downtown, everypony was getting prepared to celebrate the glorious holiday.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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At the station, the Germans were interrogating Maurice. He was hit several times in the face. He had a bruise on his right cheek, his chin, and blood was on his forehead.

German Pony 593: *Hits Maurice while holding him by the neck* Who did it?
Maurice: *Gets punched again, and has blood come out of his nose* I'm not sure, I can't remember. I was drunk!
German Pony 593: You're lying!! *Throws a bucket of water onto Maurice*
Maurice: *Coughing*
Colonel Von Waldheim: *Walks into the room* If you tell the truth, you live. Now, what does he look like?
Maurice: Colonel, I can't remember. *Stares at Von Waldheim* A big stallion, in a grey suit. A hat. I think.
Schmidt: *Arrives* Sir. Labiche never left the hotel.
Colonel Von Waldheim: *Looks at Maurice, and looks at the soldiers interrogating him* Let him go.

They left, and Maurice sighed, relieved that they were no longer torturing him.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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The following is based off of the 1964 film, The Train.

Paris, August 2nd, 1944. 1511th day of German occupation.

German Ponies: *Guarding a museum*
Other German Ponies: *Arriving in a staff car between two motorcycles. They stop at the museum*
German Pony: Achtung.
Driver: *Gets out of the car, and opens the back right door*
Colonel Von Waldheim: *Steps out of the car wearing a jacket, and a hat. He salutes his soldiers, and walks into the museum*

Inside the museum were lots of paintings. This was an art museum.

Colonel Von Waldheim: *Puts his jacket, and hat onto a coat hanger. He slowly walks around the museum. Stopping between several paintings, he walks slowly again towards a light switch. He stops to turn the light on that focuses on a painting hanging on the wall.*

Another light turns on, this one being turned on by a mare, the owner of the museum. Her name was Miss. Villard.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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Song: link

Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog & Izfankirby Present

In association with Windwakerguy430

Grand Theft Ponies: Hawaii

Starring Larry Wilcox from SeanTheHedgehog
Adrenaline Rush from Izfankirby & Windwakerguy430
Don Castalini from SeanTheHedgehog

On August 21st, 1959 Hawaii became the 50th state in Equestria. Just like some of the other states in Equestria, it had it's fair share of violence with gangsters fighting each other day after day.

This story takes place on that day.

Larry: *Calling Adrenaline*
Don Castalini: I wonder what's taking him so long.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 6 months ago
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Song: link

It was a beautiful day in Manehattan as the sun rose, and-

Gordon: This is the wrong intro! This is the intro for Die Hard With A Vengeance! TURN EVERYTHING OFF!!!! *Waits for everything to turn off. After that, he calms down* Now, we're going to show you the real intro for this fanfic.

Song(Start it at 0:29): link

San Franciscolt 1995

Mexicans: *Driving a black Flim Decade at high speed passing lots of cars*
Ponies: *Watching the Mexicans pass him*
Mexicans: *Crossing the Bay Bridge*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Mexicans: *Loading their assault rifles and pistols*

In association with Izfankirby
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 months ago
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Everyone in Ponyville was preparing the evacuation. Many police cars were blocking intersections to make it easier for everyone to make it to the train station. An alarm was heard all over town: link

Ponies: *Driving out of Ponyville*
Police Pony 74: Attention. There is a large, uncontrollable fire in Ponyville. Everyone must evacuate. If you do not have any means of transportation, go to the train station at once. We repeat, if you do not have any means of transportation, go to the train station at once.
Tom: *Stops the train at the station*
Hunter: I'll help the others get on board.
Nikki: *Slides her car into a parking lot, and runs to the train station*
Hunter: We're getting the engine onto the other side of our train. Please remain calm, and get on board the train one at a time.

Everypony slowly got on board the three passenger cars.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 months ago
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Komano was telling Edward about Tom going to Ringoes.

Edward: What's he doing there?
Komano: He's a volunteer on the Black River & Western. He's helping everypony evacuate to Ringoes.
Edward: Well, I hope it doesn't take too long.

Over at Rutgers Landscaping Nursery in Ringoes, Nikki heard some of her co-workers talking about the fire in Ponyville.

Mare 68: They're planning to evacuate everypony, at least that's what I understand so far.
Nikki: Where?
Mare 25: Ponyville.
Nikki: That's where Tom works.
Mare 25: You wanna leave early, and see if he's okay?
Nikki: What'll our manager say?
Boss: *Behind Nikki* Yes.
Nikki: *Turns around* Thank you.

Hunter and Tom were getting close to Ringoes.

Tom: Hopefully Carlos has 60 ready at the station with our train.
Hunter: And with some of the burning trees, we might even get some extra fuel. *Chuckles*
Tom: Sure Hunter.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 7 months ago
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Monday morning, Tom was back at work at Wawa. The gas station had seven cars. Tom, Edward, and Komano were having a good time.

Edward: Alright, have a good day.
Mare 52: Thank you. *Drives away in a Pontiac*
Tom: *Opens a gas tank on a mini-van* Good morning.
Mare 88: Hi, can you fill it please?
Tom: I'd be happy to, but with what?
Mare 88: Regular.
Tom: Yes ma'am. *Takes her credit card, and swipes it*
Benny: *Arriving in his Audi*
Komano: Uh oh. It's this stallion again.
Benny: *Steps out of his car, and smokes a cigarette*
Komano: Tom, look out!
Tom: *Turns around, and sees Benny smoking a cigarette*
Benny: *Walking towards Tom* When will these two cars be out of my way?
Tom: Stay back!
Benny: What is wrong with you?
Tom: You don't smoke cigarettes at a gas station!
Benny: Why not?

The wind started to blow towards Benny. Vapors from a gas pump caught on fire, and it set the car on fire.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 8 months ago
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Ringoes, Neigh Jersey.

Tom: *Walking with Nikki* How's 60 today?
Carlos: Tom, good morning.
Hunter: 60's in great shape. We're getting the fire started now.
Tom: This is a good friend of mine, Nikki West.
Nikki: Howdy.
Carlos: I'm Carlos Licciardi.
Hunter: And I'm Hunter. Pleased to meet you.
Tom: We were hoping you'd let Nikki drive engine 60.
Hunter: Alright. She can help us get the passenger cars over to the station.
Nikki: Yay!

Once the fire got ready in the firebox, the water began to boil, and create steam.

Carlos: We have enough pressure to move. Release the brakes, and open the throttle.
Nikki: *Releases the brakes, and makes 60 move forward*
Tom: Very good. Now, we don't want to go too fast. Keep an eye on the speedometer, and keep it below 10 miles an hour.
Nikki: Right, because this ain't like a car. It's gonna take a little longer to slow down if I apply the brakes.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 8 months ago
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Tom met Nikki at the park.

Tom: What do you wanna do first?
Nikki: *Hugs Tom as she kisses him*
Tom: Whoa.
Nikki: My friends told me to. I hope you don't mind.
Tom: Not at all. In fact. *Kisses Nikki*

They walked down one of the path's in the park. Lots of trees were on both sides, and on the right side of the path was a stream.

Tom: Ever since I was five, I always enjoyed skipping stones.
Nikki: No kiddin'. I do too.
Tom: Best two out of three, let's see who can go the farthest.

They both stood inside the water, each holding a trio of flat stones.

Tom: On the count of three. One.
Nikki: Two.
Tom: Three. *Skips his stone*
Nikki: *Skips her stone, but it goes in the water first*
Tom: Looks like I got lucky there.
Nikki: Well hopefully, I can win this one.
Tom: Two.
Nikki: *Laughs* Three.

They both threw their stones at the same time, but Nikki was the one who went the furthest.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 8 months ago
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Nikki went on her laptop, and searched for Tom on facebook.

Tom: *Uploading a picture onto facebook from his cell phone. He receives a notification from Nikki West* A friend request? This is a nice surprise.

Tom was helping her again at the gas station.

Nikki: You think we could hang out, perhaps?
Tom: I'm down for that. Where would you like to go?
Nikki: The park. I love that stream, and I also like walking past all those trees.
Tom: *Stops the gas pump* You're at 20. You don't want that receipt.
Nikki: That's right.
Tom: *Puts the nozzle back on the pump, then closes up Nikki's tank* You're good to go.
Nikki: *Starts her car, and drives away*
Komano: *Walks over to Tom* Something tells me that you like her.
Tom: I do. She's a good friend.
Komano: So you don't love her?

Meanwhile at the landscaping company.

Mare 25: I'll say it again. When are you going to ask him out?
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 8 months ago
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Benny dropped his wife off at their new house.

Benny: I'm going to get more cigarettes. You better have that house cleaned up by the time I get back. *Drives away*
Melanie: I love you too.
Benny: *Looks at his gas gauge* I better fill up my car while I'm at it. I only got a quarter of a tank.

Tom, and his friends had five cars at their station so far. Komano, and Edward each had two, while Tom only had one. He was just getting her up to twenty, when Benny pulled up behind her.

Tom: Okay. *Takes the nozzle out of her car's gas tank* You're set to go. May I grab a-
Benny: *Honks his horn*
Tom: Don't do that, I'll be right there!!
Benny: *Leans on the horn for ten seconds*
Komano: *Runs over to Benny* What are you honking your horn for?
Benny: *Gives Komano a credit car* Fill it premium.
Komano: Yes sir, but what was all that about?
Benny: Your buddy made me wait.
Komano: You just got here, and he would have gotten to you in five seconds.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 9 months ago
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After seeing Tom, Nikki went back to the landscaping company to continue her work.

Mare 25: You get to see Tom again at Wawa?
Nikki: Shut up. *Laughs*
Mare 25: When are you going to ask him out?
Nikki: We're only friends.

Another mare walks over to them.

Melanie: Can any of you help me find a tree?
Nikki: I got you covered.
Melanie: Thank you. By the way, I'm new to Ponyville. I'm Melanie Lockmann.
Nikki: I'm Nikki West. Put 'er there. *Shakes hooves with Melanie* So what kind of tree are you lookin' for?
Melanie: Anything with some nice leaves, or flowers on it. Show me the prettiest trees you have.
Benny: *Sitting in a black Audi* Melanie should have been back by now. *Steps out of the car, and grabs a lighter. He lights a cigarette, and starts smoking* I knew I should have gone with her. *Walks towards a big red barn*

The two mares were far from Benny. The tree section was huge.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 9 months ago
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Song: link

SeanTheHedgehog & Cosmic_Fusions Present

A My Little Pony Fan Fiction

Starring Tom Foolery & Nikki West in...

Ring Of Fire

Also Starring Komano from SeanTheHedgehog

STH's Larry Wilcox as Fred Greenley

And introducing SeanTheHedgehog's newest OC, Hunter

Also starring Amethyst Star as Melanie Lockmann
Goldengrape as Edward Calabrese
Comet Tail as Carlos Licciardi
Royal Riff as Benny Mulloch

Based off of the 1961 film of the same title

The song fades away as we focus on a gas station. Tom is outside with Komano, and Edward. There are no customers at the moment, so they watch the numerous ponies cruise past in their automobiles, going to various locations in Ponyville.

Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 9 months ago
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Seanthehedgehog Presents

A fanfiction taking place during the late 1800's


In Pittsburgh, lots of ponies working in the steel mills did not like working conditions, and often went on strike. This story takes place during the Homestead Strike of 1892.

One of the workers James, did not want anything to do with the strike, but two weeks before it began, some of his friends decided to make him change his mind.

James: *Working*
Larry: *talking with Jack*
James: *sees Larry, but ignores them*
Larry: Jack, I'm telling you. Everyday we get here, things just seem to be getting worse.
Jack: What do you mean?
Larry: The working conditions. It seems like, working here just gets more dangerous. If only Andrew Carnegie got somepony else to take control of this plant.
Jack: Well, now that you mention it, he has been doing a poor job of getting the AA to leave us alone. It's been nearly three years since they've wanted to make some kind of a bargaining agreement with Frick.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 10 months ago
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Fillydelphia, 1992

Case Cracker is driving out of Fillydelphia with his marefriend, Sprocket.

Case Cracker: *Going over 90 miles an hour*
Sprocket: I still don't understand what's going on!
Case Cracker: I've been working for this pony named Michael, but he was just using me, and wants me dead!
Sprocket: *Looks behind her* Is that why there are two sedans following us?
Case Cracker: *Looks in the mirror* Shit, that's them. Get my guns from the glove compartment.
Sprocket: *Grabs two Beretta pistols*
Pony: *Driving one of the sedans, and has a phone connected in the car* Call Michael!
Pony 3: *Grabs the phone, and dials Michael's number*
Michael: *Sitting in a building, and grabs his phone as it rings* Have you found him yet?
Pony 3: That's right! He's driving a 1989 Hoofington out of this city!
Michael: Stay behind him, and kill him.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 10 months ago
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What to expect in this episode.

Ponies: *Drag racing with Porsches*


Stallion: *Going down a hill in a Silverado, and goes through a big muddy puddle*


Ultimate Deadman: I have something special to share with you.


Tim: *With Captain Jefferson* We're gonna have to find a different way to stop those off-roaders.
Captain Jefferson: The State Troopers could give us a Suburban to get the job done.


Tim: If I win this race, you three will be arrested!
Ultimate Deadman: What happens if one of us wins?
Tim: I leave Gran Turismo for good.

Song: link

Julia: *Driving her police car on the round freeway*
Tim: *Sitting next to her*

Gran Turismo

Starring Larry Wilcox as Tim Miller