Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link
Celestia: *Runs from the left. She jumps up, her wings spreading wide, then her face gets into the triangle*

Song: link

Vito: *Runs into a room, and goes down a fire escape*
Pony: *Firing at Vito with a Tommygun*

December 7, 1980. 5:38 PM. Chicagoat.

Vito: *Sees more ponies following him. He grabs a Colt 45, and fires one bullet at each pony as he runs down the stairs towards the street*

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Costanza Ponies: *Arrive in a Buick*
Vito: *Runs into the car* Step on it!
Costanza Ponies: *Burning rubber as they leave*
The Costanza's make their escape in a 1979 Buick Electra Park Avenue

A Canada24 Fan Fiction

Vito: Good job boys. The assassination was a success. *Looks back, and sees two Cadillacs* Hand me the M16.
Two Cadillacs followed them.


Fritelli Ponies: *Getting closer*
Vito: *Shooting through an open window*

Starring Canada24's Saten Twist as Jerry Costanza
Sean The Hedgehog's Tom Foolery as Vito Costanza
And Shredder as Ivan Filmore

Fritelli Pony 74: Return fire!
Fritelli Pony 56: *Sticking out his Tommygun*
Vito: *Shooting the window on the first Cadillac*
Fritelli Pony 74: I can't see! *Crashes into another car, and a fire hydrant*

Octavia Melody as Kayla
Sean The Hedgehog as Michael
And introducing two new OC's. Penny, and Harlan

Also starring Filthy Rich as Mr. Costanza

Fritelli Pony 82: *Following the Costanza's, they go on South Lake Shore Drive. Lake Michigan is to the right*
Fritelli Pony 27: *Firing a Tommygun*
Vito: *Reloading*
Fritelli Pony 82: Hey, shoot out their tires.
Fritelli Pony 27: Good idea.
Vito: *Shooting more bullets at the Cadillac*

The right side of the front bumper fell off, and was being dragged on the street.

Fritelli Pony 82: What are you waiting for?!
Fritelli Pony 27: My gun's jammed!
Fritelli Pony 82: Well unjam it!
Vito: *Looking at the bumper* I got an idea. I'm going to make them lose control.
Costanza Pony 54: The traffic's getting heavy, I gotta go on the sidewalk. Hang on! *Turns right*
Vito: *Hits his head on the ceiling* You weren't joking. Look at all those cars.
Fritelli Pony 82: *Also on the sidewalk* How stupid are these ponies? The second that Buick passes them they get in front of me. *Honks his horn seven times* Do you want to die?! *Hits a unicorn* I'll take that as a yes.
Costanza Pony 17: Can you shoot 'em without hitting anypony else?
Vito: I can try. If I do kill someone else, at least the population will be smaller. *Sticks his M16 out the window, and shoots the bumper off of the Cadillac*
Fritelli Pony 82: *Runs over his own bumper* Whoa! *Swerving to the left, then accidentally goes to the right, falls over the edge* FUUUUUCK!!!!!!!! *Lands in Lake Michigan*

No one in the Cadillac survived.

Two days later

Vito: *Walks into Mr. Costanza's office*
Mr. Costanza: Hello Vito. I have a new assignment for you.
Vito: *Sits down* What am I doing for you this time?
Mr. Costanza: I need you to take care of an informant. He told the cops in Fillydelphia about an arms deal we had going on, and half a dozen of our stallions got arrested. He was last spotted in Toledo's train station. Now he's coming here. *Shows him a picture of a brown pegasus* I wish you good luck.
Vito: I'll take care of him for you.

The train that the informant was on was entering Chicagoat's Union Station

Vito: *Sitting on a bench, he sees the pony, and walks towards him* Excuse me, I think I have a deal that you'll really want to hear about. *Walks with him into the bathroom*

Two shots from a silenced pistol were heard, and only Vito walked out of the bathroom.

Two days later, San Franciscolt

Jerry: *Talking to a pony on the phone* Three green ponies. Dark, or bright? Dark, okay. And you said they'd be entering from Daly City in a Plymouth. I'll eliminate them for you now. Please, feel free to call me anytime. Goodbye. *Hangs up* Now, where did I put that bomb?

2 B Continued