Happy Birthday sis ♥
This is your second birthday for me.. And you've been such a company to me :)
this is such a special day for you.. BUt i dnt have anything to give you..
But this article is just a lil gift for you <3

✰ You're my Everything ✰

✰ You really are the best thing that's even been mine ✰

✰I am incomplete without you ✰

✰ My life totally sucks without you ✰

✰ You are my moon in the night sky ✰

✰ My sun in the bright sky ✰

✰ I am nothing without you ✰

✰ I'm in love with you . And all your little things ✰

✰ Your love is my Drug . I'm addicted to you ✰

✰You are the best thing that ever happened to me

✰I love you endlessly ✰

✰ Words cant explain my love for you ✰

★ Today is such a special day for me and everyone . I hope i could say thnxx to your parents for giving me such a wonderful gift . The best thing ever . I can never explain how much i love you..
But i think you already know :)
I wish you a very Happy Birthday today pagli.. I hope all your wishes will come true <33

You are my : ✿ My Sunshine
✿ My Air
✿ My Oxygen
✿ My lil sis
✿ My Soul-mate
✿ My Life
✿ My Cottoncandy
✿ My Reason to survive
✿ My World
✿ My Everything
✿ My BFF <33

I can never ever explian my love for you <33
I still remember the day we first became friends <3 Our conversation was about JELENA <3 ! lol <3 I never thought you'd become this important to me <3 You know all my secrets and i know yours <3 THank you so much for coming in my life :) <3 You can make me feel special even when i'm not <3 You are a Precious gift that i dnt wanna lose <3 I dont know where i'd be today without you <3

You are my sunshine
You are my shining star
Everything I'm not
You are
You make me laugh
You make my heart smile
Everything you do
Makes life worthwhile
You give lovingly
You always have cheer
Everything you are
I hold dear
You are so sweet
You are so very kind
Everything I cherish
In you I find
You are a blessing
You are an angel I see
Everything about you
is Gods gift to me

We will always be BFFs :) no mattter what <3 link Forever <33

I love you forever and always ...♥
P.S. Sorry for this FALTU article :) but i hope you iked it

Once again ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY...♥

*hugs and kisses*
little cake for you (◕‿-)
You are my everything Naina <3
My life sucks without you <3
Your husband..♥
You are Harry to my Zayn ..♥
we will always be together <3
You are beautiful like her :*
♥ ♥ ♥