It was a beautiful morning in the pridelands. Well that is what nala would think. Nala didn't know there were a group of outlanders trying to kill her.
Nala had start to wake herself up, In the cave there were lionesses posing in their rest all around her. There was simba, sleeping around nala. Simba peeped his eyes open, And with a loud yawn, It seemed more like a roar and he woke all the other lionesses up.

Nala looked confused at simba, But she stretched and got up to go lead her lionesses for the morning hunt. As they were walking, Nala confronted the lionesses and asked if they agree with her. "Gosh. Simba's so called yawn always wakes us up in the morning, Doesn't he?" The lionesses laughed cheerfully and agreed with nala.

As nala got to the rock, She stepped her paw forward and trotted onto the rock. With a rough seating on the rock, nala allowed her self to sit. "Now. We all did a bad hunt yesterday and we are going to redo it! So lets do a better job today!" All the lionesses roared, Agreeing with nala's idea again. But what nala didn't know, That in the outlanders. There was a tragic idea.

Zira kicked skulls around, pacing in her den. She had a grip full of ideas, To kill queen nala and king simba, And with a yowl in frusturation, Zira clawed the wall hardly. "I just can't decide who to kill first, Instead maybe my fellow outlanders should do it! Thats it! They will." A smirk was set onto zira's face and continued with a evil laugh.

As the group of pridelanders began to follow nala's lead. They all split up to find food. This is where the group of outlanders found nala, To kill her would be a success. Nala began coughing as she slowly walked across the high grass. Her nose perked up as she smelled something for a second she paused and looked further. She didn't see anything but was still coughing. And with a tail flick, Nala padded off.

As zira yelled for her pride's attention. They all began to sit down permenatly. ~Sorry for bad english~ Zira yelled fiercely to her pride, Calling for attention. "Alright! So as you can see, The pridelanders are out hunting! We are going to kill queen nala, And then king simba.." The outlanders, Roared agreeing with ziras idea, And zira laughed fiercely in charm, That this idea will finally work on some not strong petty royalty queen.

Slowly, Time passed, And that time nala had gathered food. But she did not know what was ahead of her. Nala was still coughing, But she called her lionesses to help her pull the food she had gathered, But then nala saw something sucpicious deep in the savannah. Nala knew it, By the looks of it! A group of outlanders were headed toward this way, As the outlanders began to attack. Nala walked toward eachother and began to battle. Zira had mocked nala, Laughing. "How was the hunt, Queen!?" She said laughing hysterically and had the voice of a maniac.

Nala growled at zira, Slowly at her mock. "What do you mean hunting.." She said slowly. "I did perfectly fine. And you.. You came and ruined everything!" As the battle of zira and nala began, Nala attempted to pin zira. But zira had flipped her over and stomped her completely to the floor. "It's over nala!" Zira had finished nala with a neck bite, And the pridelands were tooken over.

~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~