Hopefully you are all familiar with the forum/picks going on in reference to this topic. Celine suggested I also make an article for ALL the reasons. Winners of each round are in bold. Show the Naley love over at the[link]

1. Because she's his dream & he's never letting go of her.
2. Because she's not going anywhere
3. Because they can survive anything
4. Because he didn't want another tutor...he wanted her
5. Because they give us all hope.
6. Because they're Always & Forever
7. Because she changed him!
8. because he could love her forever
9. Because he never stopped believing in them
10. Because he gave her a bracelet and she didn't take it off.
11. Because he was still proud of her, everyday.
12. Because they love each other unconditionally
13. Because they have an amazing family!
14. Because they can face ANYTHING together!
15. Because he doesn't need to see her with his eyes to know whats going on with her
16. Because they got married at 16 & they managed to stay together through it all!
17. Because when he was watching her sleep, he decided they should always be like that!
18. Because they have a classic love story.
19. Because he doesn't want to be safe without her <3
20. Because he survived the crash for the 3 of them
21. Because she's his always & he's her forever
22. They'd be lost without each other.
23. Because she sang for him first
24. Because she was in the middle of a history quiz in class the other day and completely zoned out on him.
25. Because they gave their hearts to each other unconditionally.
26. Because their dreams won't matter without each other
27. Because he wants to be someone who's good enough to be seen with her
28. Because leave them a message, they'll get back to you when they're done having sex!
29. Because it's everything after all this time.
30. Because she feels like his and that feels good.
31. Because they OWN rain kisses.
32. Because any grace he has comes from her
33. Because she makes his heart race
34. b/c no matter what,she will always be by his side.
35. Because they're epic in ANY decade!
36. Because they are each other's first love.
37. Bc as long as they have each other, everything is gonna be okay.
38. Because he will always protect her <3
39. Because they would sacrifice their own lives, to save the other
40. Because it is impossible to be so in love, like they are
41. Because she can make him smile.
42. Because they're HOT, simple as
43. Because they're having sex everytime they can't get to the phone.
44. Because when he's not strong enough, he has her
45. because basketball is important to him,but nothing is more important to him then haley
46.Because they are THE One Tree Hill couple!
47. Because he hasn't even showed us his A-game yet
48. Because they are so different but fit so perfectly together.
49. Because it scares him sometimes, but there it is
50. because he liked that she's a bad ass ;)
51.Because she already has everything she ever wanted
52. Because everytime he looks at her, he knows that he's gonna be with her for the rest of his life
53.Because he wants that forever start now - with HER.
54.Because he makes her feel CRAZY frisky!
55. Because he still makes her heart race.
56. Because the bracelet fixed him
57. Because they will be their for eachother forever and always
58. Because she's gonna love him until the end of time.
More to come! ♥