This is the story about Naley in season 1

Nathan Scott is the most popular boy at Tree Hill High School. He’s kind of a superstar: his parents are – compared to others – rich, he’s goodlooking, he’s cool and he’s the best player on the basketball team „Ravens“. Of course he has the most suitable girlfriend - cheerleader Peyton! Because of his perfect life Nathan doesn’t remember how to act modest or thoughtful. He doesn’t care about anything or anyone other than himself.

His ambitious father Dan Scott supports those traits of character with all his heart and pushes Nathan in his own direction whenever he can. Basketball is Dan’s dream, but since he wasn’t able to live it, he decided that Nathan had to make that dream come true and follow in his father’s footsteps.

When Coach Whitey offers a player position to Dan’s second son, Lucas – the result of Dan’s High School relationship – and puts him into Nathan’s position in the line-up Nathan gets furious. Especially when even his girlfriend Peyton starts to like Lucas. He starts to victimise Lucas whenever he can.

Haley James is Lucas Scott’s best friend since childhood. In fact she’s really just his friend. They don’t have any secrets from each other and support each other in every way. Haley knows how much it hurts Lucas that his father never cared for him and so she supports him with his plan to play basketball on the team. She’s really worried when the chicanes take unexpected dimensions. She’s very smart and ready witted. Haley works at the Café of Lucas‘ mother Karen and tutors other students very successfully.

Nathan’s plan is easy: combine the useful with the pratical. His grades are really bad, Haley is a tutor and would anything else bother Lucas more than seeing his best friend spending time with his hated brother? To use Haley for his plans Nathan accepts her condition to leave Lucas alone. After a few problems in the beginning the tutoring works really well. Nathan’s grades improve and it totally bothers Lucas that Haley is spending time with him. The thing Nathan didn’t expect was that he would come to the point where he didn’t care about bothering Lucas anymore.

Unintentionally Haley starts falling for Nathan which complicates her friendship with Lucas a lot. She knows how much it bothers him that she’s tutoring Nathan, but she wants to be honest about her feelings and tells him everything.

Brooke, captain of the the cheerleaders, embarrasses Haley in front of everyone by telling her that Nathan is only making fun of her. Deeply hurt Haley leaves and rejects Nathan when he tries to talk to her. Sober again Brooke has a guilty conscience and tries to fix Nathan up with Haley. Nathan and Haley end up on a paper chase date and have fun together. The night ends very abruptly when Nathan’s teammates show up and he denies being on a date with Haley. She jilts him angrily.

Nathan apologizes and asks for a second chance. They kiss for the first time. From now on Haley lives somewhere over the clouds, but Nathan is still unpredictable. Haley doesn’t know what Nathan expects from her. She tells Peyton that she won’t sleep with Nathan and that sex is not enough for her. After Nathan collapses on the court after taking drugs to break his father’s record, he shows up at Haley’s house by night and tells her that he needs her and that he wants to be with her, no matter what.

For the first time Nathan fights against his father, questions his future with basketball and enjoys being with Haley. But his parents’ divorce afflicts him a lot, because either of them tries to pull him on their sides. He keeps hiding at Haley’s and in the end and he gets his own divorce from his parents by getting emancipated and moving out.

Haley is totally in love and gets a tattoo with Nathan’s number „23“ on her back. When Nathan sees it they start to discuss what they expect from each other. Haley’s feeling more insecure than ever because she still doesn’t want to have sex with him. She’s really surprised when Nathan tells her, that he loves her.

A few days later she finds some internet porn sites bookmarked on Nathan’s computer and later she also finds an old video of Peyton. Very disappointed and again insecure she turns away from Nathan and does not call him back or talk to him. Nathan tries very hard to convince her that his feelings for her are true.

When Lucas shows up the next day to say goodbye to Haley she tells him that she married Nathan…

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