This is the story about Naley in season 2

The newlyweds Nathan and Haley get lots of negative reactions to their sudden marriage. Deb is shocked and tells them the marriage won’t last long and Dan isn’t exactly happy that Nathan and Haley get so much attention although he’s the one who almost died from a heart attack. Even Karen who seems to be supportive tells Haley that it’s going to be tough.

Haley’s parents are also shocked, but they still support their daughter’s decision and even attend the ceremony. Due to all the negative reactions Haley is feeling insecure and thinks that Nathan and her don’t have anything in common. He promises to be there for her and protect her.

Lucas helps Nathan to get a job at Dan’s garage and even Keith supports this decision. Meanwhile Haley gets the chance to start a singing career. Newcomer Chris Keller is in town and takes a liking to Haley, her voice…and more. In the beginning Nathan supports her in making her dream come true, but soon he starts to be annoyed by Chris and his relationship to Haley.

When Nathan finds out that Haley recorded a single with Chris he starts to get angry – especially when she also tells him that she thinks he’s just jealous because she gets to live her dream and he didn’t get a spot at the basketball camp he wanted to attend. When she finds out that Nathan turned down the spot for her she decides to fight for her marriage and give up her dream.

Haley’s sister Taylor who moves in with Nathan and her turns out to be the girl Nathan lost his virginity to at a party some years ago and also interferes with Haley’s life. She sends e-mails to Chris Keller and pretends to be Haley. That’s how she finds out that Haley kissed Chris at least once. Haley denies being in love with Chris, but she admits being jealous of the life he leads. In front of Nathan she still keeps up her lie until he finds the fake e-mails.

When Chris comes back to Tree Hill he offers Haley to go on tour with him and a band. Haley doesn’t know what to say because she doesn’t want to hurt Nathan who’s still sensitive when it comes to Chris. During a fight Haley tells Nathan about the kiss, but claims that her wish to go on tour has nothing to do with Chris. When Nathan asks her why she doesn’t want him to go with her she doesn’t know what to say. That’s when Nathan decides to give her an ultimatum: the tour or him. Haley is shocked but still decides to take the chance and leaves Tree Hill with Chris.

Nathan is angry, hurt and disappointed and not even Lucas can help his brother although he’s trying very hard. That’s when Lucas asks Haley to come back, but she tells him that she doesn’t want to give up her music. Nathan still suffers and tries to get rid of all memories of Haley. Deb tells him to go see Haley and talk to her. Haley is completely surprised when Nathan shows up at one of her shows and tells her that he wants to be with her. She asks him to wait until after the concert, but Nathan notices that she isn’t wearing her wedding ring anymore and decides to leave without saying goodbye. He finally realizes that the relationship is over.

To get over the bad time Nathan accepts the invitation to visit his uncle Cooper’s racetrack with Lucas. During the race he remembers Haley and crashes against a wall. Lucas doubts that it really was an accident and calls Haley, although Nathan asks him not to. Haley immediately wants to come back, but Nathan calls her and tells her to stay where she is.

When Nathan can’t pay the hospital bills and the rent he decides to accept his mother’s offer to move back in with her. Dan covers the hospitals bills and convinces Nathan of having his marriage annulled.

Haley realizes what she gave up to become a singer, and although the people love and she’s about to get a record deal she decides to turn it down and go back to Nathan. When Dan visits her at one of her shows and hands over the signed annulment form she decides to continue with the tour. She signs the form and gives it to Lucas who came to see her and convince her of coming back home.

With Whitey’s help Nathan gets another chance of spending the summer at the basketball camp and this time he accepts the spot, moves out of the apartment for good, puts Haley’s stuff into storage and moves back to his mother. One evening before he has to leave for the camp he finds Haley standing at his doorstep.

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