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Opinion by bdavisrocks posted over a year ago
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Not in any order, because that would be beyond impossible.

"I was hurt Haley, but I was still proud of you. Everyday."
"Wait, wait, it's all getting ruined."
"No, you don't need that stuff, you've got me."

"That's what sets you apart from her. That's one of the thousand reasons why I could never, under any circumstances, cheat on you.
"I don't wanna see you lose your dream.
"Lose her? She's right here. And I'm never letting go of her."

"I was so scared, so terrified. Then I saw you and I promised myself that if I could just get up, walk over to you, I'd tell you how much I need you, how much I want you, and how nothing else matters."

"'Haley and I will be together by graduation.' Did you really believe that?"
[i]"I was in a pretty dark place back then, but I never stopped believing in us. My prediction came true, Hales. And as far as I'm concerned, that makes this a great night. So, you think that leg's ready for...
List by ns_23 posted over a year ago
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Hopefully you are all familiar with the forum/picks going on in reference to this topic. Celine suggested I also make an article for ALL the reasons. Winners of each round are in bold. Show the Naley love over at the[forum]

1. Because she's his dream & he's never letting go of her.
2. Because she's not going anywhere
3. Because they can survive anything
4. Because he didn't want another tutor...he wanted her
5. Because they give us all hope.
6. Because they're Always & Forever
7. Because she changed him!
8. because he could love her forever
9. Because he never stopped believing in them
10. Because he gave her a bracelet and she didn't take it off.
11. Because he was still proud of her, everyday.
12. Because they love each other unconditionally
13. Because they have an amazing family!
Opinion by Shanice_12 posted over a year ago
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Okay, here is the interview with Eliza for being FOTM for January. I am really sorry it took me so long, but I've had my exams and I was really busy with school, so thank you Eliza for waiting xD And congrats for winning this =]


1. So, why don’t you start by introducing yourself, tell us a bit about you? ;)
Hi everyone!I`m Eliza,you can all call me Eli for short.I`m 18 years old and I`m a student.I live with my father in Germany but I was born in Bulgaria.
Umm what else….I love movies,TV,sports, different kinds of art.I`m a natural funny person, optimistic, I love my friends more than anything and that`s pretty much all I could think about. Lol

2. When you started watching One Tree Hill, did it ever cross your mind that they would become a couple? If not, did you root for them to be with someone else?
I started watching OTH a bit later than it first aired so I had already heard that Nathan and Haley are going to get together. But I was still rooting for them and I really liked how their story developed. :)