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Article by Vesme posted over a year ago
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Ok. Let's start

Very rare name. Consonant with the Russian pronunciation of the word hell (in Russian sounds like ad). It is believed that this name is typical for women with a strong character, usually not very well communicated with their mothers. Ada like men, but with them it is often not arise from the nature.

Aleksandra or Alexandra
Female version of the name Alexander. Short form of the name sounds like Sasha. As the value name is identical to Alexander.

It's very popular name in Russia now. Shot form sounds like Nastya, sometimes Asya or Tasya. Anastasia was name of the younger daughter of last Russian imperor Nikolai II. According to legend, Anastasia was the only survivor of the Romanov (I hope you saw the cartoon Anastasia). But in reality, Anastasia and her family (father, mother and three elder sisters and younger brother) was shot in Tsarskoe Selo, opponents of the autocratic regime.