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naruto snoring
naruhina sasusaku
naruto family
naruito and hinata
naruto and hinata
family of naruhina
naruhina family
hinata huga
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The fans pick: Yeah, they are the best one!
Yeah, they are the best one!
I like all of them! SasuSaku, ShikaIno, Nejiten, etc.
The fans pick: A little...
A little...
Yes, I was/am
The fans pick: definetly yes yes yes
definetly yes yes yes
The fans pick: hinata of naruto shippuden
hinata of naruto shippuden
hinata of naruto
The fans pick: After chapter 500 of the manga
After chapter 500 of the manga
Chapter 442 of the manga
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Trignity said …
i have always wanted them to be together in anime also beacuse yhey are the cutist couple in whole nruto and naruto shippuden Posted 2 months ago
pokemonfan909 commented…
Aye!~ 1 month ago
TAIKAMODO commented…
I think their personalities compliment each other 20 days ago
Saku15 said …
Minato is a Naruhina shipper!
I know that because when Minato met Naruto (Shippuden ep 167) he said "In order to save something dear... wars are waged." and after he said that, we saw Hinata when she fought againts Pain and not a memory about Sakura.
I think this shows that Hinata is more dear to Naruto than Sakura or any other person and his dad knows that. Posted 8 months ago
Hina19 said …
I totally love NaruHina and it's one of my two fav Naruto series pairings :D Hey have any of you read chapter 615 :3 Cuz it was pure NaruHina! :D Posted over a year ago
ImAnEasel commented…
It made me tear up a little. :3 16 days ago
ImAnEasel commented…
What's your other favourite? =^^= 16 days ago