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ElisaFlemer said …
Hey guys!!! How are you? So, I had a hard time finding Naruto RP chatrooms, so I decided to create my own :) Basically we're following the original story, and we can change some basic stuff, create more adventures in between and rp our favorite characters. OCs are allowed as well... we can explore the years at the academy, Naruto's childhood, the Uchiha destruction, etc... There are no roleplayers yet, but I hope to see you there soon! link Posted 3 months ago
ImAnEasel said …
I really miss Naruto. ;_; Posted 4 months ago
candylover246 commented…
Same here... ;-; 4 months ago
ImAnEasel commented…
^ Ha! Nice icon!! XD 3 months ago
candylover246 commented…
Thanks~ But it's a different one now. xD 1 month ago
NagisaFurukawa- said …
I love Naruto Shippuden. I grew up with Naruto as my childhood Anime. I like Naruto/Shippuden,Boruto,One Piece,Bleach and Fairy Tail. And more. But i grew up with Naruto and Dragon Ball Z,Sonic The Hedgehog and Yu-Gi-OH. Posted 7 months ago
NagisaFurukawa- commented…
I even 8 years ago or so made my own homemade Naruto original series Cosplay. To bad i don't have it anymore now that I'm older. Love this Anime. My friend Hunter Bracy started Naruto and Naruto Shippuden years after i did. And he is already passing me on this Anime series. I gotta watch more Naruto. But at least I'm further ahead in the Manga than my friend Hunter Bracy is. I used to collect Shonen Jump Magazines 8 yeard ago that i had my mom subscribe me to get them in the mail. Love thid Anime a lot. Well i did more as a child than i do now. Believe it! Is a saying i like to say when i talk about Anime sometimes. It's a word catchphrase that Naruto loves to say. Naruto and Shippuden and Boruto is great Animes Believe it! :3 7 months ago