"Hinata!!" a woman was yelling as she was put down by a man."Let me go!!, Hinata!!, my baby!!"
"My lady, your husdin told us to make sure," he was cut off
"I Dont Care What He wants!, She my Hinata!" she tried to get the man off her.
"mommy?" The little girl heard her mother yelling her named outside of the gates."where are we going father, and mother, why is she yelling"The small girl said to the man holding her wrist.
"You are to be trained with your new home, and be quiet, as for your mother she is not inportent right now." the words that came out seem to be happy and mad at thr same time.
*Mother...* Hinata thought to her self still hearing the yells of her voice.
"Let go of!!" She demaned
"i can not my lady" the man said puting his head doun from shame. " You are doing wrong about fight back my lady. It is what has to be done."
"You all stand and tell me I'm wrong about this! When it is you how is wrong! I a mother will never back down! I can be hitt and killed by anyone, but that wounldn't chance my mind! I know the risk of my doing! I know where the line of right and wrong is at!! But you dare take my child!! Away to someone eles in front or behide my back!! I will fight! I will kill!! To Get Back the One Thing I Love!!! To be held in my arms again!! Even if it means I will die doing so!!!" Her eyes were already pouring water down her face. She still kept trying to get the man off of her, and yet she her eyes that had tears coming out turned red. She looked so sad and weak for the fighting, the men that where put make sure she would stay behide stared to feel there eyes ready to pour water.
Hours later she still had tears coming out, as for her eyes they where red and tired. The man who kept her on the ground was only staring like the others at her never dieing fight to save her fist born. Bot all of them knew it was to late to do anything, the small girl was gone.As soon as Hinata's father come back to the cortyard, where her mothere laid. He told the men to step aside, "I see you have not stop your crying," he strped closer to his wife. "So what are you waiting for, get up!" he said to her.
" I will not.." she mattered back
"what! Is it because of Hinata leaveing, or is it that you are too weak?" he stared at her and then called over a man to help her up.
"no..."she said slaping the hand of the man, when he was tring to lift her up. "dont you dare touch!" shae said as her face hit the ground.
"Your to weak, my lady let me help you up.."The man tried again to lift her but she again hitt his hand. Hiashi just stared st her fighting with the man.
"I can do it meself! I will not let you who stare at me so foolishly. if you want to help then why didnt you stop my husdin!" ahe yelled st the man, as she put her hands on the ground under her.
"Are you mad! What I did was to save all of the laef even you!"
"Shut your mouth,..If that is what you call saveing the leaf and it poeple,..then..." She slowly rosed up from the ground, and trembled as she looked into his eyes."..Go to hell"
"How dare you!!"
"How Dare You!! I Never Meet Man That Is so Self fish!! You dare come and tell me I still cry!! Why will I not!!
"Because she was nothing to you!!"
"Yes she was!"
"My Daughter!! You Monster!!"
"She was not ever a daughter your, or mine!! And I'm a moster who gave the world's worst weak child to someone!!?!"
"Yes!! You are!! I would have taker away from you years ago!!"
"You have to many thinks to do, you are only mad because I was the one who gave away!!"
"Go to Hell!!" She screamed as her face was once wet again.