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Opinion by SonOfPein posted over a year ago
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Disclaimer: Nope, don't own Naruto.

Somewhere In Time

Chapter 2- Walk With Me

I sucked in the air greedily. I had been at this new jutsu for hours. My hands were burned from my chakra, my skin tingled from the effort- the bruises covering my skin straining my muscles further from the pain.

I closed my eyes. I could feel it- the despair. Is this what killed her? Is this what guided the kunai across her throat? I opened my eyes. I could still see her. I could see her reaching out to me, the blood twisting down her pale arm, calling me, begging me to her grave to make team seven whole again.

"I have to... I have to succeed. But how?..." Then it hit me. "The kyuubi!"

I closed my eyes again, but this time with a new fever. I concentrated, shutting out all noise- the birds, the hum of the insect wings, the wind. And I focused on the burning red chakra as warm as the summer's sun. I could feel it, searing my insides burning up through my skin. It tingled my skin beyond feeling until it was a numb red flash of pain. I flowed the hand signs out from rote memory. I had performed them so often now, it was like water...
Fan fiction by SonOfPein posted over a year ago
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Disclaimer: Nope, don't own Naruto.

A/N: A SakuraXNaruto story, a two-shot. The story alternates between Naruto's memories and the present time, so that is just a heads up so you don't get confused.

Warning: lots of and gore... It's a Romance/Angst/Horror... Well, I don't consider this story horror, but I was told by my friends that this story was very disturbing and that the descriptions terrified them... but I don't find this story scary. Anyways, here it is.

Somewhere In Time

"Hey, Sasuke! You... want to take a walk with me?" Sakura asked eagerly, a look of adoration in her eyes I could only wish to be directed towards me.

Sasuke waved her off again. "I have to train. You should do the same."

Slowly, his form retreated from her. I saw the look of disappointment stretch across her face, hurt in her eyes. If I could erase it all, I would. And as I watched Sasuke retreat, eagerness began to surface in me. A bright smile stretched out across my face.
Fan fiction by deathchick9 posted over a year ago
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*At Kanoha pre school*

Naruto:Hi.I'm Naruto Uzimaki.

Gaara:Go away.

Naruto:Wanna be friends?

Gaara:Who's paying you?Is it my father?Are you the new assassin?

Temari:Gaara he's not an assassin.

Gaara:How do you know?

Teamri:He's 5.

Gaara:Oh...Naruto was it?


Gaara:I am Gaara of the sand I shall exept your offer of friendship.

Naruto:Great!Wanna play?

Gaara:Very well what shall we play?

Naruto:How about we play ninja?

Gaara:I knew it!

Naruto:Knew what?

Gaara:You are the new assassin!

Naruto:What?Ninja is a game.

Gaara:Oh...Uhhhh......Who's that?

Naruto:That's Sasuke uchiha.

Gaara:I don't like him.


Gaara:He has chicken butt hair.