*Naruto walks in pre-school for day 2*

Naruto: I can't wait to see Gaara today.

*Naruto walks over to Gaara*

Naruto: What is up Gaara, my man?

Gaara: The roof of the building.

Naruto: ...Okay...

Gaara: Do you have ramen with you?

Naruto: No.

Gaara: NO RAMEN?!

Naruto: Don't worry. We can ask Iruka for some.

*So, Naruto and Gaara go to Iruka Sensei*

Iruka: Hm? What is it guys?

Naruto: We need ramen!

Gaara: Yeah!

Iruka: Naruto I bought you 50 packets of ramen yesterday? What happened to those?

Naruto: You really think there would be one left if theres only 50?

Iruka: ONLY 50?! That "Only" 50 cost me most of my money!

Naruto: Thats your problem, not mine.

Gaara: Now get us some ramen!

Iruka: No. Maybe tommorow.

Gaara: You want me to slice your head right off? If not, buy us each 50 packets of ramen!

Naruto: Yeah! If you want a head than get us some ramen!

Iruka: Fine. (In mind: Im going to broke very very soon...)

Naruto: Woohoo! Don't get mad, get ramen!

*1 hour later*

Naruto: Those 50 packets were tasty.

Gaara: Yeah they were. Huh? Who is that?

*Gaara points at a guy sleeping*

Naruto: Oh thats Shikamaru.

Gaara: He needs some excersize or else he will end up like him...

*Gaara points at Choji*

Choji: Huh... why are those kids pointing at me? Oh well... I would go check, but I'd rather eat these chips.

Naruto: Look. Its Sauce is G@y... :3

Sasuke: This is why Im emo. Go to h3ll, Naruto.

*They start fighting*

*Naruto gets a hurt leg*

Sasuke: Take that. AHAHAHAHA!


Gaara: You monster, Sasuke! Now ima keel you.

*Gaara farts on Sasuke*

Sasuke: Gyagh!

Gaara: Whos laughing now?

Sasuke: Your mom.

Gaara: RAAAAAGH! Don't about my momma like that!

*Gaara farts on Sasuke again*

Sasuke: Urh.....

*Sasuke gets knocked out because of too much stench.*

Gaara: There. Are you okay, Naru-

*Gaara notices Naruto is bleeding*

Gaara: Blood... No.... I gotta hold back... think about to GOOD things in life... like... RAMEN!

*Gaara's mind goes off of blood and goes to ramen.*

Naruto: Yeah okay... Lets ask Iruka if we can get some more ramen...

Gaara: Mkay... Just don't remind me of blood... or Ill turn into a blood thirsty one tail...

Naruto: You have a tail?

Gaara: Well, kinda. Ill tell you after our ramen break.

Naruto: Okay Gaara.

*Naruto and Gaara walk over to Iruka*

Naruto and Gaara: Iruka! Ramen time!

Iruka: Oh no...