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Opinion by to0ota111 posted over a year ago
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Uchiha Itachi Facts

Uchiha Itachi doesn't breathe, he holds air hostage.

Uchiha Itachi doesn't actually write haiku, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

When Uchiha Itachi goes out to eat, he orders a whole chicken, but he only eats its soul.

Uchiha Itachi does not sleep, he waits.

Uchiha Itachi does not shower. He only takes blood baths.

Uchiha Itachi can divide by zero.

In the medical community, death is referred to as "Uchiha Itachi Disease"

Uchiha Itachi crossed a road. No one dared question his motives.

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice because Uchiha Itachi is looking for it.

The universe is expanding because it's running away from Uchiha Itachi.


Uchiha Itachi

Fan fiction by Shi_Hiroko posted over a year ago
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“Who are you?” he asked. I didn’t answer. “Show me your face then.” I couldn’t ignore his demands, so I did as told. The blood inside my body started to boil rapidly. “Just what were you going to do to this man?” I was ordered to turn around and show my face. Yet he has his back turned to the left side, with arms crossed. “I-I-I…” I couldn’t talk without stuttering. Hell, I was too scared to give an answer. The person in front of me had way more battle experience and immense power. I bet he could destroy me in an instant. If I say anything wrong it could mean the end for me, but saying nothing isn’t much of an option either. Problem was I didn’t know what to say. The man took the opportunity to push me off him the moment I got lost into my opponent’s jade eyes. It felt as if I was in some trance. What seemed like years were only seconds of an awkward stare down. I barely noticed the man I planned on killing was running for dear life. He faded in the dark shadows of night. “Tch! He got away.” I clenched my fists.
Fan fiction by JustaNutherKh posted over a year ago
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talia at 14, exept she had medium long hair.
The village was dark, and eerily quiet. The quiet footsteps of the guards on top of the wall were the only sound after dark, added to the quiet murmur of their voices and the cicadas in the forests. Naruto uzumaki was still up in bed, For he could sleep well. he have been experiencing A hot and cold sensation, On and off fevers(Very low ones.) and Whenever he did sleep, he had nightmares. About what happened to sasuke. Killed in the land of rain, maimed there, And the sparring on top of the hospital roof. He almost dying on the hilltop. he couldnt sleep after all that. So he decided to stay awake. he sat up in bed and stared out his window, watching the sky come up. The birds tweeted their songs. he siged and looked at his picture of his team. naruto was 14 now. sasuke has been goone 3 years. He remembered what Sakura said about His illness."Its just a virus. I got permission from Lady tsunade for you to stay out of our missions and for you to rest up. Just drink as much water as you can. its gonna be a long time." He leaned back in bed and put his hands behind his head. He thought about hinata. he started having feeling for her, But he wasnt sure where they came from. They just...