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Fan fiction by NARUTO_YAY1 posted over a year ago
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"Naruto, you're so reckless!" yelled Sakura.
"Geez...How much longer do we have to wait for Kakashi Sensei?" Naruto thought.
"Well, he's always been late, so i'm not surprised."
*a figure appears far away in the opposite direction of the gate*
"Is that...Kakashi Sensei? What is he doing out there from the village?" asked Sakura.
"I-It can't be.. it's..." stuttered Naruto.
As the figure walked closer and closer, they're jaws dropped wide open.
"Hello again, loser. I'm back."

Sasuke smiled.
Opinion by LovableXNerd posted over a year ago
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Deidara: *sits in chair, crosses legs and flips his hair out of his face, grinning* "Hello lady's, My names Deidara~ but of course you know who i am" *winks*
"I am here today with you, to show how much i love you" *chuckles* "and i love you allot, with your beautiful (your hair color) hair, and that nice sexy smile of yours"
"will you smile for me love? hmm?" *takes of jacket revealing his bare chest underneath* "what about know" *grins*
*keeps jacket off* "you know your eyes, they mesmerize me" *leans in and tilts your chin up, looks deep into your eyes* "Can I kiss you love?" *brushes his mouth against yours" "It really is tempting" *kisses you no matter what you said* "how about i kiss you deeper? hmm?"
*kisses you again, deeply and passionately, dabbing your lips with his tongue, but then pulls back and blushes* "i-i'm sorry, i shouldn't have done that it's just.....your so tempting, I couldn't control my self" *laughs, and puts his jacket back on* "I should go...y'know...before i do worse" *winks, and walks over to you and kisses your cheek, whispering into your ear* "bye bye love~" *he walks out*
Opinion by to0ota111 posted over a year ago
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Uchiha Itachi Facts

Uchiha Itachi doesn't breathe, he holds air hostage.

Uchiha Itachi doesn't actually write haiku, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

When Uchiha Itachi goes out to eat, he orders a whole chicken, but he only eats its soul.

Uchiha Itachi does not sleep, he waits.

Uchiha Itachi does not shower. He only takes blood baths.

Uchiha Itachi can divide by zero.

In the medical community, death is referred to as "Uchiha Itachi Disease"

Uchiha Itachi crossed a road. No one dared question his motives.

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice because Uchiha Itachi is looking for it.

The universe is expanding because it's running away from Uchiha Itachi.


Uchiha Itachi