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Ripcore posted on May 08, 2012 at 02:01PM
Come and join, just need a few people to start! :D

Nature type:
Jutsu: (only up to five)
Eye color:
Hair color:
(post a pic;)

A little while after Naruto is Hokage, we are the next generation of Ninja. We are a team training to be the best, its our Legacy.

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over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Lelia:Shukaku sends the black dragon flying out my body, forcing me to send a tailed beast bomb that sends it to some place.

Shizu:"She's doing her crazy style again and I do Tiger- Snake"Lightning Style:Cry of the Thunderclap"
over a year ago Ripcore said…
Ripcore: -smashes Shizo away- Get away from him!

Aatos: RAHHHHH -hundreds of sand spikes fly at snow-

Snow: -dodges as many as he can, as one gets him in the leg- AHHH. -appears behind Aatos, smashes him to the ground and holds him down- Got you.. now.. -chakra emits from his hand- time too kill you.
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Shizu:The Thunderbird flys down at Snow and Aatos, too fast for them to move

Mamoru:"Yin Release:Genjustu Unlock"I break everyone in the genjustu"Yang Release:Ninjustu Parade"Alot of ninjustu's pop out"Fire Style:Great Fire Ball Justu"My cheeks fill up with flames and I move my neck back once and let out all the flames
over a year ago Ripcore said…
Ripcore: -grabs Shizo out of thin air before he could touch them and throws him-
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Shizu: I disappear in charged lightning and grin as my thunderbird hits Snow and Aatos or so i think as golden dust blocks it
over a year ago Ripcore said…
Aatos: Shi!? sand style: sand dome - a dome of sand forms over him- Shi?

Snow: -swings furiously at the sand- Coward!
over a year ago Shi_Hiroko said…
Mizuki told me to come back here to help you. If you need any that is.
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Shizu:"Lightning Style:Cry Of the Thunderclap"I do some more hand sighs"Byakuagan style:Gentle fist"I hit Snow and Aatos with the thunderbird and then I do gentle fist on them
over a year ago Ripcore said…
Aatos: Please help. Snow breaks throigh the dome, smashing him through trees-

Snow: Pathedic. You diserve to die. all you sand shinobi are pathedic.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Toketsu: *appears weakly next to snow* Status report....
over a year ago Ripcore said…
Snow: Well, this idiot of a traitor is hardly trying i'd say. No one knows where Ripcore went, last time anyone seen him he was with Mizuki. Now there both gone. You okay sir.. you look hu.... -mid sentence he is hit with a ball of solid sand, he smashes through trees-

Aatos: You dare insult the hidden sand Shinobi.. -spits out blood-
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Toketsu: That village of nobodies? *he looked at Aatos.* You've sunken so low Aatos. Do yourself a favor and die.
over a year ago Shi_Hiroko said…
*steps in front of Aatos* Lets give it are all now, yeah?
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Toketsu: Don't die quickly. I want to have fun. *the air chilled and things began to freeze*
over a year ago Ripcore said…
Ripcore: -appears next to Toketsu- dont forget about me..

Aatos: -takes Shi's hand- just be careful.. -he steps next to her, sand begins whirling around him- Ok.. im ready.

Snow: Damn Akatsuki.. -steps next to Toketsu-
over a year ago Shi_Hiroko said…
*grins* I'm sorry Toketsu, but I'm not gonna lose to a couple of Konoha jerks.

Don't worry about me Aatos. I'll be fine with or without you. The akatsuki didn't let me in because i was weak you know.
over a year ago Ripcore said…
Aatos: -smiles- yeah.. i guess so. you were always strong last time i remember.. -the sand starts to consume his body-

Ripcore: Cant say i expected this from you Aatos. but its too late now.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Toketsu: Now!! *he froze the sand around Aatos* *he jumped in the air riding two small dragons them from up above* Kekkai Genkai!! Eternal Flash Freeze!! *he shot a white sphere down at Aatos freezing everything around him instantly* *Toketsu fell down landing in a tree*Got him...
over a year ago Ripcore said…
Ripcore: Gotchya. -jumps into the air, his hand emiting lightning- Kirin! -a huge lighting dragon shoots down from his hand at Aatos- Now your done for..

Aatos: Well this doesnt look to good.. -tries to break free from the ice, unable he a sand barrier above him- This isnt going to help...
over a year ago Alvin2442 said…
Lelia: "Sh!t I have a one percent chance of saving Aatos" I flip once and do hand sighs"Golden Star Dust: The Shield Of The Sand"The golden sand rises up and covers the sand dome

Shizu: "Lelia!" I do hand sighs"Fire&Lightning Release:Coming of the Lightning Fire Phoenix"I make a Fire Phoenix and shoot lightning through it and then that goes at the huge lightning dragon
over a year ago Shi_Hiroko said…
*yells* Hold on Aatos! I'll get you out.

*pulls out sword and swings it* Snake Venom! *swings sword that sends you flying through the air
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
(I'm confused is team jinchuriki good or bad???)
over a year ago Ripcore said…
(No idea)

Aatos: -flies through the air and the ice shatters, the lightning dragon misses just barley, smashing through the sand dome and hitting the ground, creating a crater- Well that was close.. Thank you Shi.

Ripcore: -walks closer to them- I dont know how you dodged that, but good job. No more playing around though. time to finish this.
over a year ago XenoMizuki said…
Name: Kimimaro Kaguya A.K.A Bones (Akatsuki leader)


D.o.b: Unknown

Gender: Male

Rank: S-class - Akatsuki Leader

Clan: Akatsuki

Personality: Defensive, pissy, sarcastic, can be an ass, confident, great leader.

Skills: Using bones as weapons.

Nature type: Manipulation of Skeletal structure.

Jutsu: (only up to five)
Dance of the Camellia
Dance of the Clematis: Flower
Dance of the Clematis: Vine
Dance of the Larch
Dance of the Seedling Fern
Dance of the Willow
Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets
Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood

Weapons: Bones

Height: 5'11

Weight: 186

Eye color: Red

Hair color: White

Altars: pic

Bio: Kimimaro's abilities came from his kekkei genkai, Shikotsumyaku, which allowed the user to manipulate their own skeletal structure as a means of combat. Specifically, it allowed Kimimaro to manipulate his osteoblast and osteoclast cells, which are responsible for building or breaking down bone tissue. This ability gave him absolute control over the concentration of calcium within his bones, allowing him to control the density or malleability of them. Kimimaro also stated that his bones were stronger than tempered steel. Kimimaro used this ability to wield his bones as weapons in battle, and could use them in the form of taijutsu attacks (which he called dances) to give him a variety of abilities, as well as grant him a near-invincible defence, able to withstand most of the impact from even a chakra-enhanced blade. He can also grow an entire forest of gigantic bone blades. Orochimaru has stated that this was the ultimate taijutsu ability, which is held in high regard, and the main reason why Orochimaru desired Kimimaro to be his next vessel. Not Very Loyal. He is not the leader of the Akatsuki.
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Name: Kimimaro Kaguya A.K.A Bones (Akatsuki leader)
<br />

<br />
<br />

<br />
D.o.b: Unkno
over a year ago XenoMizuki said…
-Mizuki and Bones are waiting in a nearby tree, watching-

Mizuki: Sir, that one.. Aatos, he possesses the sand demon..

Bones: I see. He will be perfect. (in mind:<Good work Shi>)