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Ghost's Naruto Shippuuden RP  TheAdventGhost 1025 17106 over a year ago
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Naruto: the unban evolution  dargox 729 20811 over a year ago
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Naruto: The next ninjas.  dargox 249 9386 over a year ago
Naruto Movie 4?  Starkeypants 176 43923 over a year ago
Naruto Konoha RP  AngelUchihaNeko 74 3004 over a year ago
Naruto Shippuden RP  Ripcore 67 3334 over a year ago
Naruto Raipudden  TAIKAMODO 50 3168 over a year ago
Let's talk people!!!!  alexmcneice 32 2725 over a year ago
Secret behind Tobi's identity!!  endoukanon 30 3929 over a year ago
Naruto's parents finally revealed - possible spoilers  alexmcneice 18 23712 over a year ago
Create your own Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden character! I mean Kunoichi...  WinxRocks 16 10818 4 months ago
create your own justu  Kevy1 15 2454 over a year ago
Is Sakura in love with Naruto?  sparkyjade 15 2341 over a year ago
Your Naruto Happy ending??  Beauty-Queen 15 1821 over a year ago
The forth-Naruto's father?????????!!??  r0sen4y 15 1987 over a year ago
favorite fight????  elvemage3082 14 1036 over a year ago
forum fanfiction:Naruto Shippuudden 2(with a new character)  AngelUchihaNeko 11 2601 over a year ago
Naruto Shippuuden rp  kiba16 11 2313 over a year ago
FAV NARUTO QUOTES  rotcalex2011 10 3250 over a year ago
naruto fans, I have a question...  turkila 10 1271 over a year ago
who do you think tobi is .. madara or obito ?  kakashi-senpi 10 2629 over a year ago
*SPOILER* Did they really have to end with NaruHina?  Chouxes 9 2399 over a year ago
Let's Do A Naruto Shippuuden rp  misshedgehog 9 869 over a year ago
Shipudden on Disney XD  fsderek09 9 2752 over a year ago
Will Naruto bring Sasuke back to the Leaf Village?  Pain21 9 6031 over a year ago
Who do you like  metalnaunx 9 765 over a year ago
KISS OR NO KISS  Keelie1011 8 1374 over a year ago
If u got a chance to become one of Naruto Shippuden character who will u be..........????  KEISUKE_URAHARA 7 3496 over a year ago
hey fangirls of Naruto and another naruto boys! I need girl OCs for my modern-life-story "Konekoz"!  AngelUchihaNeko 7 1582 over a year ago
will sasuke ever join the " we got some sense knock into us by naruto club"  sicelyarien 7 1461 over a year ago
Naruto animal, vegetable, mineral game!  ImAnEasel 6 1703 over a year ago
who will the last fight be between?  jdack 6 6359 over a year ago
Sooo...  alexmcneice 6 1452 over a year ago
naruto rp?  misshedgehog 5 999 over a year ago
Naruto shippuden End  Ookamiwolfpup13 5 1055 over a year ago
naruto and you  k9hatake 5 706 over a year ago
Rumours - ''Last Chapter''  Vlad_Nightwing 5 1244 over a year ago
Sasuke is going to konoha after a long years!  ccharlene 5 840 over a year ago
Danzo The 6th hokage? WTF?!?  Linky_Lover 5 2035 over a year ago
Wall post that u can tput in fanpop  kiba16 4 432 over a year ago
Akatsuki life  Deidara567 4 801 over a year ago
Naruto Shippuuden RP: Removal  Kevy1 4 989 over a year ago
wallpapers and pics that spoil *possible spoiler*  theknowledge 4 898 over a year ago
The Twelve Days of Akatsuki Christmas  TailsDollFriend 4 1085 over a year ago
Little Interview with Kishimoto ,naruto seriese authur  hime_sama 4 555 over a year ago
Sasuke and Sakura  BloodyGaara 4 778 over a year ago
sasuke's mangekyou?  hellgirl223 4 1054 over a year ago
pein's jusus (missed spelled)  frank87 4 732 over a year ago
i dont know much about shippuden can some1 fill me in?  FMAandNaruto 4 619 over a year ago
Best Action Fight Scene?  Sauskesucks 3 2096 over a year ago
Story! Naruto! You can but Oc's here!!  Otaku_Crazy 3 1269 over a year ago
I'm making a Fanfic!  kikibibi 3 819 over a year ago
The Sixth Hokage  ccharlene 3 1093 over a year ago
is naruto and sasuke,s mom and dad are friends.  ssolanki 3 1731 over a year ago
Why so many fillers episodes?  Drago2012 3 2320 over a year ago
Does Ino think Naruto is hot  sicelyarien 3 3820 over a year ago
OMG! Naruto and Jiiraiya  Devinonanime 3 823 over a year ago
question!!  omagap 3 865 over a year ago
if naruto gets another timeskip...  heatherXnoah 3 1568 over a year ago
hinata tells naruto she loves him in chapter 419 in naruto shippuden  awsomelyawesome 3 1545 over a year ago
Naruto Shippuuden 20 boo  yardog 3 607 over a year ago
Describe your OC/OCs.  ImAnEasel 2 987 over a year ago
Naruto Shippuuden Couples!!!!!  abdidahir 2 7519 over a year ago
i need help  k9hatake 2 697 over a year ago
Naruto: The Final Generation  ticotyler 2 730 over a year ago
Rumours - ''Last Chapter''  Vlad_Nightwing 2 857 over a year ago
watever  gongui34 2 521 over a year ago
naruto the sand ninjas  sasorifan111 2 491 over a year ago
naruto manga 426 konohamaru vs pein  x00xanthx00x 2 8258 over a year ago
who is your favorite character in naruto shippuuden?  x00xanthx00x 2 667 over a year ago
Welcome!  alexmcneice 2 803 over a year ago
Gaara  Kyuubi 2 771 over a year ago
Naruto Shippuuden 19 is up!!!!  alexmcneice 2 453 over a year ago
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles Spot...  alexmcneice 2 629 over a year ago
Rp anyone? (fours spaces)  heart-of_love 1 1785 over a year ago
What do you want to happen in the next episode?  ImAnEasel 1 742 over a year ago
Character elimination game!  ImAnEasel 1 658 over a year ago
Ask Stupid Question,Get Stupid Answer Game  prettyqueen 1 458 over a year ago
The New Naruto Movie is subbed and it is out!!!!!  abdidahir 1 548 over a year ago
Make Your Own Shinobi Missions  Blaze_of_Ares 1 724 over a year ago
Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja Summer 2012 Anime Movies  maro-chan 1 5094 over a year ago
Naruto Realtionships???  NarutoSwagg100 1 315 over a year ago
Create your own Naruto charcter  wolfmaster3000 1 593 over a year ago
naruto vs op verse in a all out fight  lastninja 1 631 over a year ago
A question about the Mangas  jaymagblue 1 929 over a year ago
naruto  brunin 1 995 over a year ago
Gates War chornicals-chap I:prologue  KagomeUchiha 1 1507 over a year ago
cosplay lens cheap  k9hatake 1 610 over a year ago
who thinks madara will carry out with the moon eye plan  cadarian11 1 754 over a year ago
who should get to bring sauske back.  narutofox22 1 768 over a year ago
Naruto AMV's  Amvftw 1 427 over a year ago
shere your ider of a naruto chareter  leonides 1 714 over a year ago
Little Interview with Kishimoto::.has revealed...!!!!  hime_sama 1 624 over a year ago