It had begun as any other conversation or argument (was there a difference?) between the girls started: someone had been stupid enough to mention Sasuke in their presence. And, of course, it was only very obvious Karin was going to make some incredibly rude comment that started a huge blowout between the two. The other former members of Sasuke's fan club, all having moved on and eventually found boyfriends, watched warily from the sidelines.

"Sasuke would never go for a two-timing bitch like you!" Sakura hollered, mid-way in unpacking her uniform. The other girls had long since filed out, but their fight had caused them to be late leaving.

"We can do this all day, ladies," Gai, the uber-browed PE teacher, had snorted. "This one's a free period for me."

The redhead shrugged boredly, making her annoyance plain. "Oh, yeah? And what makes you think you deserve him?"

Sakura's face reddened, almost darker than her hair. "Sasuke... Sasuke would..."

Quickly and abruptly, her angry expression (very much reminiscent of her the school's principal's) smoothed out considerably as a new offense dawned on her.

"I've got experience."

Karin glared at her, not having to ask to know what she meant. Oh, and as if she didn't! She probably had more than that pink-haired pipsqueak would ever...

Suddenly, Karin smirked. She crossed her arms, leaning on her right hip as she challenged proudly,

"If you're so damn good, Haruno, then why don't you show me?"

Sakura flinched, taking an involuntary step back.

"What? I knew you had the nerve to sleep with fags like Suigetsu behind Sasuke's back, but you're telling me you like women? What are you, a lesbo or something?" Sakura wrinkled her nose in disgust.

Rolling her eyes, Karin took a step forward. Sakura attempted to escape but the other girl gripped her by the shirt before shoving her mouth onto hers.

She ran her tongue along Sakura's lower lip, feeling her gasp beneath her as her mouth gaped open. She took it as a pass and slipped her tongue inside.

Sakura pushed Karin away, who smiled as Sakura fingered her lips, face an angry red. Really though, she did look a lot like that busty chick. And to think, they weren't even related.

"So?" Karin growled playfully, hands on her hips. "Whaddya' say? Smut or what?"

Sakura rolled her eyes at the idiotic pun.

"Only to show you that I'm the better one for Sasuke."

Awkwardly, she reached for her shirt. Karin scowled at her, but they joined in disrobing each other all the same, until they were in nothing more than undergarments.

Sakura blushed furiously at Karin's not-so-subtle choice of a very skimpy black bra and lace panties. They made Sakura's pathetic silk undies and sports bra look very sad in comparison. But then again, wouldn't Sasuke rather have a girl who knew to hold back than a sex demon?

Karin yanked her into another hungry kiss, hands cupping the globes of Sakura's buttocks. She quickly slapped her away with a frown.

"What the hell does any of that have to do with who has the better grip on sex?"

"Kissing and fondling is very important," Karin said innocently, giving her another squeeze through the silky material for good measure. Sakura decided it was just best to believe her, ignoring the fact this proved she was definitely a lesbian. Or bisexual. Whichever made the damn boat float.

Karin pulled her incredibly close, their breasts colliding in a spongy and, most importantly, oh-so-very-soft way. She slipped a slender thigh between Sakura's legs, rubbing heat in a friction between them. Sakura was nearly panting as they kissed open-mouthed. Karin just insisted on using tongues.

Suddenly, Sakura wished she hadn't gotten herself into this. Karin was enjoying it (and though she'd never admit it, she sort of was, too) but all-in-all, her real reason for distress... well...

Let's just say all the boasting wasn't really compensating for anything.

Karin thumbed her nipples through the fabric, feeling them harden at the lightest touch. Sakura meanwhile fisted her panties, yanking them off her hips.

Oh great. Another point lost; Karin shaved. Little bitch and her ability to prepare.

And in seconds Sakura was on her back on the bench between the lockers, knees resting against Karin's shoulders as the other girl pumped her fingers in and out of her relentlessly, using her experience and using it right. And oh, how she used it right! She made scissor movements within Sakura's tight, virgin (?) body, tongue lapping up whichever bare skin she could find. Which mostly resided also near the inner thigh...

So, Sakura lost the battle. Karin must have seen how inexperienced she was. And yet...

She smiled to herself, ignoring as Gai ranted about them taking way too long in the locker room.

Stupid bitch, that Karin.