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Scarlet Sky

Fan fiction by SkywardStriker posted over a year ago
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Would you force me to kill you? You, who understood me more than any other? Whose life I would've traded mine for in an instant, who alone was my greatest friend and my worst enemy? I would have sacrificed myself for you in a heartbeat, would have driven the blade through my neck myself to ensure your safety. You know that.

But don't underestimate me. You know full well that I would never back down, no matter what the cost. For what lies ahead for my village if I do so? Carnage, corruption, and death, everything that I have long fought against and will till my last breath will be my domain. I will do anything to safeguard my villages' safety. If it means destroying you, I will do so. Do you truly want me to be the end of you?

I never before thought I would go back on my word. At least I will rest in peace knowing it was not I who raised the blade and severed the truce, Madara.

The ending is as clear as undisturbed water. I can see it now, so clearly, in the crystal clear reflection.

The sky painted scarlet, bleeding color across the clouds. The wind carrying bitter scent of blood; the ground will be stained red, liquid flowing crimson between the cracks and crevices, flooding the dirt we fought on.

And we both know how it will end.

Will you leave this world with me willingly?

You, my brother, my friend, would you truly force me to sever our bond with bloodshed and death? Or will you avoid that branch of destiny, prevent it even, and walk away from me?

There are two conclusions that await you--that await us, and our world. One light, one dark.

Perhaps before you decide, answer me this: Do you know which is which?

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WOW! That was so poetic! The imagery! I could feel the pain and emotion. So beautiful and moving!
posted over a year ago.
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kurama_9 said:
posted over a year ago.