---a BLIND DATE in the naruto world, LONG and DETAILED---
666 = Tobi

the number of Satan! 666!' you said with a little smile. 'What the.. how did that gotted in there..' '..you don't know that?' 'No, but ah it will be ok. YOUR DATE WILL BE HERE AT 7 PM ' Sakura runned away, leaving you with the weird piece of paper. with the piece of paper still in your hand you went home, you threw the book from kakashi under your bed and searched for some clothes to wear. Finally you looked in the mirror seeing your hair in a ponytail, a black T-shirt, purple skinny jeans and black shoes. Just what you liked to wear, nothing special. It wasn't like you would meet your dreamguy wasn't it? A few knocks on the door at 7:10 well, that wasn't that late, you stood up and walked to the door. You opened the door and closed it right after that. 'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE, TOBI!' 'TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!' You sighted, he wasn't going to be serious right now, and seeing that he was your blind date, he wouldn't try to kill you, right? You open the door to see the Akatsuki member standing there with one white rose in his hand. 'What are you doing here, tobi?' 'I'm your blind date ____' 'We're not together anymore remember?' 'Tobi is a good boy?' You sighted, thinking back, it seems ages ago, but it where only 4 years that you saw tobi for the last time. You and he meet for the first time in a battle, you tried to kill him over and over again but every time your attacks, just went trough him. You fought until you where near death, as you fell on the ground, you knew this was going to be your end. But it wasn't he walked to you and whispered a few magical words; 'Don't worry, lay back, they won't kill you then, I will be back' And he returned for you, He wasn't the goofy person he wanted to show the world, and you where one of the only people who knew this. You two had a long relation ship, but he rejected the idea to leave the akatsuki. And you decided to leave him. It just couldn't work. 'tobi is a good boy?' 'Oh shut up Tobi' 'You have been changed, the last time I saw you, you thought it was funny' 'That was 4 years ago, 4 long years, why are you here?' An awkward silence, you still standing in your house, tobi still standing outside with a white flower in his hand. 'Here' Tobi gave you the flower, you accepted it with a little smile, because it was your favourite flower. 'You still remember' you said softly. 'Of course I remember, but do you remember me?' he asked. You looked at him, his mask, his akatsuki cloth, his hair, everything was exactly the same as the last time you saw him. 'I remember you Tobi' You showed him a ring on your finger, the ring he gave you, a beautiful silver ring with the letter 'T' engraved. 'I didn't thought you would still have that, wear that' 'I guess I can't let go some old memories' Tobi took a step forward '____, it's cold outside' You sighted, and decided to let him in, what could happen anyway, it was clear he wasn't here to take revenge or something. 'Here you are' giving Tobi a glass of tea. You two were sitting in your living room, talking about the weather and stuff, nothing important really. You liked it, it felt like the old days. The good old days. 'You know ____, I never fully understand why you left me' You knew this subject was going to come and you prepared yourself for it. 'You are in the akatsuki, I live in Leaf village, it isn't that hard to understand' 'But I loved you' 'why do you visit me now, and not 4 years ago?' you ask 'I was angry, and if I saw you back then, I would have killed you' 'And it took 4 years to get over it? And what now? try to get me back? you said with a angry voice. 'Well, Yes, your right, I wanted to see you, but you don't like it I see, so I will go now and..' He sighted 'Tobi isn't a good boy' You felt bad, he did return risking his own life and stuff with being here. 'Tobi, how can I trust you, while your with the akatsuki? How can we have a life?' 'You could join us?' You stared at him, not believing his words. 'I would never..' you started but he interrupted you. 'You don't have to kill or something, you can be a spy or something for us, but we could be together then' 'BUT I'M A GOOD GUY!' 'are you?' You looked at him, knowing he was serious about this, and you were thinking seriously about this too. 'Tobi, I just, I have friends here you know..' 'I see..' You sighted, knowing that you would regret it if you letted him go, knowing he was the one for you. 'Ok, I will do it, but I'll have to say goodbye to some people here' 'Don't tell them where you go..' You smiled a little Of course not silly, Now Go and I will meet you tomorrow here, at 7 PM' He nodded and walked away, you sighted tomorrow was going to be hard. 'Naruto?' You knocked on his door. 'NA-RU-TO?' You knock even harder. 'Whatizzit?' a really sleepy naruto stands for your nose, you smile, you feel really sad now, leaving your best friends behind. 'Naruto, wake up, you have to say goodbye to me' Suddenly he looked awake to you. 'goodbye?' 'Yes, i'm going.. somewhere and I won't be back anytime soon, so I wanted to say goodbye to you' Before he could say anything you hugged him, pulling him close to you and fighting the tears that were about to roll. 'I'm going to miss you' you whispered, and you runned away, leaving a really confused naruto behind. After Naruto you went to Choji, Sasuke, Kiba and ofcourse Kakashi. 'Where are you going?' kakashi asked 'My business' 'No, not only your business, I want to know' 'Just say goodbye to me kakashi, so hard isn't it' 'But' 'No But's, here's your book back' You gave him the book you lend and sighted. 'Goodbye ____' 'Goodbye Kakashi' You cried that day, but at 7:10 PM You were ready, having a big bag with stuff with you and waiting on Tobi. When you saw him you smiled, knowing you did the right thing. 'I'm not going to kill one of my friends, if you think that' you warn him. 'of course not ____' 'Where are we going tobi?' 'don't ask, just follow' He brought you to the top of a hill, and the view was beautiful. 'Tobi it's amazing you know that?' But when you looked at him his mask was gone, and you saw his face, something you didn't see for 4 years. 'I missed that face did you know that' you whispered. 'You know what I missed?' 'Hmm?' But you knew, you felt his lips on yours and soon enough his body on your body. 'Tobi is a goodboy?' he asked 'Tobi is a very good boy' you moaned.