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Will Boruto: Naruto Next Generations continue?  BetterXD 0 918 7 months ago
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whos the best character in naruto  yagura_4th 3 1944 over a year ago
Naruto Confessions 🍥  candylover246 1 1281 over a year ago
NARUTO INTERVIEW  ThunderJJ 0 1220 over a year ago
Naruto Fan Chat  thepervysage 1 1221 over a year ago
Whats your summon?  raikagebee 24 2814 over a year ago
create your own kekei genkie  therealuchiha 4 1536 over a year ago
Naruto - Where are they now?  ryoxis 0 550 over a year ago
Which clan or team do you wish to join?  Hinata1994 84 8378 over a year ago
if naruto is hokogie what happend to the medic-lady hokogie?  walter2013 0 981 over a year ago
NARUTO FIGHTS WITHOUT FILLER PLEASE ENJOY AND SPREAD  blacksabbath4ev 0 1469 over a year ago
Top 20 strongest characters  raikagebee 18 17190 over a year ago
Who is the WORST character and why  SAGE-6-PATHS 1 796 over a year ago
Create your own shinobi  shikamaru2102 4 1406 over a year ago
Naruto RP  LillyBlack 16 737 over a year ago
Naruto Hinata sakura  NatsukiDS 11 2133 over a year ago
Naruto Akki  TAIKAMODO 13 1936 over a year ago
Every single ship involving Naruto or Sasuke or both vs. Every other ship involving Naruto or Sasuke or both.  pokemonfan909 2 695 over a year ago
Naruto Genppuden  Kazabi 3 996 over a year ago
naruto rp. next gen  misshedgehog 4 1512 over a year ago
Debate time: Sakura.  ImAnEasel 9 2406 over a year ago
is it all rin's fault?  mangaman222 1 1235 over a year ago
Naruto Pics!!!!!=]  cici746454 75 25561 over a year ago
I want to ask you a question  nadin_chan 2 1177 over a year ago
Talk about Naruto  abdidahir 6 1048 over a year ago
Your views about Danzo  lexymzmindless 3 1017 over a year ago
Your Chakra Nature  TN3SoulFairy 0 964 over a year ago
The naruto game....  Cantwait4book5 153 14864 over a year ago
Naruto: Next Gen  vegeta007 10 1029 over a year ago
naruto rp :3  misshedgehog 319 7630 over a year ago
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Naruto RP!!!  Zmidy313 3543 74968 over a year ago
Large Collection of Naruto Doujinshi  Simmeon 0 4923 over a year ago
:O  May0908 0 579 over a year ago
Naruto Cosplay Costumes for sale  losira 0 884 over a year ago
Who is your!!!!!!!!!!!!Favorat chracter  Sarmad568 78 21699 over a year ago
Your favorite characters in order  amzel 4 1097 over a year ago
What on EARTH does Naruto mean when he says 'tebayo"?  Weasleytwins34 5 3581 over a year ago
Naruto RP  jbinthehouse 1 2124 over a year ago
new Ninja widget logo for android  scandal892 0 1377 over a year ago
abridged series  k9hatake 0 1097 over a year ago
Naruto or Sasuke  skulls81 3 815 over a year ago
naruto  aiceee23 0 768 over a year ago
Naruto Cosplay  uzumakichan 3 2363 over a year ago
What would your custom created Naruto be like (Include Jutsu's)  ShadowCodie1234 55 18654 over a year ago
BEE POSSIBLY CAPTURED!!??  olivia8970 1 413 over a year ago
Which Naruto Character are you?  olivia8970 0 1048 over a year ago
Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja Summer 2012 Anime Movies  maro-chan 0 1552 over a year ago
Naruto Picture Contest! Round 1 open: Character as a Chibi!  Espeongirl360 5 2163 over a year ago
The most underrated/overrated characters/jutsus in Naruto  dungsi27 13 2879 over a year ago
Can you imagine some new jutsus for Naruto(the manga)  dungsi27 11 1648 over a year ago
DO YOU FEEL CONNECTED TO A CULTURE “NOT YOUR OWN”?  CulturalDomain 0 570 over a year ago
20 most powerful jutsus in Naruto  dungsi27 6 40938 over a year ago
Naruto RP: The First Jinchuuriki  BLAMargera123 3 5034 over a year ago
who do you guys want to see??  undeademperor1 403 65028 over a year ago
Naruto Photo Thread *WIN PROPS*  mj4ever202 3 2436 over a year ago
improv fanfiction  k9hatake 2 772 over a year ago
naruto picture hunt  kp1fan 5 1292 over a year ago
Sasuke is such an ass!  Annedax 7 1459 over a year ago
Itachi's Susanoo  Fuyunoaida 2 1683 over a year ago
Make your own Biju. From eleven tails upwards.  Annedax 0 1497 over a year ago
Happy Birthday Naruto!!  SweetSponge 1 955 over a year ago
Little Random Servey  Espeongirl360 7 923 over a year ago
Naruto Shippuden RP  IchigoShirosaki 74 7085 over a year ago
Naruto art gallery  _Frida_ 53 10484 over a year ago
yuri/yaoi  Seiumi 5 867 over a year ago
new  GaaraOfLust 0 642 over a year ago
sasuke n sakura  Sasunaru120 1 1009 over a year ago
sharingan lens  k9hatake 3 1532 over a year ago
naruto and his BFF  Sasunaru120 0 505 over a year ago
why have most of u stoped attending naruto spot?  _Frida_ 8 1245 over a year ago
Jutsus  zangetsu412 6 807 over a year ago
Naruto rpg  jbinthehouse 5 1199 over a year ago
do you think that itachi let his brother win or do you think he won fair and scquare  hdd 8 3427 over a year ago
New Naruto RP!  xnarutard101x 0 2570 over a year ago
Shikamaru vs Lee  Espeongirl360 6 1068 over a year ago
I need help with a naruto qestion!!!!!!!!  ppg-animeimp333 8 1037 over a year ago
Plot  KorIMoriTsuki 1 526 over a year ago
Im back  zangetsu412 2 708 over a year ago
SASUKE VS NARUTO who is cooler and hotter and better at fighting?  lovevampirelove 2 702 over a year ago
Naruto RP  gwenmyers1997 166 5269 over a year ago
Naruto RP: Character Choise  gwenmyers1997 16 720 over a year ago
the many faces of naruto  Snugglebum 17 5566 over a year ago
versus game  Snugglebum 22 14508 over a year ago
Jutsu  Xierf 1 942 over a year ago
Most disturbing death in the naruto series  akatsuki_otaku 309 47432 over a year ago
ino  sakurahanaro 0 735 over a year ago
neji hyuga  brownstar 3 1433 over a year ago
Mysteries about the Rinnegan,Sharingan,Byakyugan,and Senjus body  dungsi27 8 3899 over a year ago
Naruto chapter 482 *SPOILERS*  shortynme 3 566 over a year ago
You Know You're a Naruto Addict When...  uzumakichan 7 2598 over a year ago
i'm new, can you be my friend?  shielappuuden19 7 1191 over a year ago
i am new can you be my friend.  rilz1993 4 828 over a year ago