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NaruSaku More than Words

i like to move it

itachi vs sasuke

Naruto vs Itachi Headstrong

naruto little more then useless

My Bestfriend, My Worst Enemy - Naruto AMV

Naruto Amv - Kiss me Kill me

Naruto & Shikamaru Never Too Late...The Best Naruto AMV with this song to date!!!

Naruto Amv - Animal I Have Become

Naruto Rise Against - Life less frightening

Naruto AMV - Rise Against - Ready to Fall

naruto amv - i stand alone

Naruto AMV Until The Day I Die [final]

Naruto AMV - Shut me Up!! *HD* [CRPT]

[Naruto AMV] Tears Of The Friendship

Kakashi Hatake Tribute- One Last Breath

Hatake Kakashi - The Life of Hero

Kakashi: A song to Icha Icha Paradise :)

Naruto AMV: Tsunade get out alive


Naruto - Best of You

Dare You to Move-Naruto AMV

Naruto AMV - I Dare You To Move

Naruto AMV - Switchfoot - Meant To Live

Naruto AMV - Skillet - Whispers in the Dark

DDR Extreme Naruto

DDR: Naruto

Funny Naruto Comics

A tribute to Itachi Uchiha - Blow me away

A tribute to Itachi Uchiha

Itachi: One by One

Itachi - Tsukuyomi

Itachi Tribute: His world

Itachi: My time of Dying

Hidan: Tribute

SakuraXNarutoXHinata : Sk8er Boi

Naruhina: A moment like this

Naruhina: Into the Night

Naruhina: Lips of an angel

Naruhina: All my loving

Naruhina: Until the day I die

♦Hyuuga Tribute Die Another Day♦


Naruto vs DBZ

Freaky Naruto fan flash 1

Naruto & Sasuke wierd conversation

Coconuts + Naruto = o_O

Ninja info cards


naruto manga 457.5 A FULL COLOR (Madara)

Madara Uchiha

uchiha madara tribute

Madara Uchiha

NaruSaku: Imagine Me Without You

Narusaku - You Found Me

Vindicated - NaruSaku

Tsunade's colors

Jiratsu-slipped away

TenTen's reflection

Tenten's Not Perfect

Tenten x Sasuke What hurts The Most remake (slow version)

~Tenten x Sasuke Who Do You Think You Are~

NaruSaku {Better Than Me}

NaruSaku {Broken}

Fall To Pieces- NaruSaku

Naruto x Sakura [You Are The Music In Me]

NaruSaku (Hanging By A Moment) [AUDIO-SWAP...]

Naruto and Hinata

Naruto Shippuden-Distance-Full song

Naruto Accel 3 confirmed characters

Naruto VS Kyuubi

Naruto fanflash....lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Shika Crashed The Wedding- HidaTemaShika amv

Naruto: Rejected Voice Actors

Akatsuki Flash - Deidara sings "Yeah"!!

Dedarh feel good

Akatsuki AXE

Itachi superstar

Itachi story

Itachi-San? O-O

Hinata is a All American Girl

itachi-san gets sum sweet wheels.[u gotta check this out]

Don't Trust Uke-Naru! [Belated HBD Eliichan! ;D]

A Little Too Not Over You... [for 5,000+ subs!]

SasuSaku/ShikaIno - What I Like About You (HBBD Secretsakura & dressmeinribbons)

[SasoDei] Shake it

Naruto Shippuuden Movie : Leave Out All The Rest

Naruto Shippuden-BlueBird [chipmunk version]

Sakura-ugly girl & not BARBIE GIRL.LOL!!!!!!!!

Naruto fan flash {pink;so what} XD

SasuNaru 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{every time we touch}

Sasuke emo kid

Funny Naruto Dance Ending

Tobi & Deidara Funny Moment 2 [English Subbed HD]

Tobi and Deidara moment

Sasuke and the and then problem (HILARIOUS)

person who plays sasuke

Naruto episode 20

naruto ketchum