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Deidara Tribute - Click Click BOOM

by UchihaSasuke4Me4Ever

♫ Do it All for Your Reaction ~ SuiKa

by XEnchantedMarshie18X

ShikaIno - Take my hand

by mendokuse229

don't cry out~nejiten [remake] [re-upload]

by musicgrl23ISBACK

[SasuSakuKarin] Losing it all for love

by mightuchan

Naruto - Bruises and Bitemarks

by HAP784

Narusaku - Unwritten [For xXsabrina93Xx HB! X3]

by viviana14

hot n' cold. ( sasuke/sakura )

by Bijouo0oPanda
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by Shinobiassasin

naruto - Seizure of Power

by Ignacio Urra