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Blake Lively and Chace Crawford on set of Gossip Girl

crash into me | nate&serena + dan&blair

Gossip Girl: Nate Archibald

Chace Crawford Talks "Gossip Girl" 100th Show

Chace Crawford Talks About Nate's Love Interests

Serenate 3x15 (1/4)

Gossip Girl Sneak Peek 3.13 Nate and Serena

SERENA et NATE 3x13 Finisson ce qu'on a commencer ( let's finished what we started )

G.G. Nate & Serena - "Shake it" (HOT)

Gossip Girl Trailer Nate and Serena "In the Kitchen"

Gossip Girl Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Nate, Hot Scene

Gossip Girl; Nate & Serena Spoiler Pictures! 3x13

Gossip Girl Serena and Nate Kitchen Makeout

Gossip Girl 3x14 - The Lady Vanished - Serena & Nate Have Sex In The Kitchen

Nate. Serena. Chuck || Bad Romance

Nate/Blair/Chuck Unfaithful

Nate/Vanessa - The Scientist

Best I Ever Had (Nate & Vanessa)

Size Too Small- Nate & Chuck

Nate & Charlie (Ivy) | For me this isn't over

Gossip Girl - Vanessa & Nate - Best Ever Forever

Nate and Diana

Nate and Vanessa "Good Vibrations"

Vanessa and Nate

How Do You Sleep? (Vanessa/Nate/Chuck)

Nate/Serena It's Not Over

Serena and Nate ~ What Goes Around Comes Around

Serena And Nate-That's why i love you

GossipGirl - Serena and Nate (Save me from myself by Alyssa Bernal)

Serena/Nate/Blair-You Belong With Me

Serena and Nate - I Will Be There For You

Blake & Chace

Nate/Jenny - My Life

Nate/Jenny - I'D Be So Good To You [Oscar]

just the way you are; nate and jenny

Nate/Jenny - "The Only Light I See"

Would you hold it against me? | Nate/Jenny

Jenny | Nate + Chuck - "Just Tonight" || GG

Gossip Girl - Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate - Recap

Gossip Girl 4.20 Sneak Peek Nate and Chuck

Chuck & Nate - I Kissed A Girl

Gossip Girl 3x18- Nate and Jenny dance

Gossip Girl 3x22- Nate wakes up with Jenny

Gossip Girl 1x14: Nate escorts Jenny to Butter

Gossip Girl 1x14: Jenny calls Nate for help

Gossip Girl 1x13- Jenny tells Nate about Chuck/Blair

Chuck vs Nate (All against Blair)

I Thought You Were My Boyfriend: Chuck and Nate

Gossip Girl 5x21 Despicable B - Lola goes to Nate to talk about finally meeting her father

Gossip Girl 5x23 "The Fugitives" Promo (1)

gossip girl - jenny & nate - Summer love

Top 11 Nate and Jenny Moments Part 1

Nate And Jenny - Need You Now

when i look at you-Nate/Jenny

Jenny and Nate - You were the one I was in love


Nate&Jenny-I knew I love you

Nate & Jenny • Start Again.

I Could Fly - Nate/Jenny

Nate & Jenny I Nothing's wrong with you

Gossip Girl 5x21 Despicable B - Diana catches Nate looking through her drawers

Gossip Girl 5x21 Despicable B - Nate/Diana "Every time i look at you now i see a Bass in my face"

Gossip Girl 5x21 Despicable B - Nate/Chuck "Nate I think Jack Bass is my father"

Gossip girl 5X19| It Girl, Interrupted| Nate and Lola| Moments| Love

Gossip Girl 5x19 It Girl, Interrupted - Nate & Diana call a truce

Juliet and Nate 4x05 Final Scene

Gossip Girl 4x05 "Goodbye, Columbia" - Nate and Serena

Nate and Serena Best Moments Part 2

Nate & Serena 1x02 - The Wild Brunch

Serenate - Your so good to me baby

loves to blame | nate&serena

Serena and Nate - Why do you do this to me?

Serena & Nate - All this time

heartbeats | nate & serena

NATE & SERENA | ships in the night

Gossip Girl - It Girl, Interrupted

Nair Someone I used to know

Gossip girl 5X23| The Fugitives| Nate and Lola| Moments| Love

Sutton and Nate

Gossip Girl - Best of

Nate/Serena 5.21 Clip 01 {Read Description}

you lift me up || nate & serena

we live in a beautiful world.

GG || new york, i love you, but you're bringing me down.

Chace Crawford's sexy voice

Dan/Blair/Nate - Skinny Love

Gossip girl 5X22| Raiders of The Lost Art| Nate and Lola| Moments| Love

Gossip Girl 5x22 Raiders of the Lost Art - Sneak Peek

nate archibald sexy and i know it

Gossip girl 5X21| Despicable B| Nate and Lola| Moments| Love

Gossip girl 5X20| Salon of The Dead| Nate and Lola| Moments| Love

Nate Archibald and Haley James - Just A Dream (Video Request)

Retro NBA - Nate Tiny Archibald

you're the one that I've kept closest | nate&serena

Nate Archibald: Perfect

Nate and Serena (Last Dance)

Gossip Girl 5x02 Beauty and The Feast - Sneak Peek

Gossip Girl Season 5 - Chace Crawford as Nate Archibald

Gossip Girl - Nate Archibald Kissing Scenes

Nate and Jenny - It's All Over But The Crying