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News by VilleValoGirl posted over a year ago
fan of it?

This is what Nathan Mansfield Wanted me to say to Vagos for him. XD *clears throat*.

In Nathan Mansfield's Words Of course XD.

Vagos, I'm Outside ur window,
Spying on u every Moderfuckin second of the day.
I want u to join my ass again, I want u to Be Mr. Vagos Mansfield...XDXD... I'm with u where ever u go. So Do not be afraid, I will Take care of u.... OK Now I'm getting creeped out o.o.. Ok Imma shut up now, Cuz the rest of what "Nathan Mansfield says" Is fucking creepy, weird, & well O.o Nasty! XDXD, He's a pervy Just Like u! XD, U guys would be great together XDXD O.o.. jk. Well the End "no Point to this whatsoever" XDXD

Anyways Just watch out for U know who Vagos XDXD

Cuz he's with u every second of the moderfuckin day XD, Till u die O_O XD