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purplevampire said …
I've watched a few episodes and this is just as funny as NCIS, I really like it. Posted 2 months ago
strawberry093 said …
Sam (LL Cool.Jay)
Does Sam really have to wear those tight shirts? He always tugs at the bottom as if hes tring to hide a muffin top belly. He looks uncomfortable and no agent in the rel world would ever dress with tight shirts. LL WOULD LOOK JUST AS SEXY WITH CLOTHES ON THAT ACTUALLY FIT HIM! It is anoying to watch him tug at the shirt all the time. Lets keep it real folks. Give poor Sam clothes that fit. Im sure we could still see all his muscles with loose shirts or dress shirts. Posted 6 months ago
qui-gon-always said …
Took me a couple of seasons to really get into NCIS LA and now I love it just as much if not perhaps just a little bit better than NCIS now. Love all the characters in this one so much too. I unfortunately missed Season 6 finale so I need to hurry up and get caught up! Looking forward to the new seasons. Posted 10 months ago