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Fan fiction by ABendragon posted over a year ago
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Heavy steps rushed down the hall.
Doors were slammed.
„Where is she? I've got to see her!“
Harriett usullay wasn't curious, at least not so obvious.
But the voice was alarming her.
It sounded like Gs.
Though she couldn't imagine him being so upset at all, she left her office and stepped out into the small hall.
The glass door to the entry of the autopsy room was standing open.
Compartement doors were slammed, stretchers were rattling in their rails.
Roses voice was cracking, as always, when she was nervous, her words got muddled.
„Rose, a small woman with blonde hair … „
Gs voice broke.
Harriett rushed into the big tiled room, where it was always cold in.
G was standing beside one of the compartements, the stretcher was pulled out and the cloth, usullay covering the body, was folded back.
Rose stood at the other side of the compartement, kneading her fingers nervously and stepping from one foot to the other.
Fan fiction by mhs1025 posted over a year ago
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Callen was trying to sleep when he heard his next-door neighbor, Annie, screaming her ex-boyfriend's name. He groaned. "I don't have the energy for this..." he said to himself sleepily. Callen had been throwing up all night and was running a temperature of about 101.4. He thought about just ignoring Annie's screaming. Until it got on his nerves. "I'm calling Deeks." he said. He got out his phone with just enough energy in him and dialed Deeks' number.

Deeks was at the head-quarters when he heard his phone ring. "Hello?" he said. "Deeks, I have a problem." Callen said pretty weakly into the phone. "What is it?" Deeks asked. "My neighbor is screaming like hell and I'm very sick." Callen answered. Luckily, Deeks knew Callen was sick that day. "What is she screaming over?" he asked. "Her boyfriend. I think they broke up last night." Callen answered. "Don't you worry, Callen. I'll call my LAPD buddies and we'll be right over." Deeks replied.

The boys hung up and Callen tried to ignore the racket for the time being. Doing so, he took his temperature. It hadn't gone down by much and Callen took some Tylenol for his high temp AND the headache that just came on....
Article by LauraahFTW posted over a year ago
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Here is a blog I set up a while ago about NCIS LA, where people confess their feelings, completely anonymously, so they can really say what they they want, some are harsh, some are amazing, but whats best, is people don't get judged for their opinions.
And nobody will be judge or identity released unless they wish it to be, you can make your own submissions and either put them here or ask for my Email, which I will give to CERTAIN people.


confess today, any confessions will be done ASAP.
Fan fiction by Jello12423 posted over a year ago
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So first off I didn't start watching NCIS: LA until like Deeks came in. At first I was a huge Kensi/Callen fan. But over the year, or months, I've learned to love Kensi/Deeks. So I then after watching last episode, where Deeks gets shot, I came up with a follow up story, that I hope you all enjoy!

Just One Kiss:

A few days after Deeks had been shot, he was released, and later at that night was sitting at home, when he heard a knock on the door.
Deeks opened the door, and finds Kensi with a smile on her face.
But there's sadness in her eyes.
"Kensi, what are you doing here?"
"Oh,um I just wanted to stop by, and check on how you were doing."
"Well Im fine...." Deeks pauses, "But that's not why you are really here, is it?"
Kensi shakes her head.
"Well, come on in."
Once inside, Deeks can realizes something is wrong.
"Kensi, what is wrong?" Deeks says softly.
Kensi looks down, and speaks.
"There's uh something I've been trying to tell you for a while. And I thought that I could just wait. And that I would have forever to say what I want to say." Kensi looks up, and is tearing up, just a...
Article by Dadog5 posted over a year ago
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Okay so I just started watching NCIS: Los Angeles.
As in " just started " I mean like two hours ago.
I'm already a fan of NCIS, and when I started to check out Los Angeles, I was hooked. And one thing that just catches my attention is Kensi and Callen. WAY CUTE! Any way has there been a BIG episode in the first season that I should know about? I can't find much videos, but I am just wondering.
Has anything really interesting happened between Kensi and Callen?
Just 'cause it's pink doesn't mean you can't eat doughnuts!
SO WHAT?! I like pie! And when did U get that hat? It's WAY cool!
Oh yea! Like last week I never once said poopie! YAY FOR ME!
Haha Okay I think this is enough blabbering! :)
Article by Blazing-Fire posted over a year ago
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Oy yeah trick what channel we're on baby?
The bags under my eyes and my family's stress
My mind's full of drama and I start to scream test
From the challenger dodging in my kevlar vest
Sig sauer in my lap is the angel of death
Heard you we're praying for my downfall
So ----- your desk
This is war, don't matter who's right and who's left
I have simple tastes, I'm only satisfied with the best
And that's 'cause we're the best
And nothing succeeds like excess

So I do foolish things with the noblest motives
Play golf in a sandtrap filled with explosives
That's music to my ears but the year was corrosive
Like trying to be patient when you're really impulsive
The fat lady sung, I interupted her song
'Aint my solitude --- know she was singing along
Help created get the hard drive find me a break
As hard as exoskeleton, titanium plate

I want it when i want it, why would I wanna wait?