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Fan fiction by TabbyLover posted over a year ago
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What The Heart Wants
Chapter 1: In the Ladies' Room?

What had driven Ziva to this point in life? Every time she had given her heart to someone, they always ended up giving it back to her in tiny little pieces, so tiny that she could never put them back together. But now her heart was whole once more and she didn’t even know why. Was it because she was selfishly in love, or was it because she knew that the special someone in her life was the one and he didn’t even know it. How much longer would Ziva have to keep her feelings hidden in the closet?

Would she always have to carry this love and never be able to tell him of her feelings? She knew that it was forbidden to even to have these feelings, for the one her heart wanted was one of her partners. She had always loved him and yet she never had been able to tell him even though there had sometimes been moments when she thought that it might be time to let her feelings be known.

She was surrounded by the most amazing men and she trusted them with her life. Gibbs had been like a father figure to her, even more since her own father abandoned her to a fate worse than death in...