The lights in the room are low, Gibbs walks over to the window to see the occupent of the room a little clearer. He sees the red hair falling down the woman's shoulders. He looks at her face, it's Jenny! But how could it be? She has been dead for three years. Ok, if the bullets didn't kill her,
what about her illness?
Jenny looks up. "Hello, Jethro. I didn't think I 'd ever see you again." Gibbs runs over to her and hugs her. " I tbought you were dead. It has been hard without you." Jenny went on to tell him about how she had to pretend to be dead for the safety of NCIS as a whole. As for her illness, Ducky had found a doctor that had worked with her during her time in hiding to help find a cure.
Gibbs asked, "What do we do now?" Jenny said,"Take me to NCIS and we can go from there." As the two walked into the squad room, Abby spotted the former director and ran over to her, almost bowling over both Jenny and Gibbs. Seeing Abby run across the room, Tony, Ziva and McGee started to make their way over to their lost friend and former director.
Director Vance walked down "Welcome back, Jenny. I need you and Gibbs in my office to discuss what's next for you. The door closes.