Hey guys, last night I was going to bed when I decided to grab my ipod and write a poem... It's about Tiva, but can be used in situations of love too!

Armer Down

After work we were walking
And a guy passed by
Delivering to you a rose
Ironically colored red
I just had to speak up so
the words are finally said
But you answer"haha there's the joke"
I walk home alone with
sadness consuming all my soul
And I wonder if you truly know
That my love for you is endless
And that that was just a way out
Because you're actually afraid to say it
Now I have no doubt
that there are some emotions
You keep trying to hide
Your effort wont last long
Because with my touch
You wont contain yourself much
But to let me out of all this mess
Just confess
Some of the things I wasnt able to say
Until that very last day
When all of this started
Our names were said in the emptyness
With some meaningul words by me
Also called the very first day
of what now I call 'we'