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Chapter One… Endurance

I have always been the most confident, and sure-of-myself person I have ever met or known. And I am ashamed of that. But that is who I am.
I don’t necessarily believe that that is my fault.
For I was raised more harshly than the average kid. My father was a Marine Sargent, and my mother was also a Marine. They always kept me in line, in fact, I don’t think I ever stepped a foot out of line.
And I was used to it. That was my life.
I was academically ahead of everyone I knew, and I was probably the most athletic person in my high school. I was built for sports. I played soccer, lacrosse, and I ran track. My whole life was centered around achieving something. I was never relaxed; I was always go, go, GO! But I liked it, because that was all I knew.
I yearned to be better; I was never good enough for myself, because I always knew I could be better, even if it was impossible. I never gave myself any credit.
Nobody did.
They expected too much out of me.

    For example, I was playing in a soccer tournament against the second best team in the league. It was a close game, we were barely ahead. I was playing forward, and I was running up to score a goal when a huge girl came crashing into me. I fell over her, and I landed on her back. Her foot swung up and her cleat sliced open my calf. I started gushing blood, soon her entire back was stained with blood. I quickly rolled off of her as the other girls were screaming. They were lucky; they could be sissies and babies about blood, I however was too proud to show any fear or pain. So I put on a straight face, and tried to get up. As soon as I was halfway up a shooting pain contorted my entire body, I feel in a crumpled heap. After just seconds of lying on the grass, it was also stained with my blood.
I was going to make the soccer field poka-dotted.
I flashed a look at the nurse; she was frozen, in mid stride. It was pure chaos. Girls were screaming, the huge girl I landed on was dancing around trying to get the blood off of her shirt like a five ear old, and I was trying my best to stand up and get out of the “spot light”.
About two seconds later the nurse finally recollected her thoughts and came rushing over to me.
“Oh my gal, would you look at what you have done to your leg? Dieses ist eine Verwirrung!” She cried in half English, half German.
“It’s not that bad. Really. Just bandage me up, and I can keep playing.” I said unconvincingly.
She just looked at me like I was an idiot. I was used to that.
“My dear, this is very serious, you may need stitches, and this wound is so deep! You will not be allowed to play for at least two weeks.” She stated.
“No…no, no, no. I’m the captain of the soccer, lacrosse, and track team! They need me, I’m the best they got!” I pleaded. I was desperate. What would my father an mother think?
“I’m sorry, libeling. But that is not possible.” She said, she was trying to reason with me. It was not working.
She quickly finished bandaging me up, I let her help me get up, I knew that there was no way I was going to be able to do it on my own. I limped over to my coach; I was trying to hide how much it hurt.
“Coach, let me play. The team needs me!” I demanded.
“With that leg you are useless out there!” He said rudely.
“No, I’ll ignore it. I will.” I begged.
He looked at me frankly, and started at me for a while.
“Look, I can stand… without it hurting!” I tried my best to stand without showing any pain, but I couldn’t help but make a face.
“HA! Look at you, you can’t even stand!”
“Sarah, your in. Take Aliena’s place.” The coach yelled.
“NO!” I yelled at him! “You can’t do this to me, I have never been on the bench!”
As Sarah jogged past me she had a mockery smile on her face. As if she wanted to say; Haha, looks like Mrs. Soccer Star isn’t so useful after all!
I wanted to smack her and my coach!
I shot a glare at my coach, and sat on the bench. I felt so humiliated!