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Tony's Many Nicknames For McGee!!

Article by ziva_rocks posted over a year ago
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Have made a list of all the names Tony has managed to call McGee thru the 7 seasons off NCIS. Some of them are funny, some weird, some cute!!

If i have missed any let me know and i will add to the list!

Which of the Nicknames do you love and which do you think were harsh??

Aqua Smurf (Dead Man Walking 4x16)
Banacek (Deception 3x13)
Bro (The Inside Man 7x03)
Bus Boy (Hometown Hero 2x21)
Chuckle Head (Head Case 3x15)
Daniel McBoone (Hide and Seek 6x19)
Dead Agent Walking (Twisted Sister 4x09)
Dork (Black Water 2x11)
Elf Lord (Model Behavior 3x11, Witch Hunt 4x06, Sharif Returns 4x13, Love and War 6x14, Ignition 7x11)
Gore Vidal (Smoked 4x10)
Great McOz (Judgement Day 5x18)
Iron Fist (Corporal Punishment 5x10)
Little Timmy McGee (Cover Story 4x20)
Major McTom (Requiem 5x07)
McBackstabber (Bounce 6x16)
McBarfbag (Chimera 5x06)
McCheat (About Face 5x17)
McChitty Chat (Legend part 1, 6x22)
McContrary (Legend part 1, 6x22)
McCranky (Caged 6x12, South by Southwest 6x17)
McDetail (Deliverance 6x15)
McDigit (Endgame 7x07)
McDLT (Ignition 7x11)
McEgghead (Broken Bird 6x13)
McFlabby (Witch Hunt 4x06)
McFlower Power (Bloodbath 3x21)
McFreaky (Stakeout 5x12)
McG (used by Abby in Probie 3x10)
McGarnagle (Broken Bird 6x13)
McGeek (Angel of Death 4x24, Red Cell 2x20)
McGeekle (Untouchable 3x20, Grace Period 4x19)
McGeeko (Requiem 5x07)
McGenius (Legend part 2, 6x23)
McGiggle (Corporal Punishment 5x10)
McGnome (Collateral Damage 6x07)
McGoblin (Code of Conduct 7x05)
McGoo (Identity Crisis 5x04, Legend part 2, 6x23)
McGoogle (Requiem 5x07)
McGPS (Dagger 6x09)
McGrizzly Adams (Faith 7x10)
McGruff (Dog Tags 5x13)
McGullible (Dagger 6x09)
McKilljoy (Collateral Damage 6x07)
McLawyer (Smoked 4x10)
McLoverboy (Identity Crisis 5x04)
McLovin' (Deliverance 6x15)
McMotherboard (Deliverance 6x15)
McMuse (Dog Tags 5x13)
McNerd (Corporal Punishment 5x10)
McNopoly(Code of Conduct 7x05)
McOz (Judgment Day 5x18)
McPanic (Masquerade 7x14)
McProbie (South by Southwest, 6x17)
McProbilicious(Endgame 7x07)
McProbius (Dog Tags 5x13)
McQueen (Inside Man 7x03)
McRanger Rick (Hide and Seek 6x19)
McRomeo (In the Zone 5x15, Endgame 7x07)
McScout (Dagger 6x09)
McScrooge (Faith, 7x10)
McShipmate (Last Man Standing 6x01)
McSnapper (Legend, part 1, 6x22)
McSneaky (Recoil 5x16, Hide & Seek 6x19)
McSniper (The Inside Man 7x03)
McSoftie (Caged 6x12)
McSqueeze (Endgame, 7x07)
McTardy (Dead Reckoning 6x20)
McTim (Requiem 5x07)
McTimex (Twisted Sister 4x09)
McZero (Internal Affairs 5x14 ; this episode also showed McGeek, McGoo, McGiggle, McGoogle)
Michael Jackson (Sub Rosa 1x07)
Mr. Gemcity (Deliverance 6x15)
Mr. Mildly-Neurotic Introvert with a Highly Sensitive Ego (Angel of Death 4X24)
Mr. Peabody (Deception, 3x13)
Plucky (Light Sleeper 3x14)
Prince of Darkness (Knockout 6x18)
Probie (Untouchable 3x20, Twisted Sister 4x09, Hide and Seek 6x19 and many more since!)
Probie Pan (Tribes 5x11)
Probie-san (Leap of Faith 5x05)
Probie Wan Kenobi (Dog Tags 5x13, About Face 5x17)
Probilicious (Iced 3x19, Leap of Faith 5x05)
Scout Boy (Hide and Seek 6x19)
Self-Helpless (Endgame 7x07)
Senior Field Agent (Shalom 4x01)
Special Agent Goodwrench (Lt. Jane Doe 2x04)
Spider Mike (Cloak 6x08)
Sponge Bob (Black Water 2x11)
The Ghost of David Niven (Deception 3x13)
Thom E. Gemcity
Tiny Tim (Silent Night 6x11, Faith 7x10)

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big smile
Brilliant, Joyce! <3
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
user photo
i think ncis is brill
posted over a year ago.
user photo
love it
posted over a year ago.
user photo
becca85 said:
I love how you cite the episode it came from, too. It's very informative and organized!!
posted over a year ago.
user photo
wow, lot of effort there :) awesome
posted over a year ago.
user photo
Haha! Loved it.
Anyway, I love;
McFlower Power, Little Timmy McGee, & McGoogle.
I thought that McEgghead was mean.
Also, McFreaky sounds weird & wrong.
Haha! =D
posted over a year ago.
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nadjaaa said:
Love it :))
posted over a year ago.
user photo
that was really cool loved it
posted over a year ago.
user photo
Mcgeeky said:
you missed mctattle :)
posted over a year ago.
user photo
Two of my favorites are McCranky and McQueen.

Technically, McDLT does not count:
Tony: ...McDLT; McGee: Yeah, I'm not getting that one...; Tony: It wasn't a McNickname, I was referring to the McDonald's McDLT, cool on the cool side, hot on the hot side....

That may be a little off, but it's from memory =D

Nice work on the list though =D
posted over a year ago.
user photo
got a few more for you: McBitter, McTaco, King of Dorkland, and Wee Willy Weeblos =)
posted over a year ago.
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Loky said:
Great list ! And including names of the episodes is just brilliant ;D I've just wanted to remember myself in which ep. Tim is called Elf Lord for the first time, so obviously I googled it and voila - it took me right to your post ;D Thanks so much ;)

Btw, you forgot to mention my absolutely fav calling-McGee-names moment : 8x09 Enemies Domestic when Abby calls him MacGyver. That was so awwwww. Love that scene.
posted over a year ago.
user photo
Sorry not to be a party pooper but u cant do ur episode idea #1. Kate got shot in the forehead so she cant still be alive.
posted over a year ago.
user photo
gthouse67 said:
McDLT in Ignition was not a nickname. Tony was calling the person that had died flying the jet pack McDLT because he was crispy on one side and cool on the other side.
posted over a year ago.
user photo
kjmarker said:
i must say that im impressed but u left out McProof.
posted over a year ago.